France and Francine Release New Memoir of Identical Twins

France and Francine Release New Memoir of Identical Twins

Comox, British Columbia

Authors and identical mirror twins France and Francine offer double the trouble in their new book, "Looking in the Mirror" (published by Lulu).

"The book was written as a gift to France's daughter and my niece, Tresor, for her 40th birthday gift," explains Francine. "It was a way to give her long lasting memories of her mother and godmother."

"Looking in the Mirror" states France and Francine were the first set of twins to be born in Montreal in 1950. While their father anxiously waited for a son to be born, their mother labored for three intensive hours and emerged not with a son but with twin daughters.

France and Francine's book honors the special bond that many twins experience. Together they share with readers their misadventures, pranks they played, firsts they experienced and a lot of significant events that shaped their lives.

Through their book, the authors hope to give readers a laugh and a smile. Francine writes, "We hope this is a feel-good book."

An excerpt from "Looking in the Mirror":

"We were born to Claire Giroux and Lorenzo Chalifoux. They were both thirty years old. When we were born, they had been together for ten years. Our photograph was all over the newspapers. Pictures were taken with mom and some with the nurse. Twins were rare back in the 50's, so it was a pretty big event back then, when we arrived!"

"Looking in the Mirror"
By France and Francine
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 165 pages

About the Author

France and Francine are identical twins who live and write in Comox, British Columbia.

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