FROST Author Likens Series to STAR WARS Saga

FROST Author Likens Series to STAR WARS Saga

The epic fantasies have much in common. Set in fantastical worlds, both stories center around young characters who discover they are not normal and must rise against the odds to defend their people. Both worlds have two suns, and both stories unveil hidden secrets in each sequel. Is bestselling author Kailin Gow's Frost series with over fourteen books in the series, the new Star Wars? Many would argue yes.

Luke Skywalker was the quintessential male lead role who rises from humble beginnings to develop great inner strength in difficult situations and conquer inner and outer enemies. Gow, who believes in the power of instilling confidence in young women in particular, often develops strong female lead characters in her stories. Breena of the Frost series is no exception. While dealing with her strong emotions for both Kian, the Winter Prince, and her long-time best friend (and, coincidentally, a werewolf) Logan, Breena remains true to herself and to what is best for her land.

"This is a main character who really appeals to girls and young women," Gow said. "Breena is able to be feminine while at the same time having a tough inner core. This is a powerful message for women, who need to learn early on the value of believing in themselves despite the odds."

Like Star Wars before it, the Frost series is full of action, romance and epic battles. The popularity of Star Wars games is a precursor for what Frost fans are craving; the Frost series is slated to become a big budget international game sometime in 2013. The Frost Series began in 2003 with the introduction of the fantasy world, Feyland in the Fairy Rose Chronicles. In 2010, Bitter Frost, with eight books currently out in the series continued the tale of Feyland, but is told through the eyes of Breena, a halfling, who gets thrown into the fey wars, only to become the heart of it. Spanning over fourteen books including two series spin-offs, with a fanbase of tens of thousands, which was organically grown without marketing and primarily through word-of-mouth, the Frost Series, has the potential of being the next Star Wars-like franchise with its epic battle scenes, and the next Twilight, with its emotion-packed romance.

Are producers looking at the series now to be made into a movie or television series? "I'm getting some producer inquiries and definitely foreign rights inquiries," said Gow, who is currently without an agent, "I've gotten a few on my other book series like Saving You Saving Me, but haven't really had the time to pursue it because of my intense writing and publishing schedule. Because of demand from fans, I publish between one to two books a month with my book series. But I will definitely consider it if the right opportunity comes along."