Clyde Hedges Releases “Evergreen” Novel

Clyde Hedges Releases “Evergreen” Novel

Reno, NV

Clyde Hedges is proud to announce the release of his latest novel, "Evergreen," published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform earlier this month. Hedges' seventh novel to be published, "Evergreen" follows a pivotal year in the main character's past as he reflects on the forbidden high school love affair he had with his English teacher nearly 20 years back. The riveting romance novel is now available for purchase in paperback and Kindle ebook through Amazon and

While there are elements of the book reminiscent of The Graduate and other coming-of-age stories, "Evergreen" sets itself apart from typical romance novels with its in-depth analysis and emotional exploration. It takes a fresh perspective that provides insight from the minds of both an adolescent boy with a very raw and uninhibited infatuation with his teacher, and that of the teacher- a young woman who finds an inexplicable and rare chemistry with her 17 year old student.

Hedges doesn't just tell a story about two people who find themselves in an unconventional romance. Rather, the author crafts a masterful drama that depicts the politics and psychology of an entire town and how the monotony of rural life can cause a teenage boy to develop a lust for something new, interesting, and unexpected. In the novel, Hedges provides exceptional attention to detail with fun, yet realistic twists throughout the progression of the story.

The psychology of interpersonal relationships and focus on a deeper understanding permeates throughout the theme and message of the book. "The novel takes into account the decisions that we all have to make centered around love, and furthermore how to recognize and pursue it. Love can grow or be thwarted by life's events; this novel narrates the character's evolution as he comes to understand this facet of life and how to decipher between right and wrong, and distinguishing true love from that manufactured by the circumstances," describes Hedges.

"Evergreen" is a literary, coming-of-age romance novel that provides the reader with more than that of a singular genre. Its appeal reaches well beyond the typical romance novel enthusiast, captivating readers with questions of morality, choices and consequences, and making difficult decisions that hold a lifelong impact.

People can purchase the book on Amazon or Kindle, or order a print or Kindle copy through For more information on author Clyde Hedges or his newly published novel "Evergreen," please visit

About Clyde Hedges:
Clyde is a retired history and English teacher, U.S. Army veteran, and the author of three novels, one novella, and three collections of short stories. He currently lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife, and has two daughters and one grandson. Hedges is available for book signings, interviews, and lectures.

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