Biblical Fiction Epic 'The Lamp of Darkness' Wins the 'IPPY' Silver Medal

Biblical Fiction Epic 'The Lamp of Darkness' Wins the 'IPPY' Silver Medal

New York, NY

Dave Mason's highly acclaimed Biblical Fiction epic The Lamp of Darkness will be recognized on May 28 as one of the top independently published books of the year. The novel, the first book in the revolutionary Age of Prophecy series mixes fantasy with mysticism to create a work that is both fictional, yet deeply rooted in Jewish oral and mystical traditions.

Despite offers of traditional publishing contracts, Mason has elected to keep the series self-published for the time being. "The tools available these days to self-publishers like myself are truly extraordinary," Mason said. "Barring celebrity status, it is now easier to self-publish than to hunt for publishers."

The Independent Publisher Book Awards is the largest book award contest in the world, with over 5500 submissions for this years awards. "I know the competition was fierce. It is a great honor to be selected," Mason added.

The Age of Prophecy series is set 3000 years ago, at the time of the Biblical battle between Elijah the Prophet and King Ahab. While the Biblical story creates the setting for the series, the primary characters are all fictional. The series follows the life of Lev, an orphaned musician who is initially hired to play before the prophets and eventually before the King. Through Lev's eyes, the events and challenges of the day are brought to life in a way that makes the Biblical story more vivid and relevant, for religious and non-religious readers alike. To learn more about The Age of Prophecy series, visit