'Becoming The Idol' is Released

'Becoming The Idol' is Released

"Becoming the Idol" is a remarkable journey into today's music and entertainment business. Every individual who is planning inspired, or seeking a career in the music and entertainment business would gain the edge they need by reading the contents of this book. All artists trying to make their star shine are faced with creative, personal, and professional choices. These choices will either open the door to fruitful careers or close them.

This book was written as a guide, a playbook, and a roadmap to provide a different perspective into the many pitfalls that can rob even the most talented from grasping the golden ring. This book was not written about those who have "made it" to the top, but it was intended to expose those who "did not" and why. The author refers to these elements as "Dream Stealers." Becoming the Idol uses a different approach than most entertainment business books. It focuses on exposing the truths, examines the realities, and defines proven common processes that rule the game. Becoming the Idol is a must read for the serious-minded dreamer of becoming the next Idol.

"Becoming the Idol" was written by Mr. Jaworski is a Hollywood and Nashville veteran music industry professional with more than 30 years of experience in artist management, concert promotion and production, radio promotion, artist development and deal making. He wrote this book to inspire, mentor, and expand the possibilities in the music industry for people who want to be successful. He specializes in managing artists from all genres. He's found that they dream the same, although they result in different melodies.

He has inspired, mentored, managed, and contributed to the success of countless successful international and domestic acclaimed artists, producers, musicians, and songwriters.

For more information go to: StarMentorsPublishing.com or BecomingtheIdol.com