Author Brian Magrath Shares Techniques For Reducing Stress in Newest Book

Author Brian Magrath Shares Techniques For Reducing Stress in Newest Book

BRISBANE, Australia, July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Distress - A Weapon of Mass Destruction teaches the author's tried and true method of eliminating the stress that plagues many individuals each day. The author especially targets those in high-stress jobs like police officers, soldiers, teachers, and those in the entertainment industry. He believes that certain groups of people just naturally have to deal with greater levels of distress and therefore may be more prone to develop illnesses related to high stress.

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Distress - A Weapon of Mass Destruction discusses the many health problems that people must deal with in the busy 21 st century world. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, panic attacks, depression and many others can often be traced back to occurrences of consistent distress and stressful situations.

Author, Brian Magrath, talks about his own experiences as a psychosomatic therapist in Sydney, Australia. For many years, the author treated numerous patients for various conditions. He began to see certain patterns in chemical and physical changes in those who were dealing with great amounts of distress because of a stressful job or family situation.

His book talks about how the human nervous system is designed with the "Flight or Fight Response" which is a basic human mode of survival. This psychological reaction is supposed to protect humans from serious threats and yet nowadays, the response is triggered over and over due to unusually high amounts of distress.

Author, Brian Magrath comments, "After a lifetime of working with individuals from all walks of life, I feel qualified to say that, as a society, we must get our stress problems under control. We spend billions of dollars each year on doctors and medications that really only mask our true problems."

The book describes the author's theories about self-defence against the increasing surge of incoming distresses that come with the contemporary life. It provides meaningful and therapeutic approaches that can greatly minimize or eliminate the distress each individual encounters daily.

About Brian Magrath
Brian Magrath worked as a psychosomatic therapist in several medical establishments in Sydney, Australia for many years. For many patients, there was no other treatment available and the author's theories and treatment regimen was last hope.

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Author Brian Magrath Shares Techniques For Reducing Stress in Newest Book