AUNT BUNNY'S FAVORITE RECIPES Filled with Recipes, Drawings, and Personal Vignettes

AUNT BUNNY'S FAVORITE RECIPES Filled with Recipes, Drawings, and Personal Vignettes

Remond, WA

Food is the language of love in 93-year-old Bud Barnard's new cookbook, "Aunt Bunny's Favorite Recipes," commemorating his wife, Bunny, and their "marriage made in heaven." Written after Bunny passed away in 2005, Bud has cleverly interwoven vignettes and whimsical drawings of their life together to reveal a passionate romance that has spanned more than half a century

Their story begins with the book's cover - a 1949 photo of Bunny on the front steps of their home in O'ahu, Hawaii, the day before she began to study and experiment with recipes after their honeymoon. Inside are about 300 recipes, from appetizers to breads to casseroles to meats. And along the way, you follow Bud and Bunny through their journey both in the kitchen and around the world.

Bud's vignettes read like journal entries, with detailed accounts of the day he first met Bunny and his quest to get her to marry him ("I must have proposed to her at least fifty times. It was the greatest joy of my life"). When they married, he goes on to share their adventures in France, India, Perú, and London.

"If Bunny knew I wrote this cookbook in honor of her, she would be grateful and pleased to see how much I do, and always will, care and remember her," said Bud. "She was the most wonderful wife a man could ever have."

To purchase "Aunt Bunny's Favorite Recipes," visit The paperback, comb-bound book retails for $19.95 and was published by Peanut Butter Publishing in Seattle in January 2014.

About the author: George "Bud" Barnard was born in 1921 in Worcester, Mass. He held a long career in electronics, helping to design the first commercial computer and working on the Gemini and Apollo space programs. The greatest event of his life was finding Bunny and marrying her in 1949. He resides in Redmond, Wash. and is working on another book, "A Life Worth Living," with more stories about his life with Bunny.