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Review: AN IDEAL HUSBAND at La Boite

Review: AN IDEAL HUSBAND at La Boite

This production runs at La Boite Theatre until August 6th

Playwright Lewis Treston has welcomed Oscar Wilde to Australia and to all of our Aussieness- both the good and the bad -, our corrupt politics and politicians and legless lizards.

Review: AN IDEAL HUSBAND at La Boite

Last night the roundhouse theatre was abuzz with 90's nostaglia, delicious comedy and John Howard bobble heads. Treston's makeover of this Wilde classic blends comedy, farce and social satire, with a sprinkle of the classic Wilde-isms and language from the original work. Added with director Bridget Boyle's incredible comic expertise, this pairing creates a work that will be heralded for quite some time.

Boyle took us on a flight on an Ansett jet to 1990s cold-blooded, poltically corrupt Canberra with 90's fashion trends, thumping beats and spineless politicans, all the whilst laughing while our bellies ached. Video designer Justin Harrison, supported by lighting designer Jason Glenwright, does a remarkable job creating graphics that fully capture the 90's flair that we all know and love. Chloe Greaves' set is minimalistic but is used effectively by the actors to transport us from one room or political debate to the other.

The casting could not have been better. Theatre and comedy legend Christen O'Leary is a show stealer as Dame Tara Markby with her physical comedy and impeccable comic timing. It's really refreshing and lovely to see Emily Burton, who is renowned her work in more dramatic works, to take on a comedic role and absolutely nail it. From her facial expressions to the way her character clicked the stage with her heels.... it was delicious. Patrick Jhanur was also a stand-out as political player Lucian; who Boyle made intelligent use of all of his assets one more important than his smoking body.

An Ideal Husband creates a commentary on the state of politics today whilst still being raucously funny and delightfully Wilde. In short, a theatrical feast.

Rating: 5 stars

Photography by Morgan Roberts

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