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Broadway's Allegiance will be released as a standalone DVD

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Broadway Star | Joined: 9/30/08

If someone was waiting for a cheap(er) version of this, a $20 DVD will be released in April with pre-orders now open. It will also include a full-length documentary about how the show got to Broadway.

George Takei's Broadway Musical ALLEGIANCE to be Released on DVD

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Updated On: 2/20/21 at 02:15 AM
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 3/1/04
DVD? I'll stick with my HD copy.
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Broadway Star | Joined: 5/29/13
No VHS release??
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Jordan Catalano
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 10/9/05
Seriously? Just a standard DVD? Pass.
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Broadway Star | Joined: 10/29/14
I’m not picky about video quality, and am very happy that this is finally available on affordable DVD! Not everyone does BluRay (which did not catch on as much as everyone expected it to) or steaming, so it’s great that they were able to put this out there in a format that is more accessible for people - especially schools.
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DVD does outsell Blu-Ray but disc sales overall are down 19.5% and in 2020 digital movie sales surpassed DVD and Blu-ray sales for the first time in the US.
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Stage Door Sally
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I saw Allegiance in a packed movie theater in Connecticut where it got a standing ovation. Never experienced that before for a film. That's how much audiences loved it. If it can get out there to a wider audience, all the better.

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They should have released it as an HD VOD with a purchase price of $10-15. Def won’t spend the money on a DVD; they look pretty rough on anything larger than a 50-55” TV. Was bummed when they did the same with Passing Strange. After watching it on Netflix (only there a limited time) in beautiful HD, wasn’t about to spend $20 on a grainy, downgraded DVD. 

The gorgeous HD, along with additional cameras used, watched on a larger screen is one of the things that’s made many of the recent filmed titles so much more immersive.