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How long until a Madonna Jukebox Musical  Sep 15 2020, 10:10:28 AM

M’s instagram has been full of her collaborating on something with screenwriter Diabo Cody, who also happened to recently write the book for Jagged Little Pill. 

Mulan  Sep 5 2020, 01:22:02 PM

It’s gonna be no extra charge on Disney+ startling 12/4. Don’t have to immediately jump to the “find an illegal rip for free now!” Their industry is nearly as decimated as Broadway is... this is a $200m film with almost no theatrical release. wink

Dear Evan Hansen movie?  Sep 2 2020, 09:51:23 AM

She turns 60 in Dec. which won’t be long after shooting, if not at the tail end. Might be their thinking — he’s several years too old, so let’s balance it out with her being too old. 

Dear Evan Hansen movie?  Aug 31 2020, 06:56:58 PM

There’s still more filming in GA now (or before shutdown I should say) than in CA. It’s crazy. Does seem to be forgotten... 


Wonder if they’re gonna do a live singing thing as most musicals have a period of studio pre-recording before shooting starts. As they’re still completing the cast I’d be surprised if tracks were already done. (UNLESS recording was done in secret and they’re just doling out the casting news to stay top o

Vanity Fair First Look at WEST SIDE STORY film  Aug 19 2020, 03:48:53 PM

Get excited every time this thread is updated thinking there’s news of a trailer.

The Who’s Tommy revival  Aug 14 2020, 09:23:19 AM

My guess is like many others’: will be stunt/star-cast. (Hopefully with someone who can truly sing.) A pop or boy-band star... social media star? TV/movie actor? The show and music (and arguably The Who) are even less fresh/recognizable to audiences than in the early 90s, and they’ll want someone recognizable — and easily replaceable for a longer run. 

 Aug 10 2020, 10:11:23 PM

Kad said: "I did kind of have to roll my eyes at the clips of the live action remakes of Beauty of the Beast and Aladdin closing it out, which seemed like a Disney executive decision despite the existence of those remakes seeming like something Ashman would've fought against."

Cringey to me too... Can’t imagine Ashman sitting in on the auto-tune sessions for poor Emma Watson’s vocals. Yikes. But, as a lot of the doc was about his lasting lega

 Aug 10 2020, 10:07:38 PM

Regarding Love Victor, the Disney + “rules” clashed with that one due to some teen drinking, partying, etc. It’s one of their no-no’s supposedly. Didn’t stop a chunk of tiresome social media voices from calling for Disney’s head on a platter over perceived corporate homophobia and cowardice. (Yawn)

THEN SHE FELL will not re-open  Aug 10 2020, 12:49:37 PM

Really sucky news. Thoroughly enjoyed every weird, sometimes uncomfortable moment of this immersive experience. It’s like a smaller, less sweaty, less crowded, less tourist-filled, more “personal” Sleep No More. Went in April ‘19 and had planned on going again.  

"Howard" on Disney Plus  Aug 7 2020, 11:53:19 PM
Just finished it... inspiring and heartbreaking.

Disney+ developing Once on this Island film adaptation  Jul 31 2020, 10:18:04 AM

My guess is it’ll be live action with the exception of the gods who’ll be motion-capture CG performances with somewhat well-known actors/singers providing their voices. 

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jul 29 2020, 06:16:55 PM

So weird... my Ticketmaster charges have always been refunded in full, including fees, for canceled concerts etc. in the past, and for some C19-related cancellations this past April. 

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jul 27 2020, 10:43:04 AM

Tickets seem to be back on sale now. 

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jul 23 2020, 10:48:01 AM

Just checked Telecharge. It says tickets aren’t currently on sale and to check back on 7/24. 

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jul 23 2020, 10:41:44 AM

Yeah, I was also waiting for the presale info to be emailed. They did seem to remove all references to the presale and regular on-sale (tomorrow) from the site.  

does bernadette peters and every other famous voice actor or actress only like people who voice animals?  Jul 15 2020, 07:10:58 PM

Carole Baskin... is that you? 

Hamilton on Disney to be MUTED?  Jul 12 2020, 09:15:46 PM

CT2NYC said: "As a strange postscript to this censorship situation, Disney Plus just added anuneditedX-Men: Days of Future Pastto its lineup, and it features a f*ck, as well as Hugh Jackman's bare butt. I guess it wasn'tthatbig of a deal, after all."

I only see one X Men: Days of Future Past on D+; the one rated PG-13, just like Hamilton. Not sure what the postscript is...

Not having Betsy Struxness in the Hamilton movie does a disservice to the show  Jul 8 2020, 12:36:11 PM

My cast recording mention was definitely complete silliness, in reference too the ridiculous scare-mongering about Disney getting sued over misrepresentation. 

Not having Betsy Struxness in the Hamilton movie does a disservice to the show  Jul 8 2020, 11:17:42 AM


So now if a single ensemble/chorus member from a show isn't able to make it to a cast recording session, the album can't be called an "Original Cast Recording" for fear of lawsuits? 

RIP Nick Cordero  Jul 5 2020, 09:25:00 PM
Really heartbreaking. Such an unfair turn of events after what the poor guy’s body has been through these last couple of months. His poor family.

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