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#blacklivesmatter and Broadwayworld  May 30 2020, 11:53:01 PM

Sutton Ross said: "I think they don't want to get politicaland possibly lose ticket sales in the future. It's gross as hell."

I think it's more that the shows aren't paying the ad agencies, who in turn laid off the majority of their staff. Back when things were "normal" there were several people who needed to approve a social media post and that took a while. Now that a lot of those people aren't there anymore it's not that easy to p

NYC On Track To Start Phased Re-Opening June 8th  May 30 2020, 03:02:39 PM

Sutton Ross said: "Each phase is supposed to be two weeks but I have a feeling NYC will be in Phase 1 for longer than that. And every other phase honestly. It will take longer simply because of the density and the number of cases."

Entering the next phase is dependent on reaching the metrics laid out for that phase, not on time. 

Why do Producers hate Bootlegs?  May 30 2020, 02:11:29 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "David Stone is ahead of his time and we truly don’t deserve him.

There are so many bootlegs on YouTube, it’s kind of curious why none of them have been taken down. Like why are the several bootlegs of An*thing Goes not being copyrighted by Roundabout or how come you still see the Ca*rie video? I just think, producers don’t care/are complicit to the illegal videos.

A lot of it has to do with the way shows are set up.

Why do Producers hate Bootlegs?  May 29 2020, 06:58:49 PM

zainmax said: "Btw, I was more curious in the producers’ argument that it reduces ticket sales, which is mentioned in the article. I don’t buy it, although it obviously steals $$$ from the creators.."

If you click through to the announcement from the Copyright Office mentioned in that article, you'll find that they don't mention Broadway or theatre at all. That particular blogger at Forbes is known for being misleading and using clickbaity headlin

Vanity Fair on Broadway's Reopening -  May 28 2020, 01:29:42 PM

KKeller6 said: "The interesting quote is " why would less people be needed".
That's the entire idea of what Im concerned about. He isn't, and that's fine. Maybe he'll be correct. But estimates out there have economists saying 42% of all those laid off, or furloughed will not be rehired. Why would Broadway be any different?
And it's clearly not an impossible task for shows to do this, up, and down the line. In what you call ,"upper manageme

Broadway Open in January??  May 28 2020, 01:57:56 AM

Robbie2 said: "New Survey Shows Just 19% of UK Theatre Patrons Will Be Willing to Return When Venues Reopen"

The headline is a little misleading but I'm sure it got them the clicks they wanted. In that study, 10% said they would return to venues "as soon as they were allowed to open." But 59% said they'd be comfortable booking tickets to events within the next six months. There's plenty of single data points you could pull out o

Broadway Open in January??  May 27 2020, 12:17:42 PM

Broadway61004 said: "I think the idea with vaccinations, though, is that we can't have a huge theatre filled with people until it's widely available. That doesn't mean small working groups and rehearsals can't start beforehand and that sets can't be built, theatres can't be cleaned, etc. So there will definitely need to be rehearsals once we get the "all clear" but it's not necessarily going to be a full 6-8 week process. More realistically, show

Vanity Fair on Broadway's Reopening -  May 26 2020, 03:17:36 PM

Theater3232 said: "Do they intend to still sell concessions if people wear masks? I imagine sales would be way down if people wear masks, which would severely hurt the theater's bottom line."

I think you're grossly overestimating how much theater owners make from selling concessions. Concessions (for the theater owners) and merch (the owners and the shows) contribute relatively little to the bottom line.

Vanity Fair on Broadway's Reopening -  May 23 2020, 05:23:17 PM

joevitus said: "Subjecting giant swaths of people to a deadly virus because they are all breathing next to each other in an enclosed space isn't a particularly sustainable option, either. There may be a few weeks of daring among eager tourists--like there were those few teen "COVID Parties" that laughed at people's fears. Those parties resulted in a quick spread of COVID-19 among participants and teens stopped having those parties. Likely the same would happen if an

Vanity Fair on Broadway's Reopening - "Not Until There's a F***cking Vaccine"  May 22 2020, 11:33:30 PM

hearthemsing22 said: "BWAY Baby2 said: "Let's not forget the news from yesterday- surface transmission much less a risk than previously thought- and make cut the risk down to 75 per cent if you wear one- and with temperature checks at the door- I would definitely see a show when the time is right- and go on an airplane if it seems safe- I bet Spring 2021 will see the opening of many shows- vaccine or not."

Do you really think they'd do temperatur

Cursed Child Cancelled Until Sept 6  May 12 2020, 01:59:46 PM

FabalaYero85 said: "They aren’t going to take the temperature of every person in attendance of every show on Broadway/ Off Broadway"

I bet they will. We can look to theaters reopening in Asia to see what might happen here - and they are taking the temperatures of each audience member. I bet pre-9/11 people said individual searches and metal detection of every audience member couldn't happen for various reasons. Also important to note that the precautions th

Broadway  May 10 2020, 05:26:42 PM

Jordan Levinson said: "djoko84 said: "When Patti Lupone was on Watch What Happens Live last week, she and Andy both said they have heard from Broadway producers that the earliest shows would come back is next year. I'm thinking the earliest is January, but more likely around March.

As for the title of this thread, Cuomo is doing a great job. No one is snubbing Broadway - it will be the very last thing to reopen, which under the circumstances it really has to b

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 8 2020, 06:27:20 PM

"And you, as well as others, really should stop defending the League, as their bottom line has always been their top priority. While cleaning was increased, it wasn't that much better than usual (wiping things down with a dry cloth isn't what I would call sanitizing). While other businesses where already contemplating a shutdown, the League and DeBlasio were fighting with Cuomo to exempt Broadway. Even the ushers were told initially that they couldn't wear gloves, for fea

Cruise Line Industry's Effect on Broadway  May 8 2020, 01:47:43 PM

Fosse76 said: "I think this grossly overestimates the importance of the royalties from cruise ships."

I agree. This writer doesn't seem to do much research and seems more interested in getting clicks. The producer of Rock of Ages said the income was in the six figures annually. Let's be generous and say it was $200k/year. The producers keep half of that so there's $100k left for investors. Let's say there were 150 investors in Rock of Ages. That means

Renovations While Theatres Are Closed  May 5 2020, 12:44:12 AM

Jason Shatz said: "It looks like the theaters will be closed for a while. (Personally, I predict the fall at earliest, but most likely next year, whenever we havemass distribution of treatments or, better yet, a vaccine.)

Anyway, it seems like the perfect time for theaters to undergo whatever much-needed renovations can be done, particularly in making sure that the spaces are clean once it is safe again for audiences to gather. What renovations do you think can and should

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 4 2020, 02:45:02 PM

Broadway Flash said: "They get donations, and money from the government. But in terms of actual money that's made, most of it comes from galas, and after that, out of staterspaying 25 bucks to get in. Hogan, do you understand they have to pay the curators and the artists working on their exhibits? People constantly coming in and out of the museum tobuild them. This costsmillions of dollars that they wouldn'thave to pay if they were shut down. Limiting the amount of people to

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 3 2020, 02:02:18 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Restricting entry is not going to pay the cost of running.
Also, the 13 million is what they get from the met ball alone. They charge over 100,000 to have an event there. It’s a shame this happened on their 150th anniversary.

Your opinion might be that the Met makes most of its money from galas and events, but the facts say otherwise. You can easily look it up online. Or do some back of the napkin math and see that even if they

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 3 2020, 01:57:19 PM

zainmax said: "Jordan Levinson said: "uncageg said: "There is now a commercial on tv here with a voice over by Lin Maneul Miranda calling this an Intermission and that Broadway will see us after intermission. I have seen it a few timesin the past week. I think I saw it first during SNL last week."

And what a second act it will be years down the road. At this rate, Miranda will still be composing as most of us decompose.


Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 2 2020, 12:45:22 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Their main source of income is from events and galas which would presumably be cancelled, just like the Met Ball has been. It doesn’t make sense for them to keep a massive museum open just for a few people to trickle in throughout the day."

A quick look at the Met's 990's shows that isn't true - galas and events whether their own or outside parties renting their space - isn't a main source of income. The Costume Instit

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  Apr 30 2020, 01:14:35 PM

zainmax said: "Generally, I think Cuomos been doing a great job, but wha??

Guess Charlotte got to him, and Cuomos a bit of an egomaniac.

This is probably more or less an honorary t

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