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What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?- Page 4

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I'm still thinking about the items that were stolen. How can anyone enjoy owning something that they stole? Knowing that they took something that could have raised money for a good charity? What a waste.
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Besides the HAIR stuff I am almost 99% sure other "lesser" stuff was stolen from other tables.

When I was at the table that I brought my "Your welcome america" playbill. A guy was looking at a signed 33 variations playbill which was 75$. I wanted the playbill so I waited to see if he brought it. He held onto it for a few minutes just eyeballing stuff.
A few minutes later he walked away from the table and I could not find the playbill ANYWHERE in the bin. I bet so many people just picked stuff up and got away with it because of how crowded it was.
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I got a lot:

Speed-the-Plow (200re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market? $1
Playbill 2006-2007 $1
Playbill 2007-2008 $1
Playbill 2008-2009 $1
West Side Story (2009) $2
Rent (Cary/Antonique) $1
Rent (Rooftop) $3
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels $1
Passing Strange $1
Rocky Horror Show (Revival) $1
The Homecoming- Free
The Sound of Music (w/ Richard Chamberlain) $1
The Diary of Anne Frank $1
Cyrano (200re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market? $1
Sunday In the Park With George (2007) $1

Adam Pascal- Model Prisoner $1
Ripped Hair yellow shirt- $10
10 random Angel, Bag Lady, and Mr. Jefferson costume pieces for 25 cents each
2 Glory Days long sleeve shirts- $1 each
"Crossdressing in the Park" shirt- $1
Gypsy t-shirt- $2
Team Tos- $2

These were $1 each unless otherwise noted
A Chorus Line Souvenir Program (New York Shakespeare Festival)
The Musical of Musicals (B&W, Spetember 2004)
Hair (Color, August 200re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market? $.50
2 The Frogs (Color, June 2004)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (B&W, November 2003)
Sunset Boulevard (B&W, April 1995)
The Story of My Life (Color, February 2009)
Grey Gardens (B&W, June 2007)
Annie Get Your Gun (B&W, February 1999)
Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life (Color, December 2005)
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Color, February 2007)
Ragtime (Color, March 199re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?
Pal Joey (B&W, January 2009)
Speed-the-Plow (B&W, December 2008, insert for Jordan Lage as Bobby)
Billy Elliot (Color, January 2009)
Cabaret (B&W, Original Roundabout Revival cast)
Coram Boy (Color, April 2007)
2005 Tony Awards (Color)
Assassins (B&W, May 2004)
Doubt (Color, May 2005)
Frost/Nixon (Color, April 2007)
Follies (B&W, March 2001)
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (B&W, February 1999)
Easter Bonnet Competition 23 (Color) free
Movin' Out (Color, Broadway in Chicago)
Rent Party (Color, Rent 5th Anniversary Concert)
It's A Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman (B&W, March 1966)

These all were 10 for $1
A Chorus Line (Silver, 8/29/83 Record breaking performance playbill and ticket)
Evita (B&W, April 1983)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Color, April 1996)
A Chorus Line (Color, April 1984)
Anything Goes (Color, August 1989)
Love! Valour! Compassion! (B&W, December 1994)
Starlight Express (Color, August 1987)
Lestat (Color, [Opening night?] April 2006)
Got tu Go Disco (B&W, June 1979)
The Royal Family (B&W, February 1976)
Hello, Dolly! (B&W, October 1995)
Mame (B&W, July 1983)
2 Cats (B&W, June and August 1983)
Les Miserables (B&W, June 1989)
Company (B&W, October 1995)
Broadway Bound (B&W, June 198re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?
The Apple Tree (B&W, March 2007)
Patti Lupone on Broadway (Color, October 1995)
Aida (Color, April 2000)
Contact (Color, October 1999)
Gypsy (B&W, November 1989)
Baby (Color, December 1983)
Fosse (B&W, January 1999)
2 Company (Color, November 2006)
Pal Joey (B&W, May 1995)
Ziegfield Follies of 1936 (B&W, March 1999)
West Side Story (Color, April 2009)

Rent Sign in Sheet (8/27/96-9/1/96) $10
Rent tour pass from the Non-Equity tour's closing signed by all the Hair cast members who've been in Rent- $10
The Producers book- free
Blue blanket- free
Cry Baby license plates- $1 each
The highlights were definitely the A Chorus Line record breaking playbill and Rent on the roof window card for me, though I'm super happy with everything I got. That table with the 10 playbills for $1 deal was fantastic :)
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I have a question.

The old playbills from now to say 20-30 years ago, are they actually old or are they reprinted?
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I made a return visit at 4:15pm. The crowds were much less, quite manageable. Several tables were already closing, and by 5pm most of the downstairs had packed up and left. (one downstairs space, with mostly non-theatrical clothing, books, etc. had a "free - help yourself" sign up - I took a few paperbacks.)

I can imagine that the load-in and load-out must be miserable, when you consider that normally they can take their vans and trucks right up to their tables. That may be why there were some unusual bargains very late. I picked up two of the Playbill Broadway Yearbooks for $5 each at the Playbill table. Those suckers are HEAVY!

At the Actor's Equity Table, where there were lots of books and lots of LPs, it was a "take this big bag and fill it up for $5.00" time - got about 8 books, all theatre-related.

Edward Albee was at the Dramtists Guild table, looking quite bored.

I grabbed some more CDs:

$3.00 - The Last Five Years
$3.00 - 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (OBC)
$2.00 - The Wedding Singer (OBC)
$1.00 - Doctor Doolittle (OLC)
$1.00 - Fosse (OBC)
$1.00 - Cabaret (OBC)
$1.00 - An Evening WIth Frank Loesser

All in all, spent $62 for 22 CDs (all but 2 were original cast albums), 11 books, and the 2 Playbill Yearbooks.

2016 These Paper Bullets (1/02) Our Mother's Brief Affair (1/06), Dragon Boat Racing (1/08), Howard - reading (1/28), Shear Madness (2/10), Fun Home (2/17), Women Without Men (2/18), Trip Of Love (2/21), The First Gentleman -reading (2/22), Southern Comfort (2/23), The Robber Bridegroom (2/24), She Loves Me (3/11), Shuffle Along (4/12), Shear Madness (4/14), Dear Evan Hansen (4/16), American Psycho (4/23), Tuck Everlasting (5/10), Indian Summer (5/15), Peer Gynt (5/18), Broadway's Rising Stars (7/11), Trip of Love (7/27), CATS (7/31), The Layover (8/17), An Act Of God (8/31), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (8/24), Heisenberg (10/12), Fiddler On The Roof (11/02), Othello (11/23), Dear Evan Hansen (11/26), Les Liaisons Dangereuses (12/21) 2017 In Transit (2/01), Groundhog Day (4/04), Ring Twice For Miranda (4/07), Church And State (4/10), The Lucky One (4/19), Ernest Shackleton Loves Me (5/16), Building The Wall (5/19), Indecent (6/01), Six Degrees of Separation (6/09), Marvin's Room (6/28), A Doll's House Pt 2 (7/25) Curvy Widow (8/01)
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"The old playbills from now to say 20-30 years ago, are they actually old or are they reprinted?"

Old. Downstairs, they had boxes of playbills which were labeled by years. I believe it started around 1960.
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My Equus and Cats playbill are just old playbills. The playbill seems to be a little bigger (both in size and content).
They didnt fit good in my playbill binder.

Also older playbills seem to have ALOT of ciggarette ads in them :p
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I know this might sound weird, but if anyone has anything they don't want that they got today, please PM and how much you want for it. I was unable to attend today due to a family emergency.
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They're old. Many of them are held in acid free plastic. If you take them out, they have the old book smell, which I love.

I spent more than I usually do, but I was over the moon with my "What Hump?" backpack.

I felt bad about the Hair table stuff getting stolen so I gave them $2. I wish I could've afforded to buy more.

I wanted one of those Avenue Q boxes, but changed my mind when I found out there was no way to make the mouth move. And they cost $150? Wow, I'm glad I changed my mind.
Waiting for tickets to Hair August 2008
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Tale of Two Cities playing cards with photos from the Broadway cast. ($20)
Seth's Chatterbox dvd Lea Michele, Jenny Powers, Matt Cavanaugh ($20)
2 Little Mermaid necklaces ($0.50 each)
Don't be a Butthead TShirt from Marvelous Wonderettes ($1)
Scarf headband from WSS table ($0.50)

Picture w/ John Stamos
Picture w/ Beth Leveal & Danny Burstein
Picture w/ Stephanie J. Block
Picture w/ Brian Stokes Mitchell
Picture w/ Chita Rivera
Picture w/ Bernadette Peters
Picture w/ Marin Mazzie & Jason Danieley.

There was a third level? I didn't know about that so I never made it down there. I mostly hung out up by the photo booth. There was a couch up there and everyone was fun and nice.
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Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
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(2) Playbill binders chock full of Playbills from recent years (including Grey Gardens opening night, Lieutenant of Inishmore Opening Night, The Crucible with Liam Neeson and Laura Linney, Fifty Words opening night, Heartbreak House opening night, The Vertical Hour (color), Company revival (color), Times They are a Changin' opening night, Some Americans Abroad, Cry-Baby, Thurgood Opening night, The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Encores' On The Town, The Seagull, Becky Shaw, and Road Show and a bunch of City Opera programs). $2 each.

(4) Tony Award Playbills-- 1994, 2006, 2008 (one of them had tickets to a Jersey Boys cast party afterward) - $1 each.

Boeing Boeing t-shirt: $1

Boeing Boeing silk scarf $5

Rocky Horror Show revival window card: $1

Jekyll & Hyde with Sebastian Bach/Jerry Springer the Opera at Carnegie Hall window cards: 2/$5

Faith Healer script: $1

Billy Elliot reusable bag signed by Tommy Batchelor, $1. No idea how this happened, but that's how much they charged me.

Sweeney Todd movie hardcover book, labeled $30 on the jacket: $1

The Homecoming program: $2

Total spent: $22. Not bad at all.

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Alright, so which of you stole my Gypsy picture frame?!?! I went back after the matinee of Royal Family to buy it and it was gone. re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?
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One of the highights of my day was not what I bought, but the fact that my dad walked up to the Shrek table, took one look at Christopher Sieber and said "Hey! That guy's a Broadway actor!". Then he bought Chris's autograph, not putting two and two together that he has a signed poster at home.
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I only got 2 things and they cost me $40.

Lindsay K. Northen's Flathead notebook signed by all the ensemble members of Wicked and a free Urinetown hat.
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Oh boy here we go...

I got:
A Drowsy Chaperone Window Card $2
The Tony Awards 2007 Poster $2
The Fantasticks Revival Cast Recording $3
Nine Cast Recording $3
Sweeney Todd Song Sample CD .50
Countless plays and acting books. I'm not about to go through them all. $1 each
Spelling Bee mouse pad free
Boeing-Boeing T-shirt $5
Hairspray T-shirt $1
Various playbills I also don't feel like going through. most were $1 each.
Playbill Broadway Yearbook 2004-2005 $3
The libretto of Gypsy with Arthur Laurent's notes. $20
I also did the TDF ticket raffle thing but I didn't win anything. $5

Overall I spent about 60 dollars.
I had two bags filled to the brim. One of them broke on the subway. x_x
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Broadway Legend
Picture with John Stamos - $20 (I was wearing a Jesse and the Rippers t-shirt

DivaBrigader, you are my hero. re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?
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Too hot, too packed. I wish I hadn't even gone downstairs. We didn't stay long.

Nothing exciting, but I got:

BC/EFA Clock for a friend, $10
BC/EFA tshirt, $10
$20 worth of lotto tickets with which we won nothing.
Broadway Green Alliance bag, $3
Broadway Green Alliance memo pad, the underside of which is a Mamma Mia "At this performance" insert. (Cute idea.), Free
3 Broadway Impact Equality Now buttons, $3
1 White knot pin, $1
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orangeskittles, sorry I don't know how to quote posts but you can see the pic here:

re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?

You can't see ALL the words but the photographer took the pic horizontally at first and John was like, "Can we take it again so we can get her awesome shirt in the frame?" He asked me where I got it from and everything and Scott Nevins picked me out of the line as a person with something funny for a celebrity to sign. He recommended I get it autographed across the tatas. re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market? He also said he's going to sing extra good for me on Tuesday because that's when I'm going to see "Birdie." He was really nice and SO SEXY up close! Did a lot of others get pics with him? The line for him was insane. They had a guaranteed line and then a whole separate line for those who they were going to try to fit in but they couldn't guarantee a spot because I think John had to leave for the matinee.
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Leading Actor

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I would probably have a screaming orgasm purchasing all those old playbills. I totally wish I could be in NYC for these things!
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I bought too much stuff. I'm also now banning myself from flea markets and large yard sales.

Noises Off-T.R. Knight was in the cast.
Into the Woods-Revival
Smokey Joe's Cafe
Rent-June 1997
Cats-March 1987
A Class Act

13 of the ticket things-I won nothing-$13
Xanadu Cd-$10
Spamalot Coconuts-$2
Equality Pin-$1
Flea Market Poster-$20
Noon Celebrity Table-$25
Leading Men DVD (The First One)-$20
Playbill Cards-$1
Window Card of shows from June 2008-May 2009-$1

And my best and most impulsive purchase of the day:

The Spamalot Cast Board-I got it for $25 at the end of the day. I bought it because I had eyed it earlier in the day, but didn't think I could carry it. Of course, it was a little heavy, but I managed. So yeah, I was the girl walking around the city around 6:15-6:30 with that. I left as soon as I bought it.

I never got down to the bottom floor. I guess I should be glad. I was basically walking around aimlessly, probably getting in the way because everytime I saw an empty spot somewhere or at least one that wasn't too crowded, I went over there. I put no logic into walking around. I definitely did miss things. I got in a little after 10, walked around, went to the celebrity table for an hour, walked for 30 minutes more and left for lunch and Next to Normal. I went back for about 30 minutes after that. My biggest issues were trying to look at playbills for the most part.
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opening night playbill from Gypsy with Patti LuPone.
The Pirate Queen playbill
Liza at Carneghi Hall LP
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Featured Actor
Nobody did the celebrity signing tables? Any "surprise" guests as the website stated?
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Marianne - is your Class Act playbill from Broadway or Off-Broadway? I got one as well.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway because Sara Ramirez was in the cast. That's the biggest reason I bought it.
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