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Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 3 2020, 10:28:32 AM

Ravenclaw said: "Which leads to an interesting philosophical question...Is being mean to people of color racist if you're uniformly nasty to people of every race? Like the comedians who call themselves "equal-opportunity offenders," in a way. But if you're causing that much harm and destruction to the people around you, does it really matter whether or not yourmotivations are race-related?"

It's up for the people of color she harasses to dec

How do we feel about the 1999 Annie?  May 4 2020, 01:51:49 PM

Alexis Kalehoff and Alicia Morton are best friends, dating back to the time they were both in "Les Miserables" on Broadway together as kids.

How do we feel about the 1999 Annie?  May 4 2020, 01:14:36 PM

JBroadway said: "She's also played Miss Hannigan a couple of times, once with her daughter as Annie."

Andrea McArdle's daugher Alexis Kalehoff has never played Annie (although you can get a glimpse of her auditioning for the 1997 revival on the ABC "Turning Point" special on YouTube). She did star relatively recently with her mom in "Les Miserables" at Ogunquit Playhouse - Andrea as Fantine, Alexis as Eponine.


RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April  Feb 5 2020, 12:18:29 PM


RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April  Feb 5 2020, 12:08:23 PM

I'm so anxious! Left them a VM also.

RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April  Feb 5 2020, 12:04:25 PM

Has the website opened up for anyone yet (for gen nonmember tix)?

Previews  Dec 20 2018, 11:41:28 AM

sueb1863 said: "I'll say it again, whoever told Aiken that it was a good idea to dye his hair gray or white needs a good talking to. He looks twenty years older. Plus it's probably scorching his hair."

It's his natural hair - he went prematurely all white.


Rembember When Raul Esparza Lost the Tony to David Hyde Pierce...  Oct 30 2018, 05:01:19 PM

uncageg said: "Still think it was due to a split of some kind between Cheno and Pinkins causing Menzel to win. Loved Menzel but Pinkins was incredible. JMO"

This isn't vote splitting. Vote splitting by definition is a specific phenomena in which the distribution of votes amongst similar performances/performers is split giving something dissimilar the chance to win. Cheno and Pinkins gave totally unrelated performances in totally different styles of shows. If

Eliza? - My Fair Lady Revival 2018  Oct 5 2017, 03:08:33 PM

It seems worth noting that the Higgins is younger than the Eliza...?

Same Day Tix for Come From Away & Hello Dolly (w/ Bette)  Aug 12 2017, 12:21:15 AM

Yeah,,,Dolly with Bette is not on TKTS. There are barely any tickets left on Ticketmaster for her run - you will need to buy those in advance and frankly be lucky to find availability at all. Donna plays Tuesdays.  

Broadway Flea Market 2016  Sep 26 2016, 02:04:22 PM

I'm deeply jealous of the people who managed to get Diane Lane at the autograph/photo booth. What a top notch surprise she was. I was on the noon line for Mary Beth Peil but she canceled so I left around 12:15 since she was my main want. I might have heard them calling for Diane if I'd stayed! Hindsight is 20-20. But how great for them to have a movie star up there. I'm sure she raised lots of money and, thanks to Jordan, I was able to get one of the few "Cherry Orchard"

Scherzinger backs out of CATS, Lloyd Webber furious  May 13 2016, 10:45:14 AM

gypsy101 said: "MadonnaMusical said: "I'm with ALW on this one, Scherzinger missed her calling as one of the greatest Broadway performers of the century... Bummer that she won that lame reality competition and became a C-list star instead... But like... Karma is a bitch lol. "

What competition did she win? I don't remember her being a reality show participant, although she has judged on several (The Sing Off and X Factor). I like Nicole

Original Cast of THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA Will Reunite for Lincoln Center Concert  Jan 29 2016, 10:40:12 AM

Nm, I got it to work. I POUNCED. This is priority.

Original Cast of THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA Will Reunite for Lincoln Center Concert  Jan 29 2016, 10:15:40 AM

Is this already sold out...or not on sale yet?

The Secret Garden 2016 Concert Presentation  Jan 12 2016, 02:08:12 PM

LOL, both the libretto and the original novel are amazing, of course. The novel is a classic so it's free on any Kindle, if you have one! I recommend anything "TSG."

The Secret Garden 2016 Concert Presentation  Jan 12 2016, 01:48:52 PM

You've got a week tor read the original Frances Hodgson Burnett novel. You can do it.

The Secret Garden 2016 Concert Presentation  Jan 12 2016, 01:25:32 PM

You don't need any context. They do the scenes too, not just the songs. 

Annie  Dec 18 2015, 11:41:11 AM

I saw "Annie" at Kings last night and had no problem at all getting there via public transport. And the theatre is absolutely gorgeous to boot.

Annie  Dec 13 2015, 01:36:29 PM

Yikes, I have comps for Thursday evening but now I am scared to be in the neighborhood. The pics of the renovated theatre look absolutely beautiful but the neighborhood...

Who's Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started the Iraq War Previews  Nov 21 2015, 02:05:42 PM

Anybody have intelligence on the stage door sitch? A group of Larisa fans is going tonight. :)

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