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Broadway Abbriviatons  Sep 27 2010, 10:26:07 PM
qalbinau- What show is the abbreviation "AFTHOTWTTF" for?

If you thought you were a Broadway fan, this guy will put you to SHAME!  Mar 3 2010, 10:37:37 PM
Wow. Holy Cow!

What if his apartment was destroyed by a fire? Is all that Broadway memorabilia stuff insurable?

The New Broadway Merchandise Trade Thread  Mar 2 2010, 09:30:22 PM
Does anyone have an Avenue Q playbill from when it was at the Vineyard Theatre?

'Jesus was Jewish' HAHAAH  Feb 28 2010, 11:45:08 PM
You had to be there at the particular moment to be funny.

And for the record, here is the dialogue.

Oh, Christ do I feel good.

Gary Coleman:
Now there was a fine upstanding black man!


Gary Coleman:
Jesus Christ.

Kate Monster:
But, Gary, Jesus was white.

Gary Coleman:
No, Jesus was black.

Kate Monster:
No, Jesus was white.

Gary Coleman:

re: 'School' Theme in musical?  Nov 28 2009, 10:26:52 PM
"What Do You Do With a B.A. In English?/It Sucks To Be Me" from Avenue Q

Many of the songs from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

re: Sexy Broadway Songs?  Nov 3 2009, 10:47:04 PM
"Sexy and Upbeat are not usual pairings....unless they are comical.Sexy is usually more seductive, so the music is slower and sultry. "

I agree with that.

That being said:

Special (Avenue Q)
You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (Avenue Q)

re: The greatest thing ever, now even better  Oct 30 2009, 05:25:45 AM
I've been seeing this commercial more and more and it's becoming more and more irritating.

I'll buy the snuggie when I buy the Hawaii chair.

I wish I could come up with these 'million dollar maker' stupid ideas.

re: Can you imagine if BWW message boards were around when...  Oct 29 2009, 10:40:45 PM
...when Avenue Q won the Tony over Wicked.

Oh wait...

re: SHREK closing Jan. 3rd  Oct 29 2009, 01:40:36 AM
I want to know who did the camera work for the crazy kid video that KirbyCat posted. That is talent to say the least. :/

re: Unintentionally Racist Showtunes  Oct 13 2009, 11:43:28 PM
There are a ton from Avenue Q

"No, just little judgments like thinking that Mexican
busboys should learn to speak goddamn English!"

There's a plane going down and there's only
one parachute. And there's a rabbi, a priest...
Kate Monster:
And a black guy!
Gary Coleman:
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Kate?
Kate Monster:
Gary Coleman:
You were telling a black joke!
Well, sur

re: Q still got it!  Oct 10 2009, 03:26:35 PM
Glad to hear the show is in great condition.

re: How Do You Guys Feel About Over-Excited Theatre-Goers?  Oct 10 2009, 02:13:49 PM
Wow. Telling someone they should seriously think about suicide? Please, dear sally, get help. If that is the first thought that came to your mind and had the guts to type it, you either need some psychological help or need to think more clearly.

My friend, who is in my avatar, committed suicide. Do you want to know why? Because her boyfriend told her to do it. And she did.
How would you feel if the OP committed suicide because you told her/him to do so? (That's not saying that wou

re: How Do You Guys Feel About Over-Excited Theatre-Goers?  Oct 9 2009, 10:52:38 PM
I don't know how to deal with "those kind" of over-zealous type of people. I want to tell them to "shut the f*** up" but I usually end up saying nothing and then stare at them with anger (which then ruins my experience.) I'm not even sure why I fear telling them nicely to please settle down/be quiet. Maybe because I'm afraid of them pulling out a gun or knife? I know that sounds a little drastic and ridiculous but you never know. Maybe I feel like I'll be ruining their experience. But, on the ot

re: Next to Normal - Friday rush  Oct 8 2009, 07:46:02 AM
SEARCH. You can go as early as you want.

re: AVE Q or ROCK OF AGES  Oct 6 2009, 09:52:07 PM

re: Broadway Hero  Oct 6 2009, 12:14:34 PM
Eyedeeena Menzeel

Sorry, I had to

re: Does anyone remember when TKTS was a great deal?!  Oct 2 2009, 07:47:42 AM
"Half price is what I'm talking about! $70 is way too much to pay for a half price ticket."

Thank you! A couple months ago, my aunt and I waited in that long line and asked about a show that was 50% off (I think it was Mary Poppins). They said the tickets were 70$ each for the mid-mezz. You can't possibly tell me that regular priced tickets for the mid-mezz of Mary Poppins are $140 each!

I just looked it up and it seems the REGULAR price for the mid- mezz are $86.50! So,

re: Photo Coverage: Tony Winner Alice Ripley's Caricature Unveiled At Sardi  Sep 27 2009, 09:39:08 PM
I can't draw for the life of me; I'm close to making stick figures. However, I think I could make a picture that resembles her a lot more than that one. She has such distinctive characteristics...

Was this "artist" just picked off the street, blind-folded and told to draw Alice Ripley?

re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?  Sep 27 2009, 09:25:11 PM
"The old playbills from now to say 20-30 years ago, are they actually old or are they reprinted?"

Old. Downstairs, they had boxes of playbills which were labeled by years. I believe it started around 1960.

re: What Did You Get at the BCEFA Broadway Flea Market?  Sep 27 2009, 04:39:49 PM
saveusmike, where did you get the Avenue Q tshirt? I saw the boxes and wanted one so bad but there was no way I was paying 150$.
Since I've never been to the flea market before, I didn't know if that was a "normal" crowd. Boy, you couldn't even move!!
I feel terrible for those who had to be at tables selling all day in on the bottom floor.
Was there something wrong with the lighting because it was mighty dark in there!!
Rob, it was nice meeting you and also another BWW me

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