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Is April Too Soon?  Jun 28 2020, 04:14:37 PM
I don't exactly know what you're looking for people to say ..

Where are Broadway's Leaders?  Jun 21 2020, 12:50:24 PM

Like others have said... there's nothing to report. What exactly can these theatres do differently when they re-open? Most shows can't survive on 50% occupancy so Broadway isn't going to come back until it can fully come back business as usual and that's not going to be until after the new year unfortunately.

The inherent racism of Asian theatre companies?  Jun 19 2020, 06:24:31 PM

Japan just straight up uses Minstrel Show Blackface on occassion...

The inherent racism of Asian theatre companies?  Jun 19 2020, 05:04:09 PM

I think it's fine to go ahead with what you have in a professional production where the the pool of people you have doesn't allow you to have full true to the piece diversity. Just don't do black face. Which in Japan at least has been an issue... in 2015 they did a production of Memphis with one black actor and all the other Black roles were done with black face.