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Student Blogger: Chloe Hechter - Page

BWW Blog: My First Time - The Chincident, The Dairy Queen, and the Finsta Famous Video
August 25, 2020

When the time for the long-anticipated *stage kiss* arrived, I got up on my toes, leaned over, and did something that to this day, I will solely refer to as a?oeThe Chincident--a??

BWW Blog: Take Off Those Drama Romance Goggles - Part 2
August 6, 2020

I admittedly once wore drama goggles with the strongest of prescriptions. 

BWW Blog: Don't Be Dejected Because You Got Rejected (and Why It's Actually Kind of a Good Thing)
July 20, 2020

Rejection sucks. It just does. Though we may not always admit it, validation is something that everybody craves, and not getting it constantly can feel like a real punch in the gut.

BWW Blog: Take Off Those Drama Romance Goggles
July 7, 2020

I was falling prey to an illness far worse than that summer's outbreak of impetigo: DRAMA GOGGLES. 

BWW Blog: It's Not Impractical, Karen
June 18, 2020

For people majoring in theatre and drama, college brings the inevitable questioning of your life choices by your Mom's friends and extended family.

BWW Blog: You're Not In High School Drama Club Anymore
June 2, 2020

a?oeYou're not in high school drama club anymorea?? was the first thing a college acting professor said upon entering the room on my first day of freshman year. There was something completely terrifying about hearing that phrase out loud, even for those of us who weren't even in a a?oedrama cluba?? to begin with.