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Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison has been involved with the theatre in some form or fashion all his life. He holds a Journalism degree from the University of Georgia, but his true love is the theatre which he has been involved in as a spectator as well as an actor for the last 25+ years. He has performed in a variety of musicals over the years including FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, PIPPIN, CITY OF ANGELS, 1776, WORKING, LITTLE WOMEN, WORKING, GODSPELL (Jesus) and JOSEPH..DREAMCOAT (Joseph) just to name a few. Joseph joined the Broadway World family in 2009 as the very first local editor for BWW Atlanta. He served as Senior BWW Editor for Connecticut from 2014 - 2020 and now resides in Orlando, FL.


BWW Interview: Cliff Price, Orlando Theatrical Scenic Designer PhotoBWW Interview: Cliff Price, Orlando Theatrical Scenic Designer
Posted: Oct. 3, 2020


BWW Review: JANE EYRE at Hartford Stage PhotoBWW Review: JANE EYRE at Hartford Stage
Posted: Feb. 23, 2020

Posted: Jan. 20, 2020

BWW Review: LEGALLY BLONDE at Opera House Players PhotoBWW Review: LEGALLY BLONDE at Opera House Players
Posted: Feb. 9, 2020

BWW Review: CRY IT OUT at Hartford Stage PhotoBWW Review: CRY IT OUT at Hartford Stage
Posted: Nov. 8, 2019

BWW Review: THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT at TheaterWorks Hartford PhotoBWW Review: THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT at TheaterWorks Hartford
Posted: Feb. 16, 2020

BWW Review: AMERICAN SON at TheaterWorks PhotoBWW Review: AMERICAN SON at TheaterWorks
Posted: Oct. 27, 2019

BWW Interview: Cliff Price, Orlando Theatrical Scenic Designer PhotoBWW Interview: Cliff Price, Orlando Theatrical Scenic Designer
Posted: Oct. 3, 2020

BWW Interview: Cliff Price, Orlando Theatrical Scenic Designer
October 3, 2020

As those of us who spend significant time in the theatre know, the last six months have been very difficult. With canceled productions, performers out of work, and audiences without the live entertainment that enlightens and enriches their lives, there has been much uncertainty, on top of all the concerns for our own health and well-being. As someone who used to be in the audience reviewing productions almost every week pre-pandemic, I have missed the regular cadence of seeing, and writing about theatre. So, while we wait for things to get back to normal (or a new normal), I wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the local creative professionals here in Orlando who bring theatrical magic to life on stage. To start, I sat down with Cliff Price, the creative designer behind some of the beautiful and creative scenic designs that audiences have seen in theaters across Central Florida over the last twenty years. Cliff shared with me his creative process, his perspective on the importance of good design and some of his favorite past designs.

BWW Review: THE AUNTIE NETWORK presented by The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
August 16, 2020

With COVID-19 still raging around the world, and cases still quite high here in Central Florida, one might believe that it will be some time before enjoying the thrill of live theatre once again. But as theaters face the unique challenges the virus poses to performers and audiences alike, many companies are considering unique ways to bring theatre to life for audiences at home. One example of this is the Staged Play Reading Series currently being offered by The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol in The Villages, FL, which brings partially staged, script-in-hand performances to its audiences at home (or wherever one might be quarantined). Their latest offering, a staged reading of Elenna Stauffera??s THE AUNTIE NETWORK, creatively tells the story of two women and the significant impact helping a young, pregnant mother has on their lives.

March 1, 2020

Theatre has a way of translating human emotion and experience into a tangible, relatable, and collective experience in a way no other medium can. Audiences shed tears during emotional moments and cheer when the hero defeats the villain. But rarely do theatre-goers have the opportunity to share emotions that they themselves, may never personally experience, and in turn better understand some of the mysteries of life. Such is the case with THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, the current production of the Connecticut Repertory Theatre at UConn in Storrs, CT. 

BWW Review: JANE EYRE at Hartford Stage
February 23, 2020

There are certain stories that strike an emotional chord regardless of the format or venue. One such story is the Charlotte Bronte classic JANE EYRE, which is now playing at Hartford Stage in a brand new adaptation by Associate Artistic Director, Elizabeth Williamson (who also directs). The story - equal parts Victorian epic and Gothic horror, holds up extremely well in this production - providing a sweeping narrative, delivered by a talented cast and supported by strong technical design.

BWW Review: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE at Playhouse On Park
February 23, 2020

It is an exciting feeling when you discover something new about something you were already familiar with. Sometimes this happens when you read a favorite book for a second time, or learn a bit of history behind a favorite spot. But sometimes, the planets align and fresh light shines on a classic story breathing new life into it and revealing something brilliant. This is the case with the latest production at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Kate Hamill, which takes the classic Jane Austen novel, turns it a bit on its ear, yet retains the core elements of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy's unlikely love that have stood the

BWW Review: THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT at TheaterWorks Hartford
February 16, 2020

In today's world of a?oefake newsa?? and challenges to journalistic integrity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction. Add in the desire to both entertain and inform readers (and sell publications) and it can be easy to see how, today, trust may be harder than ever to find in the printed word. But who defines what exactly constitutes a fact, and when, if ever, is it ok to bend the truth in service of telling an important story? These are some of the questions explored in THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT, a play by Jeremey Kareken, David Murrell and Gordon Farrell now playing at TheaterWorks in Hartford.

BWW Review: LEGALLY BLONDE at Opera House Players
February 9, 2020

It seems these days that every other musical opening on Broadway is based on a popular film. From PRETTY WOMAN to BEETLEJUICE, Broadway has been home to film adaptations for years. Sometimes these can be a mixed bag, but sometimes they shine as brightly (or even brighter) than their original source material. Such is the case for LEGALLY BLONDE, with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin and Book by Heather Hach, which is currently playing at the Enfield Annex, produced by the Opera House Players.

BWW Review: PIKE ST. at Hartford Stage
January 20, 2020

Communities are beautiful things due in part to the vast diversity that can exist in them. Even if made up of people of common means, there are so many layers to each neighborhood, each block, and each building. Some of these people are friends, some one hardly ever sees, but many are, or can feel like, family. These community bonds often are tested the most during a crisis, and sometimes it is that crucible which strengthens relationships and changes lives. Bonds such as I have described here are portrayed vividly by Nijala Sun in her one woman show, PIKE ST. which is now playing at Hartford Stage. 

January 20, 2020

Hers is some of the most iconic music of the 20th century and many of her songs formed the soundtrack of people's lives in the American post war era. And though Rosemary Clooney's public persona was one of grace and composure, in her personal life she was battling significant personal demons that almost brought her career (and possibly, her life) to an early end. But, at a time when self-care and taking steps to address ones mental health was not the norm, Ms. Clooney had the courage to face her demons head on and get the help she most desperately needed. It is this struggle (and triumph) that makes up the story of TENDERLY: THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY MUSICAL, which is now playing at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford. 

BWW Review: ANASTASIA at The Bushnell
January 18, 2020

A mysterious girl, who may or may not be the long lost Princess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, a grandmother intent on finding her, and the desperate men willing to do whatever it takes to get out of Russia. These are at the center of the musical ANASTASIA which is now playing at The Bushnell in Hartford.

BWW Review: MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS at Connecticut Theatre Company
December 16, 2019

Sometimes it a simple, yet beautiful show is exactly what the doctor ordered. With the hustle and bustle that comes this time of year, it is important to stop and remember the important things in life - family, home, and loved ones around us. That is what makes Connecticut Theatre Company's fantastic production of MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS the perfect escape to cure the holiday blues.

BWW Review: CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS at TheaterWorks
December 9, 2019

Christmas is a season of traditions. From the decorations that have their certain place on the mantel, to the cookies like grandma used to make, people thrive on the familiar during the holidays. This goes for films and TV specials as well. Who doesn't pause to see if George Bailey will save the savings and loan, if Ralphie will actually get his Red Ryder BB Gun, or if Rudolph will finally prove his red nose can do great things. No matter how many viewings, there is something about the characters of these beloved Christmas programs that feels familiar and right. But have you ever wondered what happened to these larger than life characters after their time in the red and green spotlight? These are the questions that TheaterWorks in Hartford hilariously tackles in CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS.

BWW Review: THE SANTALAND DIARIES at Playhouse On Park
December 7, 2019

The holidays are a season of excitement and joy for people of all ages. This festive time of year comes with all the trappings - colorful decorations, gifts for loves ones, and of course, visits to see the big man in the red suit. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the lives of those who toil day after joyous day in green velvet and striped stockings? Yes, I am talking about Santa's helpers, the energetic and excited elves who ensure your visit to the North Pole is as wonderful as it can be. In David Sedaris' one man play, THE SANTALAND DIARIES, playing now at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford, audiences get a peek through the a?oemagic windowa?? at one man's hilarious experience as an elf in Macy's Santaland.

BWW Interview: Allison Guinn, Mme. Thenardier in LES MISERABLES at the Palace Theatre, Waterbury
November 24, 2019

LES MISERABLES is one of those musicals that people simply love. Over the years the story of young students staging a revolution in Paris has become a pop culture staple, so audiences should be excited, then, to know that the Palace Theatre in Waterbury, CT will play host to the touring production of the show December 3 - 8. Playing the scheming Madame Thenardier when LES MISERABLES stops in Waterbury will be Allison Guinn, who sat down with me to talk about playing her dream role in this iconic musical.

BWW Review: CRY IT OUT at Hartford Stage
November 8, 2019

Choosing whether or not to go back to work after having a baby can be one of the most difficult decisions a new mother (or father) can make. Even the most career-focused parents can find themselves weighing pros and cons when trying to do what they think is best for their growing family. But this decision is not as black and white as it may seem. Bubbling underneath can be old insecurities, conflicting gender role expectations, and fear that making the wrong choice will have a negative impact. Molly Smith Metzler's play CRY IT OUT, now playing at Hartford Stage, explores these themes through the eyes of four parents, each on their own journey through new parenthood and each dealing with the highs and lows of this common parental dilemma.

BWW Review: A SHAYNA MAIDEL at Playhouse On Park
November 3, 2019

When tragedy strikes it is often the relationships forged between those who survived that allows the victims to carry on. This shared experience bonds strangers and families alike. But what about those who were spared? Though family and friends not present may have avoided the worst, they, too, struggle with reconciling the impact to those they love and the guilt they feel having not been impacted directly. And all involved have to find a way to move on and live their lives. This prevailing emotion is at the center of Barbara Lebow's play, A SHAYNA MAIDEL which is now playing at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford.

BWW Review: AMERICAN SON at TheaterWorks
October 27, 2019

Sometimes the most powerful theatrical experiences are the ones that hit closest to home. In today's America, with racial and political divides growing ever wider and tensions building to a breaking point, it might just be a play like Christopher Demos-Brown's AMERICAN SON that will shine the brightest light on these issues, not only pointing out the flaws and imperfections, but providing a spotlight for all of us to truly see. And, by offering this intense and thought-provoking piece as its opening play (of the season and of their newly remodeled space), TheaterWorks Hartford boldly illustrates why it is well-qualified and well-appointed to deliver such a powerful night of theatre.

BWW Review: BILLY ELLIOT at Goodspeed Musicals
October 5, 2019

Sometimes, being unafraid to be yourself can be the key to unlocking your true potential. Never has that been truer than in the story of BILLY ELLIOT, currently playing (through November 24) at the Goodspeed Opera House. In this, its final production of the season, Goodspeed brings to life the hit musical (with music by Elton John and book/lyrics by Lee Hall) about a young boy in a coal-mining town in northern England in the 1980's, as he discovers a love (and gift) for dance. The result is an exciting, touching, and thrilling experience filled with stellar performances, inspired staging, and a pitch perfect interpretation of the trying times in which the play is set.  

BWW Review: QUIXOTE NUEVO at Hartford Stage
September 29, 2019

There are some stories that have a timeless quality, speaking to the aches and the joys of modern life regardless of the era in which they are told. Such is the classic tale of Don Quixote, a story that, when Miguel de Cervantes published it in 1605, took on a certain meaning and century after century has been seen through an evolving lens, from comic novel to tragic statement against nobility. But in Octavio Solis' new play QUIXOTE NUEVO, which opens Hartford Stage's 2019/2020 season, the infamous Spanish Knight of La Mancha has become the Latino Knight of La Plancha (Texas) battling border surveillance drones instead of windmills and fighting for the undocumented versus the poor citizens of war-ravaged Spain.

BWW Review: NUNSENSE at Playhouse On Park
September 22, 2019

There's a quote from Bennet Cerf that says, a?oeThe person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.a?? I am not sure I could find a better way of describing the refreshingly funny, exciting, and entertaining opening show of Playhouse on Park's 11th season, NUNSENSE. The classic musical is a madcap romp with a simple, yet hilarious premise that still finds a way to keep audiences gasping for breath almost 35 years after its premiere off-Broadway. And, by selecting this feel-good musical as its opening show, Playhouse on Park in West Ha

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