The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes BE MORE CHILL's Music Director Emily Marshall and BandGet Broadwaysted with Emily Marshall, BE MORE CHILL's Band
Posted: Feb. 7, 2019

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Chris McCarrell from THE LIGHTNING THIEF TourGet Broadwaysted with THE LIGHTNING THIEF's Chris McCarrell
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The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes BE MORE CHILL Composer Joe Iconis and Producer Jennifer Ashley TepperBroadwaysted w/ BE MORE CHILL's Joe Iconis & Jennifer Ashley Tepper
Posted: Jul. 18, 2018

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Podcast: 'Broadwaysted' Goes Live for Episode No. 50 with the Sassy & Inspiring Krysta Rodriguez
April 18, 2017

This week the Broadwaysted Crew is celebrating a major milestone in style! For our 50th episode, we recorded Live as the headliners of an event at NYC Podfest at The Bell House in Brooklyn! Joining us for this special episode (besides an audience of #FansOfTheShow) is star of Broadway and Television, Krysta Rodriguez.

Podcast: Dreams Really Do Come True as 'National Treasure' Carmen Cusack Visits Broadwaysted
April 11, 2017

Since our first episode, she's been the topic of fanatical discussion and the voice that covers our curse words--so it's no wonder we're beyond excited to sit down with BRIGHT STAR star and#NationalTreasure Carmen Cusack!

Broadwaysted Podcast Celebrates 'St. Patti's Day' with PATTI ISSUES's Ben Rimalower and Stage & Screen Star Patti Murin
April 4, 2017

This week's episode is full of wild ideas that are all Patti-pending that we came up with while getting Broadwaysted with writer, director, producer, and performer Ben Rimalower. Kimberly's still on her honeymoon, so the Boys of Broadwaysted are joined by guest co-host Patti Murin as we pour out a few rounds (and a few candy flights) and discuss Ben's solo playsPATTI ISSUESandBAD WITH MONEY.

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes DEAR EVAN HANSEN's Emmy-Winner Michael Park
March 28, 2017

Yo. Sup? Oh you know, just chilling while Game Master Kimberly is off on her honeymoon. This week, it's a Broadwaysted Bro-isode withDEAR EVAN HANSEN'SMichael Park. The boys are cracking some brews while Michael talks about his experience withPHANTOM(no not the one you're thinking) and Kevin and Bryan talk about their Bro-date to seePHANTOM OF THE OPERAon Broadway for the first time (yes, that one).

Broadwaysted Celebrates the Game Master's Wedding with Betrothed Broadway Stars Whitney Bashor & Jared Zirilli
March 26, 2017

It's finally here, folks. Game Master Kimberly's wedding to #EnemyoftheShow Jay Schmidt (yes, we now have our own red-headed Kimmy Schmidt!) was yesterday! To celebrate the upcoming special day, the Broadwaysted Crew is chatting bout love with talented real-life Broadway couple Whitney Bashor and Jared Zirilli. It's an open bar for this 'Wedding' themed episode as Whitney dishes about her experience with THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY and Jared talks touring with WICKED and WE WILL ROCK YOU.

Broadwaysted Podcast Cozies Up to the Legendary Tony-Winner, Michael Cerveris
March 21, 2017

This week's episode of Broadwaysted is 'not too bad, if I say so myself,' because we're sitting down with two-time Tony winner Michael Cerveris! Tucked away in a cozy booth at NYC's Peter McManus Cafe we drink a few (too many) rounds of cocktails (and quite a few shots) as Michael spills about his dual reality as actor and musician.

Broadwaysted Podcast Has 'Another Round' to Discuss BANDSTAND
March 17, 2017

This week is the first episode ofAnother Roundwith Broadwaysted, a new series of special mini episodes that will be released on random Fridays and feature one, two, or all three members of the Broadwaysted Crew discussing something we simply couldn't wait until next episode to share with you! This week, the men that put the 'Bro' in Broadwaysted--Kevin & Bryan--line up shots of tequila and talk about the highlights of the recent Press Sneak Peek ofBANDSTAND.

Broadwaysted Podcast Gets Five Cents of Advice from 'Little Known Facts' Host Ilana Levine
March 14, 2017

'The Doctor is In' this week as we get Broadwaysted with actress and podcast buddy Ilana Levine! The crew is pouring out cider and red wine as we discuss our favorite kinds of apples and how cute it would be if a shark gave you a hickey. Ilana spills about her amazing experience with YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN and the different ways she and her fellow cast members warmed up.

Broadwaysted Podcast Gets Swept Up with Original Newsie, Brendon Stimson
March 7, 2017

Extra, Extra--this week, the Broadwaysted crew sits down with our favorite broom lover, Broadway's Brendon Stimson! We're pouring out varietals of whiskey and gIn as Brendon tells us about the beginning of his romance with the broom as 'Sweeps' in NEWSIES.

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes Lilli Cooper All the Way from a Pineapple Under the Sea
February 28, 2017

This week the Broadwaysted Crew is so excited to sit down and pour out some laughs with Broadway's Lilli Cooper! We're mixing mezcal with club soda and lime while Lilli spills about her experience performing in THE WILDERNESS, her 'Bikini Bottom Days' in THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL, and her epic journey with WICKED- including the time she went on for Elphaba in the middle of the show!

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes its Theatrical Soulmates from DRUNK SHAKESPEARE
February 21, 2017

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Oh, it's just the Broadwaysted crew with members of the cast of DRUNK SHAKESPEARE! This week we're coming to you from The Lounge on West 43rd street directly after seeing our guests Michael Amendola, Mr. Josh Hyman, and the evening's drunk actor, Kelsey Lidsky in the hilarious DRUNK SHAKESPEARE! The cast shares how the show works, we discuss our favorite Shakespeare film adaptations, and then the cast shares some of the wildest moments interacting with audience members.

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes Everyone's Favorite Turn of the Century Reporter, Kara Lindsay!
February 14, 2017

Extra! Extra! Mix together alcohol, the Broadwaysted Crew, and NEWSIES and WICKED star Kara Lindsay and 'Watch What Happens!' This week we pour out red wine, tequila, and whiskey and Kara spills about her experiences in NEWSIES on Broadway and in the upcoming Fathom Events film!

Broadwaysted Podcast Gets Drunk on Theatre Love at BroadwayCon
January 31, 2017

On this special Broadwaysted episode, the crew is coming to you live from the heart of BroadwayCon 2017! Kevin, Bryan, and Kimberly were on the floor at booth 330 of the Javits Center in NYC and had an incredible time meeting our #FansOfTheShow and hanging out with some old and new #FriendsOfTheShow!

Broadwaysted Podcast Gets Magical with Tony-Winner James Monroe Iglehart
January 24, 2017

This week on Broadwaysted we are so excited to welcome our first Tony winner (Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony...) the wonderful and talented James Monroe Iglehart! James takes us to a 'Whole New World' as we discuss his experiences in the long-running musical MEMPHIS and his magical time in Disney's ALADDIN--from finding his own take on an iconic character to his night at the Tony Awards.

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes Barricade Boy Chris McCarrell
January 17, 2017

This week we're so excited there's no empty chairs at our table as we sit down with Broadway's Chris McCarrell! We pour out margaritas of sorts (margaritas with tequila and the vegetable juice Kevin brought) and discuss Chris's experience in LES MISERABLES on Broadway.

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes the Cutest Cat on Broadway, Eloise Kropp
January 10, 2017

This week Broadwaysted is thrilled for this purrrrrfect opportunity to welcome the oldest cat on Broadway, otherwise-ingenue Eloise Kropp! We pour out all sorts of spirits into fancy tin cups and Eloise shares her road to becoming (as Bryan calls her) Ja-nay-nay-dots and dancing in a (as Bryan calls it) 'one-i-tard' in the original revival cast of CATS! Eloise spills about how she's actually a dog person, her whirlwind experience in DAMES AT SEA on Broadway (those commercials!), and her odd job cold-calling people.

Broadwaysted Celebrates CANDIDE with Jay Armstrong Johnson and Meghan Picerno
January 7, 2017

In this SPECIAL Broadwaysted episode, we're celebrating the opening night of the New York City Opera'sCANDIDE(directed by Hal Prince) with the brilliant leads, Broadway favorite Jay ArmstrongJohnson and classical soprano Meghan Picerno!

Broadwaysted Podcast Welcomes King of Theatrical Podcast Media, Patrick Hinds
January 3, 2017

Happy New Year Broadwaysted fans! We're so excited to kick off the year with a podcast crossover explosion as we pour out Makers Mark and Ginger with Podcast Prince Patrick Hinds! Patrick spills about his three brilliant podcasts: the long-running Theater People, the official BroadwayCon Podcast, and the new documentary-style Broadway Backstory in partnership with TodayTix. We chat about eccentric infomercial people, Patrick joins Kevin's side in the ongoing conversation about AMERICAN PSYCHO, and Patrick talks about the time he interviewed Alice Ripley with a sock, #WhatHaveYouSeenThisWeek includes our Broadwaysted trip to Laguardia High School's LES MISERABLES (The School Version) with the best non-professional program bio ever as well as our fun time on the subway seeing IN TRANSIT.

Broadwaysted Welcomes Annoying Actor Friend and Justin 'Squigs' Robertson for a 2016 Year in Review
December 27, 2016

This week on Broadwaysted we are celebrating all things 2016 with an End of the Year Review and we're excited to welcome back #FriendsOfTheShow Justin 'Squigs' Robertson and Annoying Actor Friend Andrew Briedis!In the exciting conclusion to #Kev4Ham, Kevin talks about his experience seeingHAMILTON(Spoiler Alert: He Liked it) and then we discuss the many amazing incarnations of Sally Bowles.

Celebrate the Holidays with Theatre's Booziest Podcast, Broadwaysted!
December 22, 2016

We're breaking out the Mulled Cider and the Winter Sangria--okay, the full bar is out this week for a very special Holiday Episode recorded live at the Broadwaysted Holiday Party! Kimberly added 'Official Hostess' to her list of job titles this week as she opened her home to us and all of our #FriendsOfTheShow! We have a blast playing games and discussing favorite holiday memories with Lacretta, Max Crumm, Andrew Kober, Haley Podschun, Brendon Stimson, Robbie Rozelle, Squigs, Brian Charles Johnson, Stephany Mora, Emily Marshall, and #EnemyOfTheShow Jay Schmidt (who happens to live where we had the party #FianceOfTheGameMaster.)