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Listen to Episode 2 of 'Broadwaysted Away' and Get EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Listen to Episode 2 of 'Broadwaysted Away' and Get EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes StoriesIt's finally here! It's the release of Part Two of Broadwaysted Away, the epic new radio play written and edited by Kevin Jaeger and punched up with puns by Bryan Plofsky.

This episode is filled with twists and turns--and of course ends with a pretty sweet cliff-hanger.

The Broadwaysted crew is spilling Behind-the-Scenes stories of Part Two exclusively with BroadwayWorld!

See Below for All of the Exciting Gossip and Easter Eggs

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Announcer.................Jay Armstrong Johnson
Bryan.........................Bryan Plofksy
Waiter........................Jay Schmidt
Kimberly....................Kimberly Schmidt
Thug One..................Brendon Stimson
Thug Two..................Mike Faist
Saucy Waitress.........Ilana Levine
Diva Robbie..............Robbie Rozelle
Hayley Podschun......Herself
Female One..............Hannah Elless

Listen to the episode here:

Not Throwing Away Our Shout-Out

Kimberly: So this is a radio play about musical theater--so really it's not a spoiler that HAMILTON is introduced as an important part of the arc of the story.
Bryan: Obviously this is a nod to the indelible Mark Hamilton has left on musical theater--
Kevin: And a fun way to bring up my passionate campaign on Broadwaysted to see HAMILTON that we called #Kev4Ham. Of course, once I reached my goal of #Kev4Ham, my imagination went wild with ways I could be even closer to the action.
Bryan: You're definitely in the "Room Where It Happens" now.

Make 'em Laugh, Make 'em Laugh

Kevin: What are some of the biggest laugh moments from recording this episode?
Bryan: (laughing as he remembers) Oh--this episode contained one of the funniest moments we had while recording! With Robbie--
Kimberly: Oh yeah! Robbie Rozelle's way of saying "#Kev4Ham" seriously caused all of us to laugh so hard we almost had to take a break to get it back together. It took multiple takes to get it recorded without someone laughing.
Kevin: There was also five minutes of fight noises recorded between Robbie and Bryan...and at least four minutes of that is just Bryan laughing at the ridiculous and hilarious things Robbie was ad-libbing.

This is Ridiculous, What Am I Doing Here? I'm in the Wrong Story!

Kevin: As I was writing the script for all three parts, I was constantly thinking of musical theater references to add into the script.
Bryan: And if you didn't have one, I made sure there was one!
Kevin: But this script contains a reference that I slipped in that isn't actually a musical reference but a movie reference--
Bryan: Ahh! I love movies. Which one?!
Kevin: Someone says the line "I'm not bad...I'm just cast that way." That's actually a nod to "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way" which is a line from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." I don't know why, but when I saw that movie as a child that line really struck me as brilliant and it popped up when I was thinking of something for the moment in the story.
Kimberly: Who says that in the movie?
Bryan: Jessica Rabbit.
Kimberly: Oh, she's a rabbit.
Kevin: No, she just married one.
Kimberly: Oh, right. Obviously.

The Giggle Award

This Award is given to the cast member who was most prone to the giggles during recording...aka the "Jimmy Fallon" Award

Bryan: Okay, countdown then say your choice. 1...2...3...
Bryan: Hayley!
Kevin & Kimberly: BRYAN!
Bryan: What?!
Kevin: You don't understand how much audio we have of you laughing at Diva Robbie's ad-libs or at your scene with Ilana Levine!
Bryan: That scene is funny and she's soooo good in it!
Kevin: So in a vote, 2-1, you get the Giggle Award. But for fun, why did you choose Hayley?
Bryan: Because she has a great laugh.
Kimberly: She does. She really does.

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