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Listen to Episode 3 of 'Broadwaysted Away' and Get EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Listen to Episode 3 of 'Broadwaysted Away' and Get EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes StoriesPart Three of Broadwaysted Away: A Three Part Radio Play was released today and [SPOILER ALERT] Everything's As If We Never Said Goodbye!

That's because we didn't say goodbye to Broadwaysted Away; this episode ends with the big surprise that this three-parter is actually a four-parter! Well, a three-parter still but the third one is two parts...regardless, this means there's MORE!

The REAL final episode of Broadwaysted Away, the epic new radio play written and edited by Kevin Jaeger and punched up with puns by Bryan Plofsky, comes out next Tuesday. Until then, the Broadwaysted crew is spilling Behind-the-Scenes stories of Part Three exclusively with BroadwayWorld!

See Below for All of the Exciting Gossip and Easter Eggs

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Announcer..............................Michael Cerveris
Bryan......................................Bryan Plofsky
Kimberly..................................Kimberly Schmidt
Female One............................Hannah Elless
Robot Claw Voice...................Jay Schmidt
Private Dressing Room...........Lilli Cooper
Dance Captain........................Max Crumm
General Seating......................Antoine L. Smith

Listen to the episode here:

"I Won't Recall The Names and Places of Each" BW Away Episode...

Kimberly: So wait, what are all the places we end up in this story?.
Bryan: The set of Cats, the seedy night club 45 Below, Gripley-Rier...
Kimberly: I love that one!
Kevin: And you're on your way to The Not-Private Theater. I just had a blast playing with names--
Bryan: The names of characters in this episode are my favorite! I laughed so hard when I saw them on paper for the first time!
Kevin: I just tried to think of military ranks and then jobs or things in theater that shared those titles. And I wrote Dance Captain to be a Legolas-style bad ass because I have never been what you'd call "remotely talented at dancing" so Dance Captains both fascinate me and terrify me...much like a bad-ass elf.
Kimberly: You're afraid of elves?
Kevin: The bad-ass ones, yeah.

Make 'em Laugh, Make 'em Laugh

Kevin: One of the most laughter-filled recording sessions for episode was our session with Michael Cerveris.
Kimberly: (laughing) SO many ad libs--
Bryan: I literally had to kick Kimberly and Kevin out of the room so that Michael could get through a whole take without them laughing. We did multiple takes and in each one he discovered a different way to make us laugh.
Kevin: And even after Kimberly and I left, you still laughed over a couple of the takes.
Bryan: I couldn't help it...the "Don't Leave Me Here Alone" bit was actually like three minutes long. I survived about two and half minutes before i couldn't hold it in anymore.

"You get me to rise like a fish to the bait then tell me to WAIT?!"

Kevin: It was always the plan for Broadwaysted Away to actually be four parts--
Kimberly: It was?
Kevin: Absolutely. Without a doubt.
Bryan: I doubt that.
Kevin: Okay, so the plan was for it to be three parts--
Kimberly: I thought so--
Kevin: But I was writing the part where Bryan and Kimberly narrowly escape death by stampeding auditioners when I realized there was so much more left to tell. So I sent Bryan and Kimberly a message in our group text that basically said, "So...BW Away is going to be a four-part trilogy" and their responses were quick.
Kimberly: Cool.
Bryan: Let's do it!

The Giggle Award

This Award is given to the cast member who was most prone to the giggles during recording...aka the "Jimmy Fallon" Award

Bryan: Okay, countdown then say your choice. 1...2...3...
Bryan & Kevin: HANNAH! Kimberly: BRYAN!
Kevin: Okay, Kimberly--I could go Bryan and Hannah for the tie--
Bryan: No! Stand strong! It was Hannah alone. She laughed a lot.
Kimberly: No way. You two laughed your way through all of our recording sessions.
Kevin: I did really pack in the jokes in your scenes with Hannah though, and Hannah has been on more episodes than anyone--as one of our first guests, as a guest host, and as my guest mother--so basically, when we get together with Hannah, there's always a lot of laughs.
Bryan: Even when she's trying to kill me--
Kimberly: She didn't kill you though--but she definitely slayed it.
Kevin: Zing!

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Listen to Episode 3 of 'Broadwaysted Away' and Get EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes Stories

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