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Behind-the-Scenes of the Broadwaysted Mystery 'Broadwaysted Away' Featuring Iglehart, Elless, Jordan, Faist, More


Behind-the-Scenes of the Broadwaysted Mystery 'Broadwaysted Away' Featuring Iglehart, Elless, Jordan, Faist, More This week is the World Premiere of Part One of Broadwaysted Away, the three-part radio play written and edited by Kevin Jaeger, punched up with puns by Bryan Plofsky, and emotionally supported by Game Master Kimberly Schmidt.

We're so excited about this show and it's surprises that we don't want to give any spoilers away, so instead we're taking to BroadwayWorld to give you an exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes look at the making of Part One of Broadwaysted Away.

See Below for All of the Exciting Gossip and Easter Eggs

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Announcer.................James Monroe Iglehart
Bryan.........................Bryan Plofksy
Hannah Elless...........Herself
Cab Driver.................Jay Schmidt
Jack Kelly..................Jeremy Jordan
Thug One..................Brendon Stimson
Thug Two..................Mike Faist
Old Wise Guru..........Jay Armstrong Johnson
Aaron J. Albano........Himself

Listen to the episode here:

It Takes Two...or More Takes

Kevin: "There are two lines that turned out to be hilariously difficult to get recorded. First was the "How to Succeed..." reference between Hannah and Bryan--I think they both laughed through at least four takes. The only way we were able to get through the line was if Bryan and Hannah didn't look at each other, and even then they were both just on the edge of busting out laughing."

Bryan: "Oh, and the other was when Jeremy Jordan had to say "Betty Buckley." (Bryan breaks off laughing)

Kimberly: "Oh right! He kept saying "Betty And Buckley!" and laughing.

Kevin: "And then shouting. Jeremy did a lot of shouting."

Bryan: "He's a shouter."

What's in a Name?

Kevin: "In the script, Hannah Elless's character is actually listed as "Female One" throughout all three parts of the play, even though the character was written to be Hannah and she identifies herself in one of her first lines. This is a nod to the Broadwaysted Podcast joke about being #RecastWithHannahElless."

Kimberly: "Plus it's hilarious to have a character who's clearly going to play a big role in the show be named 'Female One'--"

Kevin: "No Spoilers!"

Kimberly: "She's the first introduced character after Bryan. If she wasn't a big part, you'd be a crappy writer."

Kevin: "Okay, then that's not a spoiler then. And thanks...I guess."

Bryan: "And you also named her 'Female One' just to kind of mess with Hannah."

Kevin: "Yeah, definitely that too."

Oh No They Didn't

Bryan: "Kimberly and Aaron actually talked about "The Bachelorette" for close to ten minutes before they turned to me and Kevin and asked if that was enough."

Kevin: "By then, both of our eyes had glazed over--"

Kimberly: "Both of your eyes? Do you only have one eye each?"

Kevin: "No, I meant like both of our sets of eyes glazed over. Regardless, you talked about 'The Bachelorette' for a really long time!"

The Giggle Award

This Award is given to the cast member who was most prone to the giggles during recording...aka the "Jimmy Fallon" Award

Bryan: "Let's just all say our picks all at once and see how we do. 1....2...3..."

All Together: "Mike Faist!"

Kevin: "Mike and Brendon Stimson recorded together and the two of them were hilarious together--"

Kimberly: "And Brendon knew exactly what to ad lib that would make Mike lose it and crack up."

Kevin: "I'm pretty sure at least one of Mike's giggles made it's way somewhere into this episode because I couldn't find a way to cut it out in editing!" (laughing)

Bryan: "So you basically mean my problem with you and every episode of Broadwaysted."

Kevin: (laughing louder) "Yeah, I guess I do."

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Behind-the-Scenes of the Broadwaysted Mystery 'Broadwaysted Away' Featuring Iglehart, Elless, Jordan, Faist, More

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