VIDEO: Gay Men's Choruses Sing 'Make Them Hear You' Over Hecklers' Hate Speech

Ever since the musical RAGTIME opened on Broadway in 1998, "Make Them Hear You," Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty's anthem of defiance against injustice has been sung time and again by soloists and choruses as a demand to eliminate oppression.

Obviously, it would be a natural choice for organizations like The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington and the Triangle Gay Men's Chorus to sing in Raleigh, North Carolina in protest against the state's Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which requires people to use public restrooms in accordance with the gender written on their birth certificates, rather than with what corresponds with their sexual identities.

Facebook user Elizabeth A. Breakey was enjoying the music when, according to her post below, "anti-gay protesters, about 30 feet away, started to scream out their hateful rhetoric, demanding the deaths of LGBT people in accordance with their God's laws."

Breakey includes a video, showing The Combines chorus proudly singing through the heckling and jeers.

The Triangle Gay Men's Chorus (TGMC) is a nonprofit performing arts organization that seeks to offer quality men's choral music that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. We recognize the power of music to communicate important truths about common human conditions and the value of all people. TGMC is committed to fostering an environment of professionalism, respect, pride and unity. Members are welcome regardless of orientation. Visit

The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington delights audiences and champions gay equality with robust artistry, fun, and surprise. There website reads, "We carry the legacy of our forefathers to influence our future. We respect and value the talent, time and resources of our members. We honor the unique backgrounds and experiences of our members. We actively promote our identity as a LGBT organization. We feed and feature the multifaceted artistic and theatrical expression of our members. We share our talent, time, and resources to enhance our community." Visit

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