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The Kinsey Sicks Release QUARANTUNES Album

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Quarantunes from The Kinsey Sicks is available today, October 27, 2020, on iTunes and on Spotify in December.

The Kinsey Sicks Release QUARANTUNES Album

The Kinsey Sicks, America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet, takes a worldwide quarantine as inspiration for their 10th album: Quarantunes. The Kinseys produced and recorded the entirety of Quarantunes while isolated in their separate homes across the country. Their new 16-track album continues the quartet's trademark of outrageous parodies, razor-sharp original songs, and madcap drag characters - all in glorious four-part harmony.

Quarantunes is an unusual album from one of the country's most unusual musical groups - four a cappella-singing drag queens with an activist bent, facing a year of live shows canceled due to the pandemic. Though separated from each other by thousands of miles, they create music that grapples with an endless cascade of bad news with humor, heart, and questionable taste. The album includes:

  1. Social Distance - This parody of Bette Midler's "From a Distance" finds the four queens begrudgingly adapting to their new normal by staying home, binge-watching Disney movies, and throttling their sex lives. See the music video

  2. Kinsey Sicks Theme Song (Redux) - A Manhattan Transfer-style intro to the quartet

  3. Grifters - A parody of the Rosemary Clooney classic "Sisters" about the Trump family's brazen abuse of power, "sticking together with despots" like Putin and Bin Salman, and an unforgettable glimpse at a certain mushroom-shaped protrusion.

  4. Scalia - West Side Story's "Maria" is reworked as a sappy love song from Republicans hellbent on stacking the Supreme Court with judges like the late Justice Antonin Scalia - conservative hero and strict originalist super-daddy. See the music video

  5. Stormy Daniels (sung to the tune of "Stormy Weather")

  6. Privilege - an original song about white, male, wealth, weight and other privileges.

  7. Worst Nobel - to the tune of "The First Noel," no Nobel for you, Mr. Trump.

  8. There's a Little Sh*t Inside of Everyone - an original barn-storming country hoedown, asking us to look deep, deep inside each of us

  9. Anchor Baby - To the tune of "Santa Baby," Trixie scolds the GOP for seeing her, "an unlawful baby" whose parents plopped her into the U.S. to "give me birthright."

  10. Sounds of Sirens - The only full-hearted ballad on the album (to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence") that gives voice to those suffering most during the pandemic. See the music video

  11. Mad Attorney General - Everyone's favorite Gilbert & Sullivan patter song "Modern Major General" gets a tongue-twisting makeover that tackles our nation's top prosecutor turned Trump's personal attack dog.

  12. Let It Go - Disney's ubiquitous Frozen hit gets a political makeover about the Trump administration's gross mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. See the music video

  13. Don't-cha Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me (a la Rocky Horror Picture Show)

  14. Which Side Are You On? - This original protest song was written in solidarity with the demonstrations following the murder of George Floyd and reminds us that the ongoing struggle for justice goes far beyond election day. See the music video

  15. Tomorrow - (from the musical Annie) How we are "voting you out tomorrow."

  16. Good Ventilation - (sung to the tune of "Good Vibrations") "Please somebody lead the nation. We need a new administration, until there's vaccination, six feet of separation..."

Quarantunes from The Kinsey Sicks is available at on October 27, 2020, and iTunes and Spotify in December. Suggested retail $12. Runtime: 45 minutes. 16 tracks.

About The Kinsey Sicks:

"One of the more uniquely original (and thoroughly fun and entertaining) acts we have encountered in years," - Billboard Magazine

"... voices sweet as birdsong" - The New York Times

Since 1993, The Kinsey Sicks have been serving up extraordinary comedy and music to audiences at performing arts centers, music venues, and comedy festivals throughout the world.

Qurantunes features the voices talents of Spencer Brown (awarded Kansas City's Best Drag Queen who has raised over $100,000 for AIDS charities) as Trampolina, the cheerful airhead with a big heart and voice to match; Jeff Manabat (Goldiva in Netflix's Super Drags) as Trixie, the husband-hunting wannabe beauty queen contralto; Nathan Marken (Emcee of San Francisco's ground-breaking immersive production The Speakeasy) as Winnie, the militant vegetarian, smarty-pants lady boss on bass; and J.B. McLendon (as seen on Dame Edna: The Royal Tour on Broadway) as Angel, the lusty yet lovable rascal full of high notes and hijinx; and the writings of emeritus member and co-founder, Benjamin Schatz, a Harvard-trained recovering lawyer who worked on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS during the Clinton administration.

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