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Student Blog: Some of My Gender-Bent Dream Castings!

Gender may not be real, but I’d like to see these non-traditional castings become real!

Student Blog: Some of My Gender-Bent Dream Castings!

I am a big fan of MCC's Miscast gala. I watch the performances every year and daydream about what I would sing, if I was ever so lucky to be a part of it. Because Miscast is a little over a month away, I have come up with some "miscast" castings of my own! I have cast women in roles traditionally played by men, and vice versa!

In no particular order:

1. Cynthia Erivo as Aaron Burr in Hamilton

Just close your eyes and imagine Cynthia Erivo's beautiful voice singing "Wait for It." Singing "The Room Where It Happens." I would like to see it (and hear it!). The melodic, clear quality of her voice suits Burr's songs amazingly. Also, I think Cynthia Erivo can sing anything, and I would pay to hear her sing the alphabet. Her stunning rendition of "Dear Theodosia" with Leslie Odom Jr. already exists, and it's on Youtube!

2. Alex Brightman as Ms. Hannigan in Annie

Alex Brightman has got the voice, presence, and comedic timing to rock this role. His rendition of "Little Girls" would be one for the books. Brightman is no stranger to kooky characters, and I think it would be fun to see him play a wacky villain!

3. Ashley Park as Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me If You Can

Ashley Park is a triple threat, as one needs to be to play the role of Frank Abagnale Jr.! Her musical theatre voice and her energy would fit this role nicely. This would be a very fun performance to watch!

4. Billy Porter as The Witch in Into the Woods

This, in one word: iconic. Billy Porter has the charisma and the musical talent to tackle this iconic role played by the likes of Meryl Streep and Bernadette Peters. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine also supposedly wanted Billy Porter to play The Witch in the 2002 revival of Into the Woods. I think he would have been terrific, and his performance would've been an entirely new, and very exciting, take on a classic character. Luckily, he has already recorded his version of "Last Midnight," and it's, of course, fantastic.

5. Jenn Colella as Whizzer in Falsettos

First off, I think she would sound incredible with this role. Her Whizzer would be lovable and heartbreaking. Jenn Colella has the exact right energy and persona to nail this quirky and memorable role!

6. Jeremy Jordan as Jenna in Waitress

If you haven't watched this man sing "She Used to Be Mine," please go watch it, trust me. His performance is so heartbreakingly beautiful, and he's definitely got the vocals and the acting chops to play this difficult role in its entirety.

7. Jessica Vosk as Beetlejuice in Beetlejuice

I just think this would be fun. I think Jessica Vosk could also definitely pull this off. She's so energetic and jubilant, and her vocals are incredible. I think her performance as Beetlejuice would be simply magnetic! She would also probably come up with her own creative take on the character's voice!

8. Andrew Barth Feldman as Dawn in Waitress

Yes, okay, I love Waitress, but this would be so cute! Andrew Barth Feldman has proven to be talented at playing lovable, awkward characters, and his take on Dawn would just be so charming. I think his rendition of "When He Sees Me" would be terrific! He has also already done a great job playing a restaurant-related role as Linguini in the Ratatouille musical!

9. Stephanie J. Block as Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd

Stephanie J. Block can do anything, so why not Sweeney Todd? She can sing it, and she can act it, and she'd make it all her own! Her vocals would be enchanting, and her version of Sweeney would be so deliciously evil. This would be an unforgettable performance, for sure.

10. Ben Platt as Eponine in Les Miserables

His voice certainly has the power to kill "On My Own," and I think he would give a stunningly tragic performance. I would also like to hear him sing "A Little Fall of Rain." Ben Platt is also already familiar with Les Mis, seeing as he played Jean Valjean in his youth, so why not switch it up and have him play Eponine! He would be great! Perfectly sweet and dramatic.

I think it's fun to see actors play roles they wouldn't traditionally be cast as, and I think all the performances I listed above would just be stellar! Maybe someday I'll see one of them come to life at Miscast! Until then, these performances will just exist mostly in my imagination, and I invite you to imagine them with me.

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