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Student Blog: My 'Serotonin Songs' Playlist

Take control of the music that brings you joy.

Student Blog: My 'Serotonin Songs' Playlist

I am no DJ, but if you know me then you know about my "Serotonin Songs" Playlist. Serotonin is a hormone that stabilizes mood and overall happiness. Currently spanning almost six hours long, this collection of songs include music that can raise my mood and make my day. There is no rhyme or reason to the songs I pick, beyond the rule that they need to bring me joy. I am a huge proponent of using music to relax and prepare for the day, and I think everyone could benefit from their own "Serotonin Songs" Playlist. There are many ways to go about creating this masterpiece, and I would like to share some insights to help you get started.

There are a few things to note when beginning this playlist. Since the only qualifications for songs on this list are those that spark joy, or give you serotonin, they do not need to follow a cohesive theme. You can begin with favorite songs from artists you like and branch out to favorite musical or even movie soundtracks. You want to include songs that you would consider your 'hype' songs. Something that is helpful for me is that I use lots of songs that I would consider my slow-motion walking songs if I were in an adventure movie about my life with an epic scene. Consider this collection 'everything but the kitchen sink' as a conglomeration of music that makes your brain happy.

Lots of songs that fill you with joy are ones that you strongly relate to. It is important to understand that this is a playlist for you, without any judgement from others. Music is an extremely personal experience and as an artistic human you need something only for yourself that describes the truest form of you. Do not be worried about having to share this playlist with others, and being judged for your taste in music. Find the songs that make your most genuine self happy, no matter how out of style they seem to be or how different they are from your outward persona. Songs that make you happy do not need to be happy upbeat songs. What I enjoy most on my playlist are heartfelt power ballads that make me feel something deeply.

What you relate to can constantly change, and in this way the "Serotonin Songs" Playlist is never complete. Something that you listen to for hours one month can be boring the next, it is all about what you need in your life at that moment. What I love about my playlist is that it is a great way to go about my day and bring some joy into my life, no matter what may be happening. If you start your day listening to your favorite songs, then you are beginning at a great place with hope for the rest of the day.

Creating this playlist is such a fun and fulfilling experience. You can revisit songs you forgot you loved as well as discover new music that fills you with joy. Life is so hard these days, and music can be a great way to cope with any difficulties you may face. My "Serotonin Songs" playlist helps me romanticize my life and feel like the main character in my story, which is important to prioritize in your world. This playlist is something that changed my life for the better, and I hope everyone will take some time to discover songs that bring them happiness to brighten their day.

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