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Spike Hill Presents Time In Transit, La Pompe Manouche, et al. 8/30-10/9


Spike Hill, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, presents their calendar between August 30th and October 9th.  

Monday, August 30th--Jazz Night!
8:00 PM--Time In Transit, 
9:00 PM--La Pompe Manouche
10:00 PM--Izzo's Jazz Junkeez
11:00 PM--Brama Sukarma, 

Tuesday, August 31st
8:00 PM--Hannibal Montana, 
9:00 PM--Backlights
10:00 PM--The Courtesy Tier, 
11:00 PM--The Better Letters, 

Wednesday, September 1st
10:00 PM--The Thang Residency!,
11:00 PM--David E Beats x The White House Band,

Thursday, September 2nd
NEW 7:00 PM-John Leitera (of Low Water),
8:00 PM--Christina Cone,
9:00 PM--The Break Mission,
10:00 PM--Holding Back Entirely,
NEW 11:00 PM--Xylofaux,

Friday, September 3rd
8:00 PM--The Grand Prospect,
NEW 9:00 PM-Micah MkGee
10:00 PM--Brick & Mortar,
NEW 11:00 PM--Manray

Saturday, September 4th
8:00 PM-Wild Rompit,
NEW 9:00 PM-Former Constellations,
NEW 10:00 PM-Damn Glad,
NEW TIME 11:00 PM--The Dream Station

Sunday, September 5th
NEW TIME 7:00 PM--Sean Patrick
8:00 PM--Driftwood Motion,
9:00 PM--Zack Smith Band
10:00 PM--DB Rielley,
11:00 PM--Tim Pourbaix,

Monday, September 6th-JAZZ NIGHT!
NEW 8:30 PM-Douglas Bradford,
NEW 9:30 PM-Ian Rapien's Spectral Awakenings,
NEW 10:45 PM-Brain Landrus,
NEW 12:00 AM-LSB,

Tuesday, September 7th
9:00 PM--Strega,
10:00 PM--Old Monk,
11:00 PM--Tropical Ooze

Wednesday, September 8th
10:00 PM--Peck

Thursday, September 9th--$6 Cover
8:00 PM--Jive Grave,
9:00 PM--Young Lady,
10:00 PM--I Love Monsters,
11:00 PM--Ego Puppets,
NEW 12:00 AM--Taurus

Friday, September 10th
7:00 PM--Paul Tabachneck,
8:00 PM--The Goods CD Release Show!
9:00 PM--Mary Page,
10:00 PM--Atlantic, Atlantic,
11:00 PM--Low Water,

Saturday, September 11th-$6 Cover
8:00 PM--Lost Boy,
9:00 PM--Baby Brainwaves,
11:00 PM--Holiday Holiday
12:00 AM--Lily & The Parlour Tricks,

Sunday, September 12th
7:00 PM--Robin's Egg Blue,
9:00 PM--Blue Plate Special,
9:00 PM--Planeside,
10:00 PM--Sunday Blues,

Monday, September 13th -Jazz Night!
8:00 PM--Rich Savage,
9:00 PM--Nicholas Myers,
10:00 PM--Danielle Freeman,
NEW 11:00 PM-Zach Brock,

Tuesday, September 14th
9:00 PM--The Rabbits,
10:00 PM--Family Lumber,

Wednesday, September 15th
9:00 PM--Shane
10:00 PM--The Thang Residency,

Thursday, September 16th
9:00 PM--The Light Brigade
11:00 PM--Gentlemen Hall,

Friday, September 17th
9:00 PM--Dead Heart Bloom,

Saturday, September 18th --$7 Cover
NEW TIME 8:00 PM--Field Theory,
NEW TIME 9:00 PM--Shark?,
NEW 10:00 PM-Coyote Eyes,
11:00 PM--Miniboone,
12:00 AM--Teletextile,

Sunday, September 19th
7:00 PM--Dan Wilde,
8:00 PM--Sara Banleigh,
9:00 PM--Union Street Preservation Society,
10:00 PM--The Juvenals,
11:00 PM--Blueberry High Heels,

Tuesday, September 21st
10:00 PM--In One Wind,
11:00 PM--Pablo,

Wednesday, September 22nd
9:00 PM--My First Tooth,
10:00 PM--Rosewood Ghosts,
11:00 PM--Fusebox Poet,

Thursday, September 23rd--$5 Cover
8:00 PM--Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!,
9:00 PM--Julius C,
10:00 PM--The Thang Residency,
11:00 PM--The Nightmare River Band,
12:00 AM--Spaceship!, A Fireflies Cover Band

Friday, September 24th
10:00 PM--Mamrazzi,

Sunday, September 26th
8:00 PM--Ocean Valley Boys,
9:00 PM--Tete-Tete

Tuesday, September 28th
10:00 PM--Wylie Toms,

Wednesday, September 29th
10:00 PM--David Beats,
11:00 PM--Cleemann,

Thursday, September 30th
NEW 8:00 PM--Mappa Mundi,

Friday, October 1st
8:00 PM--Grand Rapids
9:00 PM--The Twees,

Saturday, October 2nd
8:00 PM--Twins of a Gazelle,
NEW 9:00 PM-The Vita Ruins,
11:00 PM--The Press,

Sunday, October 3rd
NEW 8:00 PM-Jacob Vangas

Tuesday, October 5th
NEW 8:00 PM-Jaguar Club,

Thursday, October 7th
NEW 7:00 PM-Ryan & Hanna
NEW 8:00 PM-Dear Lions,
NEW 10:00 PM-Midnight Spin,
NEW 11:00 PM-The Hollows

Friday, October 8th
NEW 9:00 PM-Lookbook,
NEW 10:00 PM-The Prids,
NEW 11:00 PM-Me You Us Them,
NEW 12:00 AM-I Love Lightning Bugs

Saturday, October 9th
NEW 10:00 PM-Monuments,

Spike Hill is located at 184 and 186 Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Call (718) 218-9737 or visit for more information.

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