STAGE TUBE: Inside ART=AMMO Gun Control Flash Mob!

ART = AMMO Artists in Support of Gun Control, a coalition of artists throughout New York, held a flash mob on February 24th at 1:00pm in Times Square (at Duffy Square) in New York City. The mob was meant to create "a visual reflection of the destruction caused by gun violence." BroadwayWorld brings you highlights from the gathering below!

"Artists have a responsibility to create work that elicits a response. Artists have the power to initiate empathy and introspection - a first step toward changing attitudes," said Lorin Latarro, a Broadway performer and choreographer, who led the performance.

As part of the performance, artists gathered in Times Square to leave a mark...literally. At a singular moment, the performers froze their hands in the air, then slowly melted to the floor in a lifeless position. The participants traced an outline of their bodies with chalk and write a word or statistic inside the form such as GUN, KATE, age 6; ENOUGH, 30,000 a year. The result: a visceral, expressionistic, literary reminder of countless lives lost.

Every year, more than 30,000 Americans are killed as a result of gun violence. Artists in Support of Gun Control is using artistic expression as a means of expanding society's understanding of the true impact of gun violence and the need to take action to make our communities safer.

More information about Artists for Gun Control and the flash mob performance is available

STAGE TUBE: Inside ART=AMMO Gun Control Flash Mob!
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