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Today, BroadwayWorld is thrilled to host the world premiere of a spectacularly sensational showstopper from the forthcoming soundtrack recording for the show-within-the-show on NBC's hit musical dramedy series SMASH, which returns at 9 PM this Tuesday, February 5 - BOMBSHELL's "Cut, Print... Moving On". It is a spectacular song which acts as the Act One Finale, no less! The BOMBSHELL soundtrack - featuring show stars Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing and Christian Borle, as well as guest stars Bernadette Peters, Will Chase, Julian Ovenden and more - hits on February 12. BOMBSHELL on record is a black and white dream come Technicolor true for any SMASH fan and/or Broadway baby.

"Cut, Print... Moving On" is yet another sublime addition to the superb score crafted by Tony Award-winning songwriters Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman for SMASH over the course of Season One and Season Two. Displaying AMERICAN IDOL favorite Katharine McPhee in all her platinum blonde glory as one of the many embodiments of the star of Hollywood stars, Marilyn Monroe, in BOMBSHELL, the Act One Finale is well worth the wait - and, now, you can hear the entire track in full before you see the song in action, kicking off the splashy, flashy, must-see two-hour premiere on February 5.

Additionally, the BOMBSHELL soundtrack is overflowing with gems both old and new - among them, Season One standouts such as the doo-wopping Joe DiMaggio duet "History Is Made At Night", the madly jazzy "Let's Be Bad" and the all-around epic duet of duets featuring McPhee and Hilty, "Let Me Be Your Star", all of which are represented in their entirety on the 22-track disc/download. As far as the new songs yet to be depicted on the series are concerned, BOMBSHELL burns just as brightly as before, if not even more so - for proof, look no further than the two superb Bernadette Peters duet performances as well as a Sergio Mendes-esque bossa nova led by Julian Ovenden, to say nothing of the gripping and heart-ripping Debra Messing & Christian Borle musical moment and a slew of catchy, ear-grabbing chorus stunners. Above all else, though, Megan Hilty's "They Just Keep Moving The Line" is a series-high performance on the level of "Let Me Be Your Star" - itself one of the finest musical numbers ever rendered on network television - and shows SMASH is off to a, well, smashing start as we enter the revamped and amped-up festivities of Season Two. Indeed, Season Two looks bright for Broadway's best-loved (and most discussed) TV series and the BOMBSHELL soundtrack is an ideal way for fans to both relive and freshly experience the highs, lows, loves and lessons learned by the iconic Miss Monroe - who acts as the inspiration for not only the actors in the show-within-the-series, but also for the creators of the show and even the series and its creatives itself. In the process, perhaps we may remind ourselves why we fell in love with her in the first place... and SMASH, as well.

More information on SMASH is available at NBC's official site here.

Also, you can pre-order SMASH's BOMBSHELL soundtrack here.

Now, click below to listen to the entire "Cut, Print... Moving On" Act One Finale from SMASH's BOMBSHELL soundtrack (or, make that: cast recording). Enjoy!

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