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SEEWATCHLOOK Premieres 10/6

What do you see when you look at what you watch? With a grant funded by the Brazilian government, award-winning, multimedia Brazilian artist Michel Melamed has created SEEWATCHLOOK, a world premiere public play of short poetic and comic scenes to be held on the corner of Tenth Avenue and 17th Street and viewed (or SEEWATCHLOOKED) from the elevated stands and windows of the High Line's 10th Avenue Square. This is the very first public performance of its kind designed specifically to be presented for visitors to the High Line, and a unique repurposing of that public space. Mr. Melamed will direct a cast of 12, including Alicia Giangrisostomi, Bruna Linzmeyer, Camila Campos, Emily Carpenter, Everett Goldner, Isabelle Zufferey Boulton, Joyce Miller, Juan Castano, Marcello Padilla, Noah Schultz, Sara Pauley, Tjasa Ferme, and Lemon the dog. Performances will be held on Thursdays & Fridays at 8pm and Weekends at 6pm from October 6-16, 2011.

Melamed and his performers present everyday slices of lives, but with a twist. A diversity of scenes serve to activate the ideologies and curiosities of the viewer. Cultures, politics, sexuality, religion, art and more, are a few of the themes represented among scenes which pique our interest with events which are just slightly out of place. SEEWATCHLOOK explores the questions: How is the city a stage? What is theatre and what is not? Are the performers actors or citizens? What is the boundary between a show and reality? Is it in the eye of the spectator-- In the eyes of those watching? Seeing? Looking?

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SEEWATCHLOOK is a brand new verb. How does one seewatchlook the street corner, people, situations, life - anything? It all depends on who is seewatchlooking and how they seewatchlook. It is in the eye of the beholder. Each one of us with our own creativity, affection and reason has invented the world around us, giving value or transvaluing things. The object changes according to the observer. What do you see when you look at what you watch?

Michel Melamed is also using his experience creating SEEWATCHLOOK to film a documentary for the Brazilian cable TV channel "Canal Brazil" about the challenges of developing a new show in New York City. The documentary will include a portrait of the New York theatre scene, with interviews from some of New York's most well-known theatre professionals. To date, Mr. Melamed has interviewed Estelle Parsons, Richard Schechner, Richard Foreman (Ontological-Hysteric Theater), Jim Nicola (NYTW), Vallejo Gantner (PS 122), Kristin Marting (Here), John Collins (Elevator Repair Service), Martha Wilson (Franklin Furnace), Peter Goldfarb, Kevin Cunningham (3LD), Anita Durst (Chashama), Alison Knowles, Papo Colo (Exit Art), Vito Acconci, Linda Montano, Anne Cattaneo, and Bill Bragin (Lincoln Center), to name a few.

Brazilian director, playwright and actor Michel Melamed has performed internationally (Paris, Berlin, New York, Rio) and is known for his cutting-edge theatrical work. He has been awarded the "Funarte Performing Arts Residency" grant funded by the Brazilian government to develop a new play in New York City, inspiring Melamed's fifth return to the New York theatre scene with SEEWATCHLOOK. Michel's Regurgitophagy premiered in the U.S. at Mabou Mines/PS 122 in 2006 and then again at The Public Theatre/Under The Radar Festival in 2008. He returned as a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab in 2007 and in 2009 to work with The Internationalists Directors Collective.

SEEWATCHLOOK is produced by Michel Melamed and Magic Futurebox. Director: Michel Melamed; Lighting Designers: Scott Bolman and Beatrice Rocch; Digital Conception: Suzana Apelbaum; Sound Designer: Simone Giuliani; Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Gabriel Bortolini; Props: Gabriel Bortolini and Michel Groisman; Production Assistants: Graziela Meyer and Raquel Bordin; Consulting Producer: Meiyin Wang; Publicist: Paul Siebold; Graphic Design: Olivia Ferreira and Pedro Garavaglia (Radiographico Studio); Photography: Debby Goldman and Michel Melamed.

SEEWATCHLOOK is free of charge and open to the public. Performances will be held on Thursdays & Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 6pm from October 6-16, 2011. Performances will not occur if it is raining.

The High Line's "10th Avenue Square" is located at 10th Avenue and 17th Street in New York City. Elevator and stairway access to the venue is located at 16th Street.

Gávea Filmes was founded on 2006 by Bianca De Felippes, who was responsible for the production of "Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil" (1995), wich marked the rebirth of cinematic production in Brazil. With more than 100 theater plays produce, the company is focuses on the distribution of documentaries and the production of films by up and coming directores. Currently in production of a feature entitled "Faroeste Caboclo", an adaptation of lyrics and music of Renato Russo and also in development of a feature film by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, based on the novel "Passio According to GH" by Clarice Lispector.

Magic Futurebox was founded in 2010 as a playground for the development of theatre and other collaborative forms of art that bring audiences together. In the first 10 months of our existence, Magic Futurebox has worked with over 200 directors, actors, designers, musicians, and roboticists on 13 different productions. Currently, we make our home in Brooklyn, in 20,000 square feet of rehearsal, development, and performance space, appropriately located in a still functioning factory in Industry City

The Internationalists is a collective of directors from around the world whose mission is to create a more open, sustainable and interactive global theatrical community. The Internationalists fosters creative diplomacy in order to build bridges between artists and audiences of all nations. By developing a global network of artists, the collective promotes the creation of contemporary performance with an emphasis on cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. Founded by 20 theatre directors from 11 countries the collective has established a growing network of performers, designers, and theatre professionals since its inception in 2007.

Photo Credit: Debby Goldman

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