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'Renaldo, A Tale Of World Cup Soccer, Terrorism And Love' Available Now

'Renaldo, A Tale Of World Cup Soccer, Terrorism And Love' Available Now

Argentina, 1978. A brutal military junta has suspended civil liberties for anyone who opposes it. Distraught, mothers of 'The 'Disappeared' parade daily in front of the capital building. In retaliation, violent acts of terrorism shatter what is left of normal life. Only one thing can unite all the people in the nation and the world: the World Cup of football.

Renaldo: A Tale of World Cup Soccer, Terrorism, and Love is a powerful story of love, political and cultural tensions and of the forging bond that sports - namely national teams like soccer - can develop in the crucible of life. Renaldo is also a story of hope and its author, James S. McCreath, wants readers to jump into it with both feet and get carried away by this unique tale.

"I fell in love with soccer while touring Europe in the summer of 1966 and seeing firsthand the passion of the fans in each country we visited was like nothing I had ever seen before," recalls McCreath. "I wanted to bring that to life in Renaldo."

1978 World Cup and Argentina is the host nation. Two brothers, Renaldo and Lonfranco De Seta decide to undertake a different path for their lives. They both fall in love with powerful women and Renaldo - a young soccer prodigy -strives to earn a place on Argentina's national team. Lonfranco, angry and disenchanted, is seduced into the dark world and becomes a Montonero terrorist. From the plains of the Pampas to the boudoirs, battlefields, dressing rooms and football pitches, Renaldo is a love story unlike any ever written, and novel shockingly relevant to the times we live in, set against the real world backdrop of the FIFA World Cup.

"While my personal life has been touched by tragedy, I have a very positive outlook on life because I am blessed to have a close and loving family," says McCreath. "This is why I believe in the power of hope so strongly. Hope matters. Hope helps. In the worst of times, hope is everything."

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