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New Mini-Game App PETER PANIC Throws Fans into the World of Broadway

Have you ever wanted to be thrust into the world of a musical? Then do we have a game for you! Developed by James Marion, PETER PANIC! throws users into the world of a big Broadway musical.

PETER PANIC! is the world's first mobile mini-game musical, bringing all the magic of Broadway to your smart devices. Peter is an aspiring young director who wants to bring theater back to his hometown. As he travels from one strange location to the next, he must perform dozens of challenging, weird mini games to convince as many people as he can to help him.

James Marion is no stranger to the world of theater. He used to be a stage manager, a technical director for the theater school and he even travelled throughout New Jersey teaching theater. Although theater is one of his great loves, he dropped it all to start creating games. Peter Panic! was born out of a grad school assignment and Marion's absolute love for theater.

He tells BroadwayWorld, "I was halfway through grad school when I realized that I hadn't seen a musical in like a year and a half, and I was really sad about that. It really shocked me. I didn't even know what was on Broadway at the time. I was like, 'This is a tragedy!' So, I started thinking about what I was going to do for my thesis and I decided on Peter Panic!."

Peter Panic! began as a simple theater game and then transformed into something much more. Marion soon realized that a theater game is nothing without music. So, Peter Panic! swiftly evolved into a musical game. Boasting a full slate of original songs and a full score by award-winning composer Benjamin Bonnema, Peter Panic! is a game for every musical theater nerd.

Marion says finding all the talent featured in the game was all very serendipitous. Bonnema quickly signed out after being contacted and some other talented actors followed close behind. Remy Germinario, who voices Peter, jumped on board when Marion met him after seeing him in Boys Who Tricked Me at MT Factory. Once Germinario was on board, other actors followed.

One of the familiar voices musical theater fans can hear in Peter Panic! is Tony Award nominee Emily Skeggs (Fun Home)! Skeggs plays Emily, one of the many characters fans will come across. Marion says having Skeggs join was a dream come true. He says, "I saw Fun Home and it was just unbelievable! So, I saw it and I was with my friend Ashley and I turn to Ashley and I said, 'Man, we a have character that's just like Medium Allison. It would be great to get that girl in it, but it would never happen.' Then I go home and it turns out Remy went to like high school with her. She was really pumped about it and she's been SO great as far as helping us get the word out. She's been so excited about the game."

Marion says, "If my 16 year-old me knew I was working with people like Emily, my head would explode!"

Peter Panic! is available on the Apple iOS platform starting today, March 3rd. Swing by and pick up the game that will have musical theater fans unable to put down their phones (except of course in a theater).

Peter Panic! stars Remy Germinario as Peter, Nikko Benson as The CEO, Amanda Savan as The Stage Manager, Bennett Foddy as Sad Bennett, Eric Ulloa as Eric, Frank Lantz as Frank, Dylan Maron as Dylan, Cicily Daniels as Ms. Nickel, Emily Skeggs as Emily, Mykal Kilgore as The Demon, Rami Ismail as Rami, Dave Lang as Dave and Gideon Glick as Gideon.

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