NYMF Announces Special Events and Concerts, Including Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Live, Natalie Joy Johnson and More

The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) has announced the lineup of special events, concerts, student productions, and free developmental readings for its 10th annual festival. The festival also announced three additional full productions. This year's Festival will begin July 8th and continue through July 28th.

Developmental readings will take place at The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row, and the festival hub, featuring free performances, talkbacks and other special events, will be in the Pershing Square Signature Center's central lobby (which includes the Signature Café and Bookstore).

NYMF Members can begin booking tickets on May 15th, and general tickets go on sale on June 17th.

Since its inception in 2004, The New York Musical Theatre Festival has premiered more than 320 new musicals - nearly 90 of which have gone on to award-winning productions in New York, in regional theaters in almost every state, and in over 20 countries worldwide. Twenty-three NYMF alumni shows have gone on to enjoy off-Broadway runs, including last season's acclaimed The Other Josh Cohenand the currently-running F#%king Up Everything. Three NYMF shows have gone on to Broadway productions, including Chaplin, [title of show] and the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning Next to Normal.

"While the centerpiece of NYMF has always been our new musicals, our special events, concerts, and readings have always been a wonderful addition to the festival," said NYMF Executive Director and Producer Isaac Robert Hurwitz. "NYMF's mission has always been to give a platform to artists to showcase their work, and this extends to shows in the developmental phase."

This year's Festival will run July 8th - 28th. Memberships are on sale now and can be purchased atwww.nymf.org/member. Members may book tickets as of May 15 at www.nymf.org; single tickets will go on sale beginning June 17th.


Natalie Joy Johnson: Full Bush

By Natalie Joy Johnson, John Hill, and Brian J. Nash

Famed international superstar Natalie Joy Johnson exposes the world premiere of her latest piece: Full Bush. Having appeared on Broadway and stages across the globe, Natalie has teamed up with longtime collaborators John Hill and Brian J. Nash for the next creative salvo in their fight against emotional genocide. Riveting. Fulfilling. Heart-stopping. Fallopian. Encounter it for yourself and witness that which can never be unseen.

Nightmare Alley

Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Brielle

After the mysterious death of a sideshow mind reader, a Depression-era con man finds himself the carnival's new star attraction and falls in love with its sexiest starlet, "the electrocution girl." Fueled by an inflated belief in his powers, they leave to seek fortune and fame on the nightclub circuit - only to realize that their past is never far behind. Based on the 1946 novel that spawned the Tyrone Powers-Jane Blondelle film noir classic. Staged Reading.

Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam, or, Les the Least Straightens the Lord

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Gerald Fried

The legend of the wise fool comes to life as never before in this jazzy comic oratorio. Les the Least, as his name would portend, is the least of the lesser angels. He can't seem to do anything properly - not even the simple heavenly task of greasing the Lord's lightning bolts. But when the Lord gets fed up with humanity and turns Earth over to Satan, it's up to Les to save the day (and hopefully not make a total mess of things, as usual)!

Songs For A More Funnier World

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Stuart McMeans; Additional Music by Paul Castrataro, Ben Green, William TN Hall and Michael Kooman

Four singers wake up to find themselves in yet another serious song-cycle. They decide to make it their comedic bitch. Songs For a More Funnier World is the hilarious foil to those angsty "song cycles," with a score and lyrics to rival them all.

The Hills Are Alive

Book and Lyrics by Frankie Johnson; Music by Eric Thomas Johnson

A loving lampoon of one of Broadway's Golden Age classics, this dark comedy follows a famed singing family as they cross the Alps... on foot... with seven children... and no supplies. Turns out singing can't solve every problem after all!

The Throwbacks

Book and Lyrics by Tom Rickman; Music by Barbara Rottman

When a cantankerous billionaire sends two greedy nephews to uncover the mystery surrounding his long-lost love, their journey takes them to a seedy pub, a "red light" district and a dilapidated Chateau. Discover what happens on the search for unfulfilled dreams in this fantastic farce with a lush score - and plenty of romantic intrigue. Staged Reading.

The Water Dream

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Shawn Cody

After being dumped by his brilliant girlfriend, struggling writer Colin (Anthony Rapp) is visited by terrifying illusions from his childhood. Can he confront tragedy, embrace imagination, and defeat the dragon that haunts his dreams - in time to save his real life? Generation X with a Hero Complex. Staged Reading.

Walking In Soho

By Pedro Yanowitz

When a long relationship ends unexpectedly, New York City artist and songwriter Pedro Yanowitz finds himself catapulted back into the hunt for a mate. Detailing the sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and occasionally ugly stories of one man's quest for romance, this multimedia song cycle explores why we all hate and love to fall in love.


Australian Cabaret Sensations in Concert

Winners of the 10th Annual Australian Cabaret Showcase perform a double bill of their respective solo shows. Australian cabaret sensation Bradley McCaw stars in "Cabaret: A Complete Unauthorized Biography" and Amelia Ryan is a knockout in "Storm in a D Cup!" Don't miss this evening of unadulterated fun from down under!

Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Live

Now one of the most celebrated writing teams of their generation, Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk made their New York debut in NYMF's first season with The Woman Upstairs. Blurring the line between musical theater and pop music, their songs (including hits "Run Away with Me" and "My Party Dress") have garnered millions of YouTube views and earned them a legion of young fans around the world. Kait and Brian's critically acclaimed debut album "Our First Mistake" reached #1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart, and their musicals have been developed and produced at theaters across the country.

Riley Thomas: Looking Forward

After a sold-out award-winning run of his musical Stuck at NYMF 2012, writer/composer Riley Thomas looks to the future with snapshots of four new works-in-progress, ranging from gritty black box pieces to full-scale Broadway style shows. Come be a part of the development by voting for your favorite!

Song Moments: Daniel Maté in Concert

Some moments in life are too intense, awkward, or outlandish for words - they deserve music, too. Acclaimed composer-lyricist Daniel Maté, winner of the 2013 Kleban Prize, transforms them into theatre tunes. Join Daniel and an amazing line-up of performers for a thrilling evening of compelling, clever, and catchy Song Moments!

Where She Is Now: Dawn Cantwell & Friends

Currently starring off-Broadway in F#%king Up Everything (NYMF '10), NYMF's 2011 Next Broadway Sensation winner returns to the festival with a one-night-only concert celebrating new musical theatre composers. NYMF alums Ryan Scott Oliver, Joe Iconis, and Jeff Thompson, are among the writers featured, with performances by Dawn, F#%king Up Everything castmates Jason Gotay & George Salazar, and others.


Ever Happily After

Book by Jill Jaysen; Music by Randy Klein; Lyrics by Matthew Hardy

What happens when Cinderella's zany fairy godmother is nowhere to be found? Who can possibly save her? Join Cinderella as she takes a whimsical journey into fairytale-land and discovers that real magic can be found in the most unexpected places.

Prospect Theater Company's Summer Intensive Showcase

By Kristin Bair & Kevin Hammonds, EllaRose Chary & Sooyeon Lee, Laura Kleinbaum & Max Mamon, John Herin & Alden Terry, and more to be announced!

Curated and co-directed by Dev Bondarin and Cara Reichel

An original musical revue starring the talented teens from Prospect Theater Company's Summer Intensive Training Program, this showcase features an array of brand-new songs by some of New York's most exciting emerging writers as well as student-generated material.

The Dead Legend

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Michael Gilboe with the students of the University of Great Falls

The celebrity performances never stop at The Dead Legend, an afterlife nightclub emceed by Harry Houdini. But when a mysterious woman dangles the chance for someone to "move on," these legends must perform like never before, in this original musical written and performed by the musical theatre students of University of Great Falls, Montana.


Alice Unraveled

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Kelly Izzo

Struggling to find her identity in a new high school, Alice is cast "down the rabbit hole" into the fragmented, chaotic world of her mind. Alice must distinguish reality from dream in order to move forward, in this new musical with a pop-rock, electronica score.

The Bootlegger and the Rabbi's Daughter

Book and Lyrics by Tajlei Levis; Music by John Mercurio

It's 1920 - New York City has gone Dry and there's money to be made by anyone who can get hold of some hooch. When an enterprising Italian immigrant discovers a synagogue full of sacramental wine, he convinces the Rabbi to take him on as a yeshiva student. It's the perfect cover for monetizing the Manischevitz - until he falls for the Rabbi's daughter.


Book by Jacey Powers; Music by Adam Spiegel; Lyrics by Dan Wolpow

Wally Waterman, a brilliant but arrogant young physicist, is hard at work creating a human teleporter when he accidentally clones himself. What happens when two giant, identical egos collide? Havoc and hilarity, naturally, in this musical farce.

The Crack In The Ceiling

Book, Music, and Lyrics by James Harvey

Ellen, a distraught single mother, discovers a crack in her kitchen ceiling -- and no one seems to be able to repair it. As a bizarre series of handymen, plumbers, and spiritual healers try to solve the problem, Ellen finds that more than her home is at risk: her family and her sanity are increasingly put to the test in this dark musical comedy.

The Crazy Ones

Book by Alexander Pototsky; Music and Lyrics by Zack Zadek

In 1982, Steve Jobs was on top of the world, and his company - Apple - was the most important in Silicon Valley. But as the war for personal computing ignites, Steve suffers a sudden fall from grace and is forced to face his wild bipolarity, his crippling fear of abandonment, and the family he pretended he didn't have, in order to return from the bottom and leave the legacy he always dreamed of.

The Gingerbread Pimp

Book and Lyrics by Molly Reynolds; Music by Will Collyer

Aspiring Broadway actress Coco thinks she's found her perfect match in romantic leading man Charlie. But when things take an unexpected turn, she descends into a very real and dangerous world of jealousy and extreme control. Can Coco reclaim her life...or is it too late? A wry, unflinching look at the inner workings of emotional abuse, with a captivating pop-rock score.

Madame Walker and the Divine Dream

Book and Lyrics by Steve Mackes; Music by Joseph Vernon Banks

On the eve of their 1921 company convention, the associates of America's first black millionaire businesswoman gather to pay tribute to their deceased leader. As they re-enact the supposed divine dream that led to Madame Walker's miracle hair formula, it remains to be seen whether or not her own daughter, Leila, will put their financial differences in the past and show up to pay her respects.

Perfect Mothers

Book by Pam Lobley; Music by TIna DeVaron

When a town's Most Beloved First-Grade Teacher is replaced by biker-chick Miss Grace, four concerned mothers go on the warpath. Their desire to make everything right for their children quickly makes everything go wrong. Can they find the line between mother and monster?

Rose Petals

Book and Lyrics by Sarah Rebell; Music by Elizabeth Hagstedt

When plucky debutante Maude becomes pregnant, her mother will go to any lengths to maintain the family's precarious place in the society of Gilded Age New York. Will the ensuing scandals, schemes, and slander tear the family apart?

Searching for Romeo

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Brian Sutton

After her high school boyfriend dumps her, modern-day Roz somehow finds herself in fair Shakespearian Verona, as Romeo's girlfriend Rosaline. She wanders into the balcony scene only to learn that she's been dumped again, before falling for another "loser" -- Juliet's rejected paramour, Paris. Can Rosaline and Paris achieve that which eludes Romeo and Juliet: a happy ending?


Boys Will Be Boys

Book and Lyrics by Joe Miloscia; Music by Kenneth Kacmar

Ishmael Gonzalez suffers from Gay-D.D., a condition that renders gay men unable to stay focused on any trend for more than a few weeks. Before you can say "Barney's Warehouse Sale," Ishmael's friends put on a charity revue exposing themselves and their views on loves won and lost (and borrowed!), in this outrageous and comic romp!

God's Country

Book and Lyrics by Erik Johnke; Music by Elaine Chelton

Shattered by his mother's death and the revelation that he is adopted and Irish, wealthy Englishman James Watson travels to America in 1871 to find his birth mother. God's Country follows one man's epic journey to learn his true identity, with sweeping melodies and plenty of Irish spirit.

The Pirates of Finance

Book and Lyrics by Charles Veley; Music by Arthur Sullivan

When musical conductor Frederick Freemarket inherits his uncle's Wall Street investment company, he dreams of rescuing the world from economic doldrums. The company is worth twelve billion dollars - what could possibly go wrong? But golden dreams can hold hidden surprises, especially on Wall Street: love blossoms, tension mounts and spirits rise to a height of irrational exuberance that few can scale, before - in a classic Gilbert & Sullivan topsy-turvy twist - all ends in perfect harmony.

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