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LooseKANONdance Presented FUZE


The participating artists were Emma Alosi, Daniel Eggert, Mackenzie Simons, Catherine Wang McMahon, and Mika Cook-Wright.

LooseKANONdance Presented FUZE

looseKANONdance presented fuze, the immersive experience, a new display of multidisciplinary queer artwork made possible by artists, creatives, and collaborators from within the LGBTQIA+ community. fuze premiered on November 13, 2021, at 325 East 104th St.

The participating artists were Emma Alosi, Daniel Eggert, Mackenzie Simons, Catherine Wang McMahon, and Mika Cook-Wright.

"fuze is a unique and immersive experience designed to push the boundaries of queer collaboration and creativity," said founder Kanon Sapp, creative director of fuze. "Performance and art festivals are traditionally medium-based and transactional. The NYC Queer Arts Community is rich in artists, yet poor in connectivity. The experience aims to de-fuzethe way in which we see each other as competition, rather than a community of endless resources. fuze has the intention of creating a space for LGBTQIA+ artists to create and connect outside of Pride month; Pride is a year-round celebration for the queer community. As a community event, fuze supported local businesses and creatives, especially at our venue in Upper Manhattan, where queer and art opportunities are scarcer. We want to ensure that the arts remain celebrated uptown."

The participants of fuze were selected through an application process and will had six weeks to create new works using fuze funding. A creative team worked closely with the artists to support their visions: Branding: Sam Canvin, Barker Agency; Photography: Marc J. Franklin, senior photographer at Playbill; Videography: William Alexander Runnels; Headshots: Bronson Farr. Collaborators for the event were specific LGBTQIA+ small businesses that fuze has chosen to support in order to uplift and strengthen the work of local entrepreneurs within the queer community: Artswrk , House of Jane, Queer Candle Co., and Transfigure Print Co. Special edition fuze merchandise created by collaborators was available for purchase at the event. fuze was made possible by grants from LMCC, UMEZ, and DCLA.

Each artist has a video created by William Alexander Runnels offering a look into their work, linked below.

Mika Cook-Wright, ceramicist and crocheter

Daniel Eggert, photographer

Mackenzie Simons, choreographer

Emma Alosi, illustrator

Catherine Wang McMahon, film and digital collagist

There were in-person and live-streamed showings at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm, with social distancing due to COVID-19. In-person tickets were $20 and livestream tickets were pay-what-you-can. More information is available at

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