Interactive Digital Art Launches in Times Square

Interactive Digital Art Launches in Times Square

Dynamic digital art going live, the COllective heART debuts its new curation in a unique, expansive format.

Launching August 20, 2019, 12 noon, on the prominent digital (66 ft. high, 45 ft wide) billboard in Times Square -at 6th Avenue and Bryant Park, ArtSquared, a joint venture of the COllective heART and Heritage Media, will showcase the renown artists of Universal Everything ( and their video exhibit, Superconsumers.

ArtSquared, an innovative project of the COllective heART, seeks to bring uplifting and purpose driven messages to everyone through creative and visual art presentations. Every month will feature new works from artists around the world.

Guests of Honor at this creative extravaganza will be iconic Emmy-Award winning husband and wife actors, William Daniels (Boy Meets World, 1776, The Graduate) and Bonnie Bartlett (St. Elsewhere, Little House On The Prairie).

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