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BWW TV Exclusive: Who Will Come Out on Top This Tonys Season? The Turning The Tables 'Nominating Committee' Rules!

On a very special episode of Turning The Tables, we explore the hard decisions and rigorous discussions had by the mysterious Tony Nominating Committee, leading up to the Tony nominations. Broadway's own Jordan Roth serves as the moderator in this panel of experts chosen to represent Broadway and nominate who they believe should be in the running for the coveted Tony Awards.*

Created and produced by Katherine Paige. Starring: Jordan Roth, Ellyn Marie Marsh, Andrew Briedis, Julia Mattison, and Andrew Chapelle.

Filmed by Josh Hammond; Theme Music by Drew Wutke; Turning The Tables created by Ellyn Marie Marsh; Edited by Katherine Paige; Special thanks to: Jordan Roth, Charlie Redd, Chris Hlinka, TJ Newton, Shayne Grier.

*Not actually affiliated with the Tony Awards.

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