BWW Recap: Liza Falls For a Shepherd with a Secret, Matthew Morrison Guests on YOUNGER

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Hey, YOUNGER fans! Hope you've all had a great week, and that you're recovering well from the heartbreak we all suffered in the last episode. Yes, it was sad for Liza to let Josh go (correction: for Josh to let Liza go), but it seems like she's doing okay. I mean, granted, she's a little shaken - who wouldn't be? - but it's nothing compared to how shaken she'll be at the end of this half-hour. How's that for a teaser? Get you interested? Yes? Well, then... you know what to do. Read on:

When we open, we see Liza's thrown herself into baking - "it's what she does when relationships end" - as a way to get over Josh. She fills Maggie in about all that went down last week, and it's clear she's not over him.... and totally regrets everything (okay, so maybe she's a little more than shaken).

It doesn't help that Kelsey and Lauren come in, and blast Josh for choosing his "public, hot, single tattoo artist image" over Liza. (Because remember, they don't know the real reason he broke up with her, 'cause she can't tell them about her secret!!) Again, the issue with not coming clean to everyone has its consequences!!

(Side note: Kelsey's in Liza's apartment for the first time - Liza, shouldn't you be nervous something might give you away? I mean, you were when Maggie started dating Lauren. Hmmm...)

(Side side note: It's very quick, but Liza does send/receive a text message from Josh, and their conversation is actually pretty friendly. Maybe there's some truth to this whole "staying friends" thing I mentioned last week. Things could be looking up).

And those "things" aren't limited to "things with Josh." At least, they don't have to be. And don't seem to be. Because... while out at the farmer's market, she comes across a booth advertising woolen scarfs, blankets, and mittens... all handmade by "shepherd philosopher" Sebastian - played by everyone's favorite original J. M. Barrie/Mr. Schu, Matthew Morrison! (Broadway guest spot #3 in two episodes! Yay us!)

He begins to tell her of his career and life on the farm (which, IMO, was a lot of information for him to give someone he just met... and that, if I can remember anything from my days in middle school, could signify he's interested in her), and she's instantly captivated. Acknowledging her interest, Sebastian hands her a pamphlet containing "musings about my life on the farm," so that she can learn more about him.

Notice how he watches her walk away, and that she looks back. There's definitely something brewing here. (Take note, too, of her subtle movement in the later scene with Maggie, when she rubs his wool blanket against her face. Yeah... there's something). Could this develop and could Sebastian, as I noted last week, be her rebound from Josh? Think it would be cool... who doesn't love a Broadway romance? (Side note #2: How awesome would the pairing of Foster and Morrison be in an actual Broadway show?!)

Intrigued by his story and encouraged by Kelsey, Liza drives up to Potter's Hollow, to convince the shepherd to publish his essays with Millennial. (And note that when she arrives, she's frightened as one of Sebastian's dogs jumps up on her window - it's a small detail, but I'll bring it up later!)

After talking with Sebastian and expressing her interest in him (as an author) - which he reciprocates (well... not professionally, per se) - he gives her the one and only copy of his life manuscript.

So, she takes that - and him - back to Empirical, where Diana and Kelsey agrees to publish Sebastian's story (Yay!!!) So, to review, would this be considered Liza's second win for Millennial? She's now scored Dr. Wray's book and the shepherd's story? Talk about things looking up! YES, Liza!! Look what Josh threw away!

To celebrate - and to further discuss the book - Liza takes Sebastian to dinner, where the sparks start to go off (or at least, flicker). Liza casually brings up the subject of significant others, and Sebastian mentions his ex (so, he is single... hmmm...), who left him 'cause she "decided a life without reliable WiFi was not worth living."

She then asks if he gets lonely, (i. e. is he looking for someone?, if I'm reading that right). For the record, his answer is "no," as he enjoys the peacefulness of the moon and the stars. After a few more points are hit - and they share a laugh together (!!!) - Sebastian reveals, "If there's one thing I hope people can really take from my book it's that you can totally reinvent your life on a whim."

Okay.. that's it. There are sooooo many similarities here between the two of them. They're perfect for each other... and there's no glaring age difference!

But as they're staring promisingly into each other eyes, who walks past them, but... Josh! (Oops). With reporter Greta Lin, who took the photos for his T MAGAZINE piece, on his arm. (Double oops).

So, given the awkwardness of that conversation, I guess that "staying friends" thing really isn't going to work out. (Triple oops... my bad).

And, to put the nail in the coffin, when Liza returns home after her "date" with the shepherd, Maggie questions her on if she sees herself with him, and she responds: "I am not ready to jump back into something." Aw, rats!

However, that might be easier said than done, as Sebastian leaves the city without signing his contracts, and Liza's forced to drive back up to his farm, to get him to do so. (And notice how when she arrives this time, the dog greets her with excitement, and she, too, is no longer scared. Could it be symbolism? To signify how she's warming up to Sebastian? Did I just catch on to something? Hmmmm.....)

While overseeing him sign the papers, Liza involves Sebastian in another conversation, and he tells her, "Regardless of what happens with the book, I'm just glad it gave me a chance to meet you." She's touched - and, of course, feels the same way - so it's only natural that he moves in for a kiss. (!!!!)

Which, granted, is not much of a surprise... given all the chemistry I've mentioned throughout the recap, we could all tell that was coming at some point. Here's the thing, though - she kisses back!!

Again, rebound from Josh? Yeah, it's lookin' pretty likely. Good for her! (And, to skip ahead again, that look she gives in the car on the way back... something's totally happening here!)

Their intimate moment is cut short, however, when Diana texts that she needs Liza back immediately.

But, en route to Manhattan, Liza realizes he didn't sign the royalty rider (BTW, who else thought that her looking at Diana's text in the car would result in a horrible accident?!), so she drives back to him yet again.

But, this time, when she arrives at the house, there's no dog... and no Sebastian. No, really. He's nowhere to be found. That is, until she checks the barn. And what a surprise she gets!! Guess we know now why he *really* enjoys the quiet and never gets lonely. (Haha!) I'll spare you the too-graphic-to-recap details, but there's definitely an EQUUS situation going on. P. S. LOVE the theatre in-joke reference ("STELLA!"), and given the events of the scene, it works perfectly in that context! (Like I needed another reason to LOVE these writers!!!)

So, it's safe to say she's no longer pursuing that author - or his work, as evidenced by the fact that she threw the book in the air as she ran out of the barn. (But they do still have Dr. Wray's book, do they not?) Aw, Liza. Another blow to her professional life and her personal life. But... could this then mean she's going to get back with Josh? We shall see.

In other news and B-plots, in case you forgot from last week with all the bombs that went off re: Liza and Josh, Kelsey's engaged! The thing is, she's having trouble adjusting to the officiality of her new relationship status. It also doesn't help that her Instagram post isn't getting many likes, causing her to doubt whether or not she's made the right choice.

While out for drinks with the "younger" girls, Liza learns that they, too, all think the marriage with Thad isn't a good idea, but they insist Liza be the one to tell Kelsey (hint hint Liza - it's time to tell Kelsey... it's time to tell Kelsey. What? Not catching on? Oh, well... that's for another time).

Liza obliges... but as only catty girls can do, when Kelsey asks if they all feel the same way Liza does about her marriage, the girls totally backpedal, covering up any negativity, and thus, leaving Liza to be the lone "bad guy" in the posse. Thrown under the bus.... ouch!!

Question: could this be the writers' way of suggesting that Liza should be hanging out with an older crowd, instead of these young girls, who are clearly too immature for her? (Take the hint, Liza! It's just gonna get you in more trouble!)

The 40-year-old then tries to pull herself out of the mud, apologizing to Kelsey with: "I don't know anything. I have made so many mistakes in my personal life. I have no right giving anyone advice." (Read: "I'm a 40-year-old pretending to be a 26-year-old and everything's exploding in my face.") That's true, but she totally said WHAT SHE SAID at the bar with Kelsey's best interests in mind.

See, it's sad because the motherly instincts are still there, but she's running out of ways to utilize them without a) spilling her secret and b) being perceived as a b*tch. Rrrrgh! Just come clean and tell her the secret already!! I promise you it'll make your life easier. (Okay, there may be some backlash... but on the whole, at least everything'll be out in the open!!)

But, on the other hand, Kelsey does have a right to be offended. I mean, Liza totally dissed her, no matter what her intentions, and it's not like she, Kelsey, doesn't have enough to deal with. Turns out Thad's hesitant to make their relationship official as well, telling her he has "to tie up some loose ends first." Furthermore, he refuses to acknowledge her "I'm engaged!" Facebook posts, and - here comes the biggie - reveals to her that he hasn't yet told his parents about their engagement. Yeah, something definitely seems off... this isn't gonna end well.

Well, I guess they live to see (at least) another day, because, in an effort to keep us on our toes, the writers have Kelsey and Thad make up by the end of the episode. That's right, Thad's not only told his parents, but he also agrees - with his girl by his side - to accept her "Engaged" Facebook post, thereby "officially" accepting himself as an engaged man.

And, as the episode closes, the post is "liked" by everyone.

Even Liza, who, after her talk with Kelsey earlier in the episode, in order to show that she is indeed supportive, silences her "motherly instinct" voice, and puts Kelsey's happiness before her own. Hey, considering the week she's had, it's NBD, and Kelsey's marriage is the least of her problems.

No, really. Aw, poor Liza. Here's hoping it gets better for you next week.

Until then, stay YOUNGER (which, again, doesn't look like it should be that hard to do!!)

P. S. Just had to point out another example of how awesome the writers are! Did anyone notice the thematic juxtaposition (did I just make up a word?) of the A-plot and B-plot this week?

Liza's pursuing a guy because he lives his life enjoying the simple things, and, as she tells him, "People want a glimpse of a simpler life. We are all such slaves to social media. You live and write with a clarity of purpose most people are missing right now." Contrast that with Kelsey, who tries throughout the whole half-hour to get Thad to like her Facebook post and doubts her engagement because the photo of her ring doesn't get enough likes? I mean, who is even determining what is "enough likes?" So, Liza, when you said "We are all such slaves to social media," did you mean --> ****Kelsey***** <-- ? (Anyone else catch that juxtaposition? Thought it was kinda cool and worth noting? Again, these writers are awesome!!)

Anyway, have a great week, y'all!

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