BWW Prompts: Who Is Your Favorite HAMILTON Character and Why?

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Read some of our reader's answers below!


"Eliza! She endured so much pain and loss, but remained strong through it all. She fought against slavery, established an orphanage, and was an all-around wonderful person. She deserves so much more appreciation." @jen_holdstock

"My favourite Hamilton character has always been King George. I love that he's portrayed like a toxic boyfriend. someone who won't let his partner go away because "they need them so much", but the one who really needs his partner is him, shown with his descent into madness." @gravitydefier_

"Peggy because she's a baddie and deserves more appreciation." @Bway_Chloe

"Thomas Jefferson, 'cause he was a MAJOR drama queen and he was funny." @AzokaNwando


"Alexander Hamilton, I feel like I understand him...the grief and sorrow he went through I can't even imagine..oh! And he has some sassy lines :)" artexander_hamilton

"Angelica. She's the model of a strong, respectable woman. She doesn't let men get to her and she knows her worth. The kind of role model we WISH for as kids." jillianelise._

"George Washington he cared for his men and felt responsible for his mistakes." multifandomart18

"The Ensemble, they're all just so talented and underrated." matthew.m.perkins

"Honestly The Bullet because I could never hold my arm out for that whole song." vuyehara29


"John Laurens. He's a less prominent character, but stands up for what's right." Michelle Mizumori Cathcart

"Burr. Everytime I hear the soundtrack I feel as though a different side comes out." Dana Renee

"Hercules Mulligan. He needs no introduction. My reasoning is that if you knock him down he gets the f*** back up again." Cade Nelson

"America's Favorite Fighting Frenchman! [Marquis de Lafayette]" Teresa Schauda Whetsel

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