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BWW Blog: The Whole College Thing

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BWW Blog: The Whole College Thing

So, you've finally moved up to the big leagues, college. You've had time to settle in, decorate your dorm, and put up your playbills but, now what? Sure, classes are keeping you busy enough, and you've become friends with your roommates but, what should you do with your free time? Three years ago I was asking myself this very same question. I was in a completely new city, none of my high school friends had followed me to college, and I still wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to major in. It had to be an art related major since I am in fact at an arts school. During breaks in class I would go up to some of my older peers and ask them about the different majors I was interested in. Through asking around I found out that my school, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD for short because wow, that's a mouthful), puts on a Majors and Minors Fair. The heads of every department set up booths for an afternoon and are there to answer any questions you may have. If your school does not have something like this, Google each department in your school and find out who the heads of the departments are and send them an email! Professors are there to help and love when students email them.

As for finding more things to get involved in and making new friends, you might have to venture a little farther than campus. If you're here reading this post on BroadwayWorld, you must love theater! Go find the theater kids! Go to the performing arts or the production design building (sometimes they're one and the same. Prod and Perf kids share a building here at SCAD) and ask around, see how you can get involved. The local theater might also be looking for fresh new faces. Is there an email list for audition opportunities and/or crew opportunities? When is the next performance? Are tickets free for students? Go out and support your peers, especially if you are in one of the theater programs at your university! You'll want people to come out and support your shows once you start working on some, show the upperclassmen now the same courtesy (take it from an upperclassmen). Besides hanging out at the theater buildings, you can join a club. It doesn't necessarily have to be a school club. Usually, local businesses and centers like bookstores and art museums have clubs that meet up either once a week or month.

College is an exciting yet tough experience. Getting used to being away from home is
hard. Decorate your room with memories, pictures of happy times and mementos like playbills. Go out and make friends. It was much easier to not think about what I was missing at home while I was hanging out with friends but, don't forget the people you left behind. Text or call them whenever you are missing them. It's not much but, it helps. Trust me, I've been there. Above all else, keep up to date with your school work. Sometimes you get too caught up in just having fun. You are at college to study. Don't let the parties and the "no parents" cloud your vision of what you went to university for. Last but not least, remember to do your laundry and to eat! Stay healthy, friends!

P.S- Pro tip, don't listen to your favorite cast albums while doing your homework. You're just going to want to sing along and get distracted. Next thing you know you'll have only finished two math problems in an hour!

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