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BWW Blog: Libby Servais of Transcendence Theatre Company's 'Broadway Under the Stars' - Broadway Kids Camp

Broadway kids camp is well under way with Transcendence Theatre Company. The campers are an inspiring bunch of kids (ages 8-18) that are creating absolute magic together. Watching them discover and fly with their own artistic freedom is really special. They've been rehearsing choreography and music that they'll be performing with the adult TTC artist's this weekend in "Fantastical Family Night" of TTC's Broadway Under The Stars series. To start each day of camp we all gather and hold hands in a gigantic circle. One of our TTC artists leads us in a group activity to make sure everyone is aligned and ready for the day!

Along with preparing the kids for their upcoming stage performances, the adult artist's are collaborating with the kids in various groups of art including songwriting, playwriting, painting, dancing, voice and improv class. The pure, creative brilliance that pours out of the kids hearts and minds during these classes is astounding to me. The songwriting class, led by Morgan Karr and Victor Mazzone is one of my favorite portions of the camp because I've noticed how the kids really seem to open up to self-expression during this time. They also practice exceptional teamwork skills as they really listen and build bright idea's off one another's thoughts. With one of the groups I was leading, we decided to write a song about inner beauty. Immediately one of our students fearlessly belted out a melody that she heard in her head. She courageously sang out the tune acapella a few times before Morgan added beats and chords underneath her voice on the keyboard. Others gradually chimed in with lyrics we created together about inner beauty, then came harmonies, beat boxing, rhythmic clapping ....and eventually a terrific rap came to fruition. The musical creativity kept flowing and my heart felt like it was smiling in sheer amazement of the collective creative energy. It's not just the songwriting class that is incredibly inspiring though, this is how each and every day at camp is!!! To wrap up each day we reunite in our gigantic circle and offer time for kids to raise their hands and share any gratitude's of the day that they'd like to give shout-outs to.

Camp with the kid's ends at 3 pm each day and then the adult TTC artist's take a quick dinner break before heading to tech the "Fantastical Family Night" show in Jack London State Park from 5-10pm. I said it before and I'll say it again, we live our lives to the fullest here with Transcendence Theatre Company. Full days and full speed ahead!!

Transcendence Theatre Company's Broadway Kids Camp loves Jazz Hands!

Creative songwriting class.

Broadway Kids Camp circle up!

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