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Audience Rudeness Continues: Patti LuPone Snatches Cell Phone During SHOWS FOR DAYS Performance

Looks like Broadway audience members can use a refresher course on theater etiquette. Last week, a rogue theater-goer snuck up on to the stage of HAND TO GOD in an attempt to charge his cell phone in a fake electrical outlet. The rudeness continued at last night's performance of Shows For Days at Lincoln Center, as star Patti LuPone snatched a cell phone out of the hands of an audience member who was texting during the performance.

According to BroadwayWorld's astute message board posters, the trouble began at the show's matinee performance, which Auggie 27 described as 'Cell Phone Hell.' The post reads: "The SECOND ACT of the "Shows for Days" matinee today was besieged with cell phone ringing, first one long unanswered call that threatened to ring for the rest of the performance, and then two or more which resulted in someone leaping up and answering in the semi-opened door. At the same time, a hearing aid apparently went haywire, and buzzed into the ether for the remainder."

Ms. LuPone kept her cool throughout the performance, but rightfully reached her limit during the evening performance when she noticed the texting attendee.

Lincoln Center has confirmed to BroadwayWorld that the incident did in fact occur. Fellow audience members turned to Twitter to share their account:


CatsPolitics: I saw Patti LuPone deliver her scene exit line tonight at Lincoln Center & SNATCH A CELL PHONE OUT OF AN AUDIENCE MEMBER'S HAND. #theatre

Many will remember LuPone's mid-show rant back on January 10, 2009. The actress was heading into the climax song 'Rose's Turn' from the Broadway revival of GYPSY, when she noticed a photographer inappropriately snapping pictures. She admonished the cameraman, "Stop taking pictures, right now! I won't continue if they're taking pictures." She went on to request, "Get 'em out now!". Listen to audio of the incident below:

Tell us your thoughts on recent audience misbehavior in the comments section below!

Lincoln Center Theater's Shows For Days starsLuPone, Dale Soules, Michael Urie, Jordan Dean, Lance Coadie Williams, and Zoë Winters. The new play by Douglas Carter Beane is directed by Jerry Zaks. The production opened on Monday, June 29 at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater.

SHOWS FOR DAYS is playwright Douglas Carter Beane's fond remembrance of his immersion into a life in the theater. The comedy is set in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1973, when 14-year-old Car, the play's narrator and the author's alter-ego (to be played by Michael Urie), is introduced to the world of theater through his local community theatre, the Prometheus Theatre, and its devoted cast and crew which is led by Irene (to be played by Patti LuPone), an indomitable force of nature whose life is dedicated to putting on productions she directs, designs, and stars in. Jordan Dean, Dale Soules,Lance Coadie Williams, and Zoë Winters will also be featured as members of the theatre troupe.

Photo credit: Joan Marcus

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