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2013 Tonys - @BroadwayGirlNYC's Live Blog!

Happy 2013 Tony Awards!! I'll be live-blogging here throughout the night, with new updates at the TOP of the page. So keep refreshing!!

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Also: find the rules for the 2013 #TonysDrinkingGame HERE! no alcohol required to play. ;-)

Want the whole story from the beginning?

Scroll all the way down & read your way up!!!

And that's a wrap on the 2013 #TonyAwards, ladies & gentlemen. Same time, same place, same love in 2014. #BroadwayGirlOUT!!!
Oh you KNEW he was going to do a closing number. There'd have been a #riot if he didn't!!! #TonyAwards
IT'S TIME FOR THE BIGGEST AWARD OF THE YEAR. Last minute predictions??? #TonyAwards
If you're not watching @TheTonyAwards live, I sure hope you set your #DVR to go past 11pm!!! #TonyAwards
Winner for Best Revival of a Musical: @PippinMusical!! (Dang that's a lot of producers) #TonyAwards
Best Revival of a Musical. Which show will it be?? #TonyAwards
If there was a mailorder option for replica Kinky Boots, it'd be overflowing w orders right now. #SomeoneGetOnIt #TonyAwards @KinkyBootsBway
CONGRATS @PatinaMiller for your BEST ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL win!! I love that you are so buff & also so feminine. You inspire me! #TonyAwards
I just had a one-woman standing ovation in my living room for Cicely Tyson. Not just her win, but her speech, her class, her grace!! #BRAVA!
Cicely Tyson: "I'm not the potter; I'm only the clay." #TonyAwards
CICELY TYSON. First @TheTonyAwards nomination at age 79, and she wins it!! #GOGIRL!!!! So brilliant. #TonyAwards
Best Leading Actress in a Play. SO MANY GREAT WOMEN IN THIS CATEGORY #TonyAwards
And... breathe. #TonyAwards
No jokes. Time to say goodbye to those we lost. #WeMissYou #InMemoriam #RIP #TonyAwards
Best Actor in a Play winner is... TRACY LETTS!!!! #WhoKnewAnyoneCouldBeatTomHanksInAnythingEver #ItsSteppenwolfsNight #TonyAwards
#Phantom performance reminded me to go see that show again soon. And by soon I mean I probably shouldn't wait another decade. #TonyAwards
Here's a complete, up-to-the-minute list of all of the #TonyAwards winners announced so far:
BEST REVIVAL OF A PLAY goes to... @WoolfOnBroadway!! This award + Best Director + Tracy Letts & Carrie Coons' engagement = best night ever??
Sigourney Weaver: the woman I shall now remember as being an entire head taller than @MikeBloomberg. #TonyAwards
Think the @PippinMusical performance is impressive on TV? When I saw it in person, I could barely breathe it was so magnificent! #TonyAwards
David Hyde Pierce stomping on Neil Patrick Harris' cell phone, with no explanation/discussion, totally ruled my life just now. #TonyAwards
Want to see more of tap-dancing child prodigy, Luke Spring, from @AChristmasStory? Here are a bunch of videos:
That kid's name is LUKE SPRING and he's probably the best tap-dancing kid in the whole wide world. He's even better in person!! #TonyAwards
Happy to see the brilliant kids from @AChristmasStory back on stage. Loved that show and I'm so glad it'll be back this Winter! #TonyAwards
.@ActuallyNPH just full-on made out with Sandy the Dog from @ANNIEonBroadway!! #cutebutgrossbutcute #TonyAwards
BEST PLAY, announced by @JesseEisenberg_, is... @VanyaSonia & Masha & Spike!!! Congrats to Christopher Durang & the whole cast! #TonyAwards
The Four Seasons, The Jackson Five, The Rascals... what is this, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony? #TonyAwards #kidding
BEST ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL GOES TO... ANDREA MARTIN! She deserves it, man. (Gotta give an honorable mention to @AnaleighAshford who I adore.)
Can @LauraBenanti, @ActuallyNPH, @MeganHilty & @AndrewRannells please take that act on tour?? :-) #TonyAwards
"Television suuuuucks!!! Suuuuuucks!!!! Suuuuuuuuucks!!!" -- @LauraBenanti #TonyAwards
All the buzz from rehearsal said this number was gonna be the best... so far I believe it!! LOVE @AndrewRannells & @MeganHilty! #TonyAwards
Andrew Rannells formerly of @BookOfMormonBWY with @ActuallyNPH = unbelievable hotness!! #TonyAwards
Whatup @ReeveCarney?! Still looking hot as @SpideyOnBway after over 1000 performances. #TonyAwards
BEST SCORE at @TheTonyAwards goes to @CindyLauper for @KinkyBootsBway. She looks genuinely shocked and I love that about her!! #TonyAwards
Congrats to @jammyprod aka JERRY MITCHELL for winning BEST CHOREOGRAPHY for @KinkyBootsBway!! (awarded during commercial) #TonyAwards
GOOD POINT. :-/ RT @JKinNYC Good luck getting tickets to @MotownMusical after this performance!! #TonyAwards
.@MotownMusical is one of the few shows I haven't seen. This performance makes me want to slap myself and buy tickets immediately! #Tonys

Two amazing female directors have been recognized tonight. That makes me extra proud to be a woman in theatre. #TonyAwards

Best Director of a Play goes to... PAM MCKINNON for @WoolfonBroadway!!! #TonyAwards

DIANE PAULUS just won BEST DIRECTOR for @PippinMusical! Nominated for HAIR & Porgy & Bess... IMHO, this award represents all three. #Tonys

Dang! @MarthaPlimpton looks goregous and dare I say REGAL in a long red dress!!! #TonyAwards

"You haven't lived until you've seen @MikeTyson in a pair of Kinky Boots." -- @ActuallyNPH #TonyAwards

It's no wonder William Ivey Long won for Best Costume Design of a Musical (awarded during commercial). The @CinderellaBway gowns are #magic!

"You'd be surprised how many beautiful gowns have crazy women in them" -- VIctoria Clark as "Crazy Marie," @CinderellaBway #TonyAwards

Characters from @RockOfAges think they're introducing the 80s band CINDERELLA. Har har har!! Instead it's a @CinderellaBway performance!!!

GABRIEL EBERT wins for @MatildaBroadway, Best Featured Actor in a Musical!! Presented by (non-nominees) Scarlett Johansson and @AlanCumming.

...I think I overdid it with the #TonysDrinkingGame. Next year, lots fewer rules :-/ #YouMightWantToStopDrinkingNow

@ryannreds Totally missed you in the @BringItOn performance!! Wherever you are I hope you're doing something AMAZING!! #TonyAwards

How could I forget how fabulous La Cienega from @BringItOn was/is?! @GHaney22 better work!!!! #TonyAwards

Time for a performance by the high-flying @BringItOn cast -- need I see #BringItBACK?! So great to see you all up there again!! #TonyAwards

Judith Light: "The women in this category have made this a celebration, not a competition" #TonyAwards @MTC_NYC

JUDITH LIGHT wins @TheTonyAwards for the second year in a row!!!! #TonyAwards

Tom Hanks announcing the nominees for Featured Actress in a Play. LOVING the #BlackStache, btw, @TomHanks!! #TonyAwards

Did I make "a @JustinBeiber mention" a reason to drink for the #TonysDrinkingGame? No? Well it makes me want to drink anyway. #TonyAwards

Alternate w/ H2O, silly!! RT ‏@ArtWineWhimsy Anyone playing #TonysDrinkingGame has already been sent to the hospital with alcohol poisoning

At this moment I'm really glad I already have tix to see @MatildaBroadway for the 3rd & 4th times bc that shiz is gonna sell out for years.

Who knew that "a little bit naughty" was actually spelled NORTY? @MatildaBroadway #TonyAwards @TimMinchin #revolting

MATILDA PERFORMANCE!! No secret that @MatildaBroadway is my favorite show of the season. Been waiting for this one. #TonyAwards

.@CourtneyBVance: "I'd like to thank George C. Wolfe, George C. Wolfe, and George C. Wolfe" #TonyAwards @LuckyGuyPlay

And @TheTonyAwards for Best Featured Actor in a Play goes to... @CourtneyBVance!!!!! #TonyAwards His first Tony, third nomination!!!

Audra McDonald and Zach Quinto announce nominees for Best Featured Actor in a Play. #TonyAwards

NPH referred to "8 shows a week" AND there was a @LesMiserables mention AND there was a standing ovation -- THREE DRINKS! #TonysDrinkingGame

BEST OPENING NUMBER EVER AT @THETONYAWARDS?!?!? OMG can I please buy this on #itunes RIGHT NOW?!?!?

There are @Newsies in the aisles -- "about 150 of those punks" according to NPH! @TheTonyAwards #TonyAwards

Mike Tyson just tried to bite @ActuallyNPH's ear off in @TheTonyAwards opening number! And now a million kids dancing in unison! #TonyAwards

"You could bounce a quarter/ off the ass of Billy Porter!" - Opening Number @TheTonyAwards #TonyAwards

Did everyone take their (ONE) drink to celebrate @ActuallyNPH's hotness?! #TonysDrinkingGame #TonyAwards

. @TheTonyAwards have officially begun!!!!!!!!!!

ARE!! YOU!! READY!!!!!!!!!!! #TonyAwards

I may want to come back in my next life as @ANALEIGHASHFORD. Hers is one of my fave performances of the season and DAMN does she look hot!!

WORK IT @_CicelyTyson!!! Hot bangs and purple satin dress with huge ruffly detail!!! #TonyAwards

Hard not to be blinded by @AndrewRannells' gorgeous smile, even when he's in the background while someone else gets interviewed #TonyAwards

.@HarveyFierstein & @CyndiLauper on the red carpet together - Cyn has hot, newly dyed dark red locks (which match Harvey's tie)! #TonyAwards

Is anyone in the whole world as beautiful as @AudraEqualityMc?!?!? #TonyAwards

.@Matt_Morrison: "Most people know me from @GLEEonFOX, but my heart is here on #Broadway and I can't wait to be back on the New York stage."

I swoon a bit every time I see @PasekAndPaul, as they continue to live their @TheTonyAwards dreams. Happy bday, @BenjPasek! You're OUR gift.

Looking like a true #prince & #princess... @LauraOsnes & @SantinoFontana are lighting up @TheTonyAwards red carpet. Only missing the crowns!

.@MikeTyson "Tonight I'm doing something very exhilarating [on @TheTonyAwards]. You'll have to tune in to find out" #TonyAwards

David Hyde Pierce: "The longer I'm in @VanyaSonia, the more I identify with my character. I think maybe I'm turning into Christopher Durang"

Kristine Nielsen on Maggie Smith: "She sent me a lovely birthday card that said, 'I wish I could be there to see you being me!'" #TonyAwards

Victoria Clark wearing a red carpet dress by William Ivey Long -- who also designed her incredible gown(s) in @CinderellaBway!! #TonyAwards

Victoria Clark, Jane Krakowski, Richard Kind, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson all hugging & kissing in the background on @TheTonyAwards red carpet!!

Jerry Mitchell: "These are my 7th & 8th nominations. I've surpassed @HarveyFierstein by 1! Then again, I only have 1 Tony, so..." @jammyprod

Wow! @ValisiaLeKae is a vision in purple!!! She & Charl Brown singing impromtu "My Girl" to @FDilella on @TheTonyAwards red carpet!!

Tom Hanks: "No definite plans to take @LuckyGuyPlay to #London, but the idea's in our hearts if not in our pocketbooks - yet." #TonyAwards

Tom Hanks: "I'd never read a play that captured this essence of journalism before Nora Ephron's @LuckyGuyPlay." #TonyAwards cc @TomHanks

TRACY LETTS & CARRIE COON ARE ENGAGED!!! They met in @WoolfonBroadway!!!! I love love. #TonyAwards

Laurie Metcalf on @TheTonyAwards red carpet with her daughter Zoe, beautiful in black! #TonyAwards

Christopher Durang and @LauraBenanti on the carpet. Laura looking INCREDIBLE in royal blue. Durang looking healthy & happy! #TonyAwards

I never get tired of seeing those cutie @Newsies boys. #amiright? #TonyAwards

Judith Light: "This [#Broadway] community always makes me feel that I am coming home. So welcoming, so wonderful, so kind." #TonyAwards

Judith Light on @TheTonyAwards red carpet, wearing a gorgeous creme @ZacPosenStudio dress. Perfect with her complexion! #TonyAwards
Will Chase: "@StephanieJBlock & I will be in 'Little Miss Sunshine' musical at @2STNYC together. Guess we're as cast a pair now" #TonyAwards
Shalita Grant & @WillChaseMe on @TheTonyAwards red carpet. Both say they are "nerves-free". Shalita in gorgeous sparkling gown!
Diane Paulus on @TheTonyAwards red carpet: "I have loved @PippinMusical since I was a little girl" #TonyAwards
Carolee Carmello: "I'm working on 'Tuck Everlasting' musical with Casey Nicholaw, hoping to come to #Broadway next season" #TonyAwards
Rob McClure: "Honeymoon in Vegas" musical (starring Rob) will debut at @Paper_Mill Playhouse and hope for a #Broadway transfer #TonyAwards
Rob McClure on @TheTonyAwards red carpet: "I was terrified to take on Charlie Chaplin" #TonyAwards cc: @ChaplinBway

Rebecca Luker: "I'll be doing 'The Little Dancer' musical at the @KennedyCenter in about a year & a half" #TonyAwards

Danny Burstein & Rebecca Luker on the red carpet at @TheTonyAwards. Him: tux with plaid bowtie. Her: teal halter dress. #TonyAwards


And... HERE WE GO!!! @TheTonyAwards #LIVE red carpet hosted by @FDilella & friends!! Live on NY1

One last time for anyone who missed it: all 25 rules for the 2013 #TonysDrinkingGame here: DRINK WATER IF YOU MUST!!!

One of my #TonysDrinkingGame rules is "Drink for @ActuallyNPH's hotness." IMPORTANT: Only do this once! Otherwise you might die! #TonyAwards

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