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The 2013 #TonysDrinkingGame!!!

The Tonys are about celebrating the best of Broadway theatre from the past 12 months. And what is America's favorite way to celebrate? By pouring liquids into our mouths!!

Mix up a few pitchers of your favorite cocktail or mocktail, get cozy on the couch, and follow these 25 simple rules.


Join the fun on twitter with hashtag #TonysDrinkingGame!

  1. Drink for Neil Patrick Harris' hotness. (Only do this once, please, or the game will be over before it began!)

  2. Take a sip for any 2013 Tony nominee that performs in the opening number.

  3. Drink for any mention of Les Miserables. (via @misschristine94)

  4. When a presenter awkwardly stumbles through their lines, or refers to a malfuctioning teleprompter, it's time for a drink.

  5. Take a sip when a first-time nominee wins in any category.

  6. Drink when a winner sheds visible tears during the acceptance speech, or claims they "didn't write a speech" because they "didn't expect to win!"

  7. Take a drink anytime a Broadway star refers to their "journey" to get where they are now. (via @LetMeBeY0urStar)

  8. Take a drink when a Tony is accepted by anyone still in costume from their previous performance.

  9. Drink if a winner thanks their high school dance/music/drama teacher (via @misslizrichards)

  10. Drink if a losing nominee is shown giving the winning nominee a 'stink face' (via @alanakoontz), or if a winner continues speaking after the orchestra starts to play them off (via @samanthareho)

  11. Big slug of your drink anytime someone tells their kids (through the TV) that they can "go to bed now".

  12. Take a drink for any performance from a show that is not eligible for a 2013 Tony Award... and pour a little out for the homies whenever a performance is given by a show that is already closed.

  13. Drink every time a performance involves one or more child actors. (via @brothermarc7)

  14. Drink every time someone does jazz hands! (via @stephgav7226)

  15. Take a gulp if any two women are shown wearing the same (or an eerily similar) gown.

  16. Drink any time an "inappropriate word" is bleeped out for broadcast.

  17. Half a sip if anyone calls Matthew Morrison "Mr. Shue" or Lea Michele "Rachel Berry."

  18. A sip any time "Smash" is mentioned. 10x if we learn that Bombshell or Hit List will actually be produced!! (via @mscathmizrahi)

  19. Drink if Cristin Milioti does a bit with Neil Patrick Harris, wherein she is the Mother from "How I Met Your Mother" or he is the guy from Once

  20. Drink when someone wears the red sequin platform boots from Kinky Boots! Twice if it's NPH. (via @mschwagr)

  21. Drink whenever someone says "8 shows/times a week" (via @mezosaurus)

  22. Drink when Bette Midler / Alan Cumming is shown. Twice if they present. Three times if shown together. 10 times if either storms the stage!

  23. Drink when a commercial airs that features a nominee, performer, or song from a current Broadway show.

  24. Every time they show a snippet of an award that was given out in a commercial break... drink! (via @BradBerridge6)

  25. Drink anytime there is a standing ovation. (via @kris_gee)

...And then get on your feet and join the crowd -- if you can stand after all this, that is!!


  • Drink when I accidentally tweet a crazy typo (since I'll be live-tweeting the Tonys AND taking part in this drinking game!).

  • Take a long swig if I accidentally tweet the same piece of information twice

  • Drink twice if any presenter, winner, or performer mentions Twitter. Finish the bottle if anyone mentions @BroadwayGirlNYC or the 2013 Tonys Drinking Game!

(Drinking game for entertainment purposes only. Mocktails encouraged, as BroadwayWorld and BroadwayGirlNYC in no way endorse #TonysDrinkingGame alcohol poisoning.)

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