BWW Interview: Valeria Llaneza, an argentinian performer, singer and dancer living her dream in NYC!

BWW Interview: Valeria Llaneza,  an argentinian performer, singer and dancer living her dream in NYC!

Valeria Llaneza, is a 31 year old argentinian performer, actress, singer and dancer. She is currently living her dream in New York City where she says ¨Feels like home¨ .

At present, she plays the lead role of Doña Chola at a tango production called ¨Un tango para Tita¨. Doña Chola is a lonely 45 year old woman who represents very argentinian customs! .¨Playing this role is very special for me, it reminds me of my grandparents, and how they passed their culture to their kids and grandkids; makes me think of the customs that each country/town has and how they are passed from generation to generation¨. Valeria continues: ¨Doña Chola lived most of her years in Caminito an iconic place in Buenos Aires; she drinks mate all day and eats empanadas as often as she can, typical argentinian customs ¨. Un Tango para Tita is also a very special show for Valeria because everybody on stage has a latin background and the show ends up being a beautiful cultural mix where both english and spanish language is heard.

There are 9 shows already sold to perform at different Manhattan and Brooklyn libraries and the cast and production of the show expect even more!

BWW Interview: Valeria Llaneza,  an argentinian performer, singer and dancer living her dream in NYC!
There are 4 performers on stage, Camila Taleisnik as Tita, Facundo Agustin Ortigoza as Gardelito, Valeria as Doña Chola and Ruben Darío Cruz as Don Giovanni.
Valeria is from a little town in Buenos Aires called Haedo. There, as a little girl, she atended the local Musical Theater Institute where later on she became the performing teacher for young kids persuing their own dreams as artists. She also worked for important Institutions and Schools from Buenos Aires, Capital, as a performing teacher as well.

BWW Interview: Valeria Llaneza,  an argentinian performer, singer and dancer living her dream in NYC!

Aside from ¨Un tango para Tita¨ Valeria was also part of successful productions and projects in NYC. She performed several times at ¨Let's Off Broadway¨ and ¨Don't Tell Mama¨ cabarets where she held soloist roles and sang some of her favorite songs, enchanting audiences each time. She was also part of an amazing Contemporary-Ballet-Musical called ¨Falling Angel¨as the Assistant of Production. While she wasn't on stage for this production, her work behind the curtains as part of the production team was proven just as critical to its success. ¨The experience of working on Production was revealing to me, I am seriously considering for the future to work on the backstage of shows, what a joy!¨ Valeria says. Other NYC productions she was part of were: ¨Pool Scum¨, ¨This is Us¨, and ¨Trickeration¨.

Also, because of her studies in Latin America and the US, she offers a unique insight, promoting cultural exchange and sharing a vast source of knowledge and mastery with performing arts students in NYC. She teaches young performers at the New York Kids Club, a pre-school company that offers extracurricular studies like art and music to kids. She also collaborates with Casita de Arte, where she teaches art classes in spanish to 4 to 5 year old kids.

Valeria is also a family girl, like every other Argentinian in the world, that is why she will be visiting her love ones for the hollidays but because she never stops working and improving herself, she will be hosting and teaching a performing workshop in Buenos Aires during the months of December and January. To book a place email Vale:
Valeria atended the integrated Musical Theater Program at AMDA, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Also, she never stopped improving her dance skills while attending school; she took complementary dance classes at Broadway Dance Center &Steps on Broadway whenever she found some free time. Before coming to the US, Valeria obtained her Bachelor's degree of Dramatic Arts at The Salvador University, Argentina, degree which facilitated her to become a Musical Theater teacher in Buenos Aires for many years.

BWW Interview: Valeria Llaneza,  an argentinian performer, singer and dancer living her dream in NYC!

As an artist in Argentina, she performed at the Opera Theater in Buenos Aires and the Latin America tour of ¨Barbie Live, las aventuras de las Princesas¨. She played María Chiquita at ¨Obras Cortas de Julio Chavez¨ and she played Agustina at Ocho mujeres. She was also part of the show ¨Solas pero no Tanto¨, ¨María de Buenos Aires¨, ¨Me Amas, Me Amas¨, ¨Romeo&Juliet el Musical¨ among others. She was also part of the reopening of the prestigious and iconic Argentinian Teatro Colón.

Best of the Luck to Valeria on her journey in the US! We hope to see her in many more amazing productions!!!

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