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Based on The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder

Hangar Theatre to Present BACK TO THE GARDEN Tribute Show, 9/19-20
by BWW News Desk - Sep 9, 2014

Back to the Garden, a musical tribute to folk-rock trailblazers Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Laura Nyro, delighted audiences last fall and is returning to the Hangar Theatre on September 19 and 20 at 8pm. (more...)

Tickets to Go on Sale 9/14 for 'DIRTY DANCING' in Atlanta This Fall
by BWW News Desk - Sep 8, 2014

Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta has announced that individual tickets for the Atlanta premiere of Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage at the Fox Theatre will go on sale September 14 at 10 a.m. (more...)

Piksel Announces European Launch of 2Si at IBC 2014 With Ex Machina's PlayToTV
by BWW News Desk - Sep 8, 2014

NEW YORK, NY(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2014) - (more...)

Tapcentive Extends Mobile Platform Capabilities with First of its Kind NFC/BLE Devices for the Next Generation of In-Location Engagement
by BWW News Desk - Sep 8, 2014

Unlike beacon-only solutions that are hidden and rely on chance encounters with consumers via push-based messaging and engagement, consumers “tap” Touchpoints to receive intelligently designed incentives that can be wrapped in gamifying experiences. “Broadcasting unsolicited content to consumers' mobile devices without any visual or tangible tie-in leaves engagement 'to chance' and risks brand damage for those customers who want to remain in control of their shopping or venue-based experiences,” said Dave Wentker, CEO of Tapcentive. “Tapcentive is built around visible technology that marketers can brand and customers can see, understand, and choose to engage with. Using Tapcentive, marketing campaigns can provide customers with a clear call-to-action that is simple to understand, for example, “Visit our locations and Tap in here for rewards.”” (more...)

BWW Blog: Out of the Box's Audition Workshop Brings Out My Inner Performer
by Maggie Yates - Sep 8, 2014

Some people have the obsession to seek spotlight, the urgency to perform renditions of circumstances representative of the human experience. I do not feel that call, though I've stepped closer to understanding its appeal. (more...)

BWW Reviews: WAIT UNTIL DARK Is Worth Seeing - and Hearing - at Northwest Classical
by Patrick Brassell - Sep 7, 2014

Their production of Wait Until Dark is based on a revised script by Jeffrey Hatcher that premiered in 2013. The original, by Frederick Knott, opened in 1966 and was set at that time; this version is backdated to the 1940s. The loot is slightly different, and there are a few four-letter words added to the text, but beyond these cosmetic touches the script is the same. (more...)

BWW Blog: Paige Davis - Life's Dancing Lessons
by Guest Blogger: Paige Davis - Sep 5, 2014

I had intended this to be the blog entry I'd post immediately following the closing of Dancing Lessons, the play I just finished at Barrington Stage Company, but then the #IceBucketChallenge kind of took the spotlight on that day. Hard to top that moment! But now I can circle back. (more...)

Sherman Playhouse Opens Horton Foote's DIVIDING THE ESTATE 9/19
by BWW News Desk - Sep 5, 2014

On Friday, September 19, the curtain will rise on DIVIDING THE ESTATE, a Texas-sized comedy by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Horton Foote. The show begins at 8:00 p.m. for a four-week run. (more...)

Forbes Living Features WOWindow Posters
by BWW News Desk - Sep 5, 2014

The producers of Forbes Living are excited to announce that WOWindow Posters and owner Robert Schott will be featured in an upcoming segment as part of their "Happening Home Décor" series. The show is hosted by Forbes Riley, an award-winning TV host in the D2C industry, author, entrepreneur, mother, and one of the nation's leading health and wellness experts. (more...)

Members of Pussy Riot Launch Independent News Service in Russia
by BWW News Desk - Sep 4, 2014

Pussy Riot members Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina have launched MediaZona - a new independent Russian news outlet focussing on courts, law enforcement and the prison system. (more...)

Yahoo! JAPAN Partners With Treasure Data to Deliver Cloud-Based Big Data Services for Marketers
by BWW News Desk - Sep 30, 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Treasure Data, a cloud service for big data, today announced a partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN to offer big data solutions. The partnership's first offering, Yahoo! JAPAN Big Data Insight will be available in Japan, enabling marketing and technology leaders to solve the challenge of rapidly collecting, storing and analyzing massive volumes of their business-related data about customers, marketing and advertising activities. With the new service, companies can have massive big data processing capabilities in a matter of days, without the cost, investment and effort of building or maintaining a complex infrastructure. (more...)

Free Online Migrations to IBM SoftLayer Made Easier than Ever
by BWW News Desk - Sep 30, 2014

ATLANTA, Sept. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) The Cloud Path for IBM portal used for transitioning workloads to SoftLayer now offers support for SoftLayer Object Storage in order to store captured customer images. By adding support for SoftLayer Object Storage, Cloud Path for IBM ensures that the customer's data is always 100 percent within their control to help ensure security, as well as compliance with regulatory and governance policies. (more...)

BWW CD Reviews: Cazwell's HARD 2 B FRESH Makes Fresh Look Easy
by David Clarke - Sep 30, 2014

If you're a fan of Cazwell, you've been anticipating HARD 2 B FRESH since Nov. 8, 2011 when his single 'Unzip Me' was released. If you're not familiar with Cazwell, this album is a great introduction to him. Ranging in styles from house and electronica to rap and dance, Cazwell's HARD 2 B FRESH is 100% a contemporary hip-hop album that sounds like it was recorded in the early 1990s. #ThrowbackTuesday, anyone? (more...)

BWW Reviews: PSYCHE A Modern Rock Opera, Art Brought to Life
by Ellen Dostal - Sep 3, 2014

The world premiere of PSYCHE: A Modern Rock Opera is undeniably impressive, especially when you consider the scope of the author's vision and the level of detail that has gone into its execution. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Interview with Former Balagan Executive Director Jake Groshong on the Closing of Balagan
by Jay Irwin - Sep 29, 2014

There's been much speculation surrounding Balagan Theatre and their financial woes since the announcement of their closing and the canceling of the rest of their season. I recently sat down with former Balagan Executive Director Jake Groshong, one of the men in the center of it all, to get his take on the situation. (more...)

BEHIND THE SCENES: Live Cinema Broadcast of BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL, Victoria Palace Theatre, September 28 2014
by Gary Naylor - Sep 29, 2014

Gary Naylor sees his first Billy Elliot and marvels at a tremendous central performance while wondering if the show is just a little too manipulative for his tastes. (more...)

BWW Interviews: FIGARO's Isabel Leonard -- The Girl, the Boy and the Voice
by Richard Sasanow - Sep 29, 2014

'Cherubino is crazy in some ways, in good ways,' says Isabel Leonard, who is singing the role of the young male page in the Almaviva household in the Metropolitan Opera's new Richard Eyre production of LE NOZZE DI FIGARO. 'He sees everything in Technicolor, eyes wide open, taking everything in, not missing a second that he could possibly enjoy in his life.”' (more...)

Munched Kitty Publications Announces Debut
by BWW News Desk - Sep 28, 2014

'It's exciting!' Michele Barszcz can hardly contain her excitement. 'I have always loved reading, and now I'm actually publishing books that I like. It's a lot of hard work, but I love it.' So says the founder of the latest small publishing house to hit the markets, with unbound enthusiasm. Once upon a time, such a fairy tale would have been impossible, as giant publishing conglomerates fortified their castles with alligator-filled moats and high walls that were virtually impenetrable. Back then, if Michele had been really lucky, she might have gotten a job plowing through 'slush piles' of unsolicited submissions for a few years to prove herself worthy of a higher position, but she would most likely have remained a cog in the publishing house bureaucracy forever. With the rise of computers, advancements in printing, and numerous companies offering direct marketing services, however, small entrepreneurs like Michele can turn their publishing dreams into reality. It was just as difficult for authors, if not worse, in the old days. After possibly spending an eternity writing, editing, proofreading and polishing a cherished masterpiece, authors often languished for years trying to claw their way through the fortress barriers, often spending months to find an agent and even longer to convince a mega-house to begrudgingly deign to read their manuscript. Since first-time submissions from unknown authors are rarely accepted on the first try, the cycle of submission-rejection-submission tends to repeat itself Over and Over. Acclaimed author John Grisham was one of those rejected repeatedly. Before Harry Potter became a worldwide sensation and a series of blockbuster movies, more than a dozen publishers rejected the book and its unknown author. At the time, they all said, 'J.K. Rowling? Who is that?' Now those publishers all know who she is, but only long after passing on the chance to cash in by publishing her works. The marriage of technology and creativity has proven to be a heavenly union for small publishers and authors alike. Many authors have made fortunes self-publishing after others rejected their work, but some things remain constant. A book still must be good to sell, no matter who publishes it. And a golden opportunity doesn't guarantee a golden outcome. The old moat and drawbridge were there for a reason. Without them, there is nothing to keep the barbarian hoards from storming the castle, and the market is now filled with substandard, poorly written garbage published out of some yokel's basement, making it harder for a true masterpiece to rise above the refuse. Michele sees it this way, 'Even with all the technology, it's still critical to find the right books to publish. Books that people will want to buy.' So what can readers expect from Munched Kitty? If the house's first two books are any indication, quite a variety. The first book scheduled for publication is "Judging Professional MMA," by Mixed Martial Arts judge, Glenn Trowbridge. The following act is a comedy horror love story by veteran Joseph Tatner called, "Floyd and Mikki: Zombie Hunters." Glenn has never written a book before, while Joseph has made his living as a writer for more than 20 years. Michele sees a solid market for both books, and that is what drives her decisions on what to publish. Despite the obvious goal of making money, Michele isn't greedy about it. In fact, she is on a mission to keep books affordable. '$19.95 for a paperback is ridiculous, not matter how good it is,' she opines. 'With the cost of everything going up, people want to escape their troubles in a good book. My goal is to keep it affordable for them. If we can sell books at a lower price, we will make about the same money, but we'll reach more people and build brand loyalty. You can't put a price on that.' Just who is the Munched Kitty in the logo? Munch is a happy survivor. She was abandoned and then rescued off the streets of Las Vegas. Her mangled left ear and missing half of a right fang weren't the only things munched when she showed up. The frail feline had a large patch of skin missing from the back of her neck. Fortunately, tender loving care by her adopted family brought her back to full health. 'I couldn't think of a catchy publishing name that wasn't taken. Then I decided to name the company after Munch. After all, she's living proof that you can succeed against all odds.' No doubt Michele will succeed as well, one way or the other. Munched Kitty Publications (mkpubs.com) is a little publishing house with big ambitions and grand hopes. (more...)

SFCM Presents Awards to Voice Faculty César Ulloa and Student Mark Grisez
by BWW News Desk - Sep 26, 2014

San Francisco Conservatory of Music voice faculty Cesar Ulloa received the Sarlo Family Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching at a special Convocation ceremony held in the Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall on Wednesday, September 24. (more...)

Un-Gyve Press to Publish Collected Poems of John Crowe Ransom
by BWW News Desk - Sep 26, 2014

BOSTON, Sept. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ (more...)

BWW Recap: They Left Their Heart(s) in NASHVILLE
by Wendi Reichstein - Sep 25, 2014

In true soap-opera drama fashion, NASHVILLE gives us a peek of a very intense near future before rewinding us back about 12 hours. In this sneak peek, we're greeted with an indecisive Rayna, Juliette having a meltdown Britney Spears style (haircut and all), a very confused, trying-to-hide-the-truth-that-her-husband-just-came-out-to-her Layla, and a very angry Luke Wheeler who, after unexpectedly punching Deacon in the face, exclaiming “Why can't you just let her be happy?” To which Deacon responds, “Why can't you?” And thus begins Season 3 of NASHVILLE Half a day earlier, we begin to taxing, but nonetheless exciting task, of putting the pieces together. Scarlett is headed out of NASHVILLE, Juliette is begging for Avery's forgiveness, and Will and Layla are trying, albeit poorly, to continue their charade. (more...)

Fracking Documentary BREAKING FREE Set for 30th Annual Boston Film Festival
by Movies News Desk - Sep 25, 2014

A premiere of Breaking Free: The Shale Rock Revolution, a new documentary about the American energy renaissance directed by independent filmmaker Robin Bossert, will be featured in the closing day showcase (more...)

Mother & the Motion Cookies, a Family of Smart Devices for the Smart Home, Making Life Safer, Healthier and More Fun
by BWW News Desk - Sep 24, 2014

NEW YORK, September 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ (more...)

Rent and Lend From Your Friends' Closest with KOOKOPA
by BWW News Desk - Sep 24, 2014

Kookopa [koo-koh-pa], is a new fashion community for women to rent designer fashion to and from each other. With Kookopa, women can discover their best friend's, roommates and sister's closet all rolled into one! What more could a girl want? This peer-to-peer RENT AND LEND platform offers women new looks from designers like Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Herve Leger, Vera Wang and many more at a nominal cost. (more...)

by BWW News Desk - Sep 24, 2014

MELBOURNE, Australia (more...)

Tickets to DIRTY DANCING at Orpheum Theatre Now On Sale
by BWW News Desk - Sep 24, 2014

Tickets for the Minneapolis premiere of Dirty Dancing-The Classic Story On Stage are on sale now. The staged musical of this worldwide smash-hit film debuts at the Orpheum Theatre October 7-19, 2014 as part of the 2014-2015 Thrivent Financial Broadway on Hennepin season. Tickets may be purchased in person (no service fees) at the State Theatre Box Office, online at HennepinTheatreTrust.org, by calling 1.800.982.2787 or visiting a Ticketmaster Center. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Karen Pittman Talks Broadway Debut of Pulitzer Prize Winning DISGRACED
by David Clarke - Sep 24, 2014

The 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama winning play DISGRACED is about to begin previews at Broadway's Lyceum Theatre. In anticipation of this drama's return to New York City stages, I recently had an opportunity to talk with Karen Pittman, who is returning to the role of Jory. Together, we discussed the play's Broadway debut, its exploration of relevant sociopolitical issues, and why audiences must see this show. (more...)

BWW Reviews: SCARY MUSICAL THE MUSICAL a Fun Entertainment for NoHo ACE
by Don Grigware - Sep 23, 2014

Clever and full of campy humor, the world premiere Scary Musical The Musical has a dangerously speedy pace that will surely keep you on your toes as you enjoyably try to figure out whodunit. Now at the NoHo Arts Center and produced by NoHo ACE, the new musical has brilliantly skilled direction and choreography from James Mellon and boasts a truly killer cast, through November 9. (more...)

BWW Recap: MASTERS OF SEX Finally Gives Libby Her Due
by Aimee Curameng - Sep 22, 2014

Libby. This episode of MASTERS OF SEX was really all about Libby. I know other things happened but I really just want to get to Libby. All right, let met give you a quick rundown and then we're going to talk about Libby and the wonderful work of Caitlin Fitzgerald and Robert, played by Jocko Sims. (more...)

BWW Reviews: OCCUPANT - The True or False History of Sculptor, Louise Nevelson at Cesear's Forum
by Roy Berko - Sep 22, 2014


BWW Review: Fresh Production, Unfresh Play: AMADEUS at Center Stage
by Jack L. B. Gohn - Sep 22, 2014

There is nothing wrong with the handsome production director Kwame Kwei-Armah has given us, from the amazing two-storey set by Timothy R. Mackabee to the decolletage-heavy, periwig-topped, bustle-bottomed, gilded costumes of David Burdick, to the sturdy performances of Bruce Randolph Nelson and Stanton Nash as Salieri and Mozart, to literally everything else associated with this resurrection of the show. I am convinced that the problem lies with the script itself. (more...)

Listen: Kanye Thinks Kim is 'Awesome'
by BWW News Desk - Sep 2, 2014

First seen on MTV.com during Sunday night's episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” a snippet of Kanye West's 'Awesome' played in the background while Kim and company explained the first time they'd heard it. (more...)

The Colorado Ballet Presents DRACULA, 10/31
by BWW News Desk - Sep 18, 2014

DENVER – Colorado Ballet will present Dracula, October 31-November 2, 2014 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Dracula features choreography by Michael Pink and music by Philip Feeney, performed live by the Colorado Ballet Orchestra. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Denver Center's BETH MALONE on Homecomings, Icons, and MOLLY BROWN
by Michael Mulhern - Sep 18, 2014

We sit down with the amazing Beth Malone to talk about her challenges with Molly Brown, working at the Denver Center, her Denver homecoming, and so much more! (more...)

WHITNEY HOUSTON LIVE: Her Greatest Performances to Be Released 11/10
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, has announced plans to release Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances, on Monday November 10(th). (more...)

Mediaocean Launches Prisma Avails, Providing Agencies Access to Automated Guaranteed Inventory from Major Publishers and SSPs Including AOL and Yahoo
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Mediaocean, the leading software provider for the global advertising world, today announced the launch of its automated guaranteed media buying solution, Prisma Avails, to further simplify and enhance the digital ad campaign process for buyers and suppliers. (more...)

Mediaocean Launches Prisma Avails, Providing Agencies Access to Automated Guaranteed Inventory from Major Publishers and SSPs Including AOL and Yahoo
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Mediaocean, the leading software provider for the global advertising world, today announced the launch of its automated guaranteed media buying solution, Prisma Avails, to further simplify and enhance the digital ad campaign process for buyers and suppliers. (more...)

Wipebook - The Popular Dry-Erase Notebook - Now Available Through OnTheHub at Exclusive Academic Pricing
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

OTTAWA, Sept. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Taking notes in class just got a lot easier for students in Canada and the U.S. with the introduction today of the revolutionary Wipebook™ notebook on the OnTheHub™ eStore and network of school-branded web stores powered by Kivuto Solutions Inc., the world's leading provider of hosted, flexible and scalable solutions for complex digital distribution requirements. Designed to combine traditional notebooks and whiteboards, Wipebook blends the capabilities of both in a compact, Proclick-bound collection of removable, specially-coated, erasable sheets on which users can write notes, plot charts, draw graphics, or compose music with correctable markers. All notes can be easily wiped away when they are no longer needed, so the sheets can be reused Over and Over again. 'Wipebook alleviates the frustration most students have with conventional writing tools,' said Frank Bouchard, Wipebook co-founder. 'Pencils offer the opportunity to erase mistakes, but often leave a mess on the page. Pens offer smooth writing and a variety of color options, but are not the right choice when you don't want your ideas or notes to be permanent. Whiteboards offer the best of both, but they are not portable. So we created Wipebook to provide users with the whiteboard experience, but in a format that they can take with them and that can be saved for future reference without smudging. And when you no longer need the notes, you just erase the page you don't want and reuse it. It's a great tool and we are now offering it at a special academic price available only through OnTheHub.' Available now to eligible students, faculty, and staff in Canada and the U.S. at $22.99 (savings of close to 40% off retail), Wipebook can be purchased in lined, grid, blank or music page variants, and is shipped with one black correctable pen. 'Anyone who is into design, wire framing, sketching, doodling, ideation, diagraming and simply writing ideas down rather than typing them will appreciate this new and innovative notebook. We are happy to welcome the Wipebook team aboard and be able to bring this special offer to the academic community via OnTheHub' said Gustavo Sanchez, Director of Marketing. About Wipebook Wipebook co-founders Frank Bouchard, Toby Maurice and Thomas Sychterz met in an entrepreneurship class during their Masters in Engineering at the University of Ottawa in February 2013. After some success with the original version of Wipebook, the trio decided to launch a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in November/December 2013 to finance production of a new and improved version. Within 30 days, sales exceeded $420,000, more than 1000 percent of their initial $4000 goal. About Kivuto Kivuto Solutions is the world's leading provider of advanced digital distribution and management solutions that enable the secure delivery of digital goods to individuals, businesses, and organizations anywhere in the world. Kivuto simplifies the process of delivering any digital good to any market under virtually any terms and conditions. Over 60,000 academic institutions and departments trust Kivuto to manage and distribute software to their students, faculty and staff. The company distributes software in 195 countries and supports 14 languages. www.kivuto.com. (more...)

Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances to be released November 10, 2014
by BWW News Desk - Sep 16, 2014

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, has announced plans to release Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances, on Monday November 10 th. The six-time Grammy-award winning singer's first-ever live album features the most memorable live performances from her storied career. The album will also be available as a CD/DVD, which includes stunning videos of Houston's most unforgettable performances, reinforcing her as one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Both the audio and visual content have undergone state-of-the-art restoration and remastering. (more...)

Here I Go Again! BWW Interviews ROCK OF AGES Superfan Abe Calimag on His 500th Show
by Caryn Robbins - Sep 11, 2014

Today, Calimag speaks exclusively with BWW about his most memorable stage door experiences, the wide variety of actors he has seen take on these iconic roles and his own personal reflections on the 500 performances he has attended throughout the years. (more...)

Charlie Pollock and Mary Kate Morrissey to Star in Signature Theatre's ELMER GANTRY This Fall
by BWW News Desk - Sep 11, 2014

Signature Theatre has announced the cast of Elmer Gantry, a musical version of Sinclair Lewis' best-selling novel, directed by Signature's Artistic Director Eric Schaeffer (Broadway's Follies, Million Dollar Quartet). Schaeffer collaborated on the last production of Elmer Gantry at Marriott's Lincolnshire Theatre in Chicago with authors John Bishop (book), Mel Marvin (music) and Bob Satuloff (lyrics) in 1998; the show has not been produced since then. This will be the 5th production in the show's history. Running in the MAX Theatre October 7 - November 9, Signature's production will include several brand new songs by Mel Marvin and Bob Satuloff and a reimagined script that John Bishop worked on until his death in 2006. (more...)

DIRTY DANCING Coming to Bass Concert Hall, 11/11-16
by BWW News Desk - Sep 11, 2014

Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage premieres in Austin November 11 - 16. The staged musical of this worldwide smash-hit film will play at Bass Concert Hall. (more...)

Website Showcases Writing From First World War Trenches
by BWW News Desk - Sep 10, 2014

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ 2014 marks the centenary of the First World War. To commemorate it, information powerhouse ProQuest has created a free online gallery of 100-year-old magazines written and illustrated mostly unofficially and anonymously by troops serving on the War's fronts, including trenches around the world. Poems, essays, jokes, cartoons and observations are displayed within crisp, full-color digital reproductions of the original magazines, providing an intimate, ground-level view of the 'War to End All Wars.' It's a sliver of a massive archive of so-called 'trench journals' that ProQuest digitized in conjunction with world-renowned libraries and museums. Trench Journals Digital Galleryprovides a museum-like tour of the larger research database, enabling visitors to explore materials that were previously only available in their original (and fragile) print editions. (more...)

BWW Interviews: LES MISERABLES, Featuring Relationships, Revolutions and Re-Imaginings, to Open at Apollo Civic Theater
by Johnna Leary - Sep 10, 2014

"Do You Hear the People Sing?" Then come join the revolution as Les Miserables opens at the Apollo Civic Theater in Martinsburg, WV this Friday. Co-directed by Bob LeBlanc and Jennifer Noll and musically directed by Jeff Poland, this epic musical about one man's quest for redemption during the July student revolution of 1832 will premiere live on stage. (more...)

Chloe Brooks, 17, Stars as FANNY BRICE at 13th Street Rep
by BWW News Desk - Aug 31, 2014

Playwright Chip Deffaa says he never dreamed, when his musical play "One Night with Fanny Brice," first opened Off-Broadway at St. Luke's Theater in the 2011-2012 season, that the starring role would someday be played by a teenager. Over the past three years, stars in their 30s, 40s, and 60s have played the show, which transferred in 2013 to the 13th Street Repertory Theater. Chloe Brooks, who now stars in the show, after previously serving as an understudy, is just 17. (more...)

Florian Westermann Presents MAGIC PLACES Photography Exhibit, 9/10
by BWW News Desk - Aug 31, 2014

His passion is to discover and capture the breathtaking spectacle of landscape and light, wherever on earth he may find it. Being in the middle of nature, which has changed little in thousands of years and where one wishes that time would stop while looking at the scenery in awe, is for him an unbelievable wealth that he wants to share. It is to these magical places that Florian Westermann wants to lead the viewer emotionally and communicate their beauty, grandeur and drama. He wants to show that the unbelievable is reality and is really there. Florian Westermann (b. 1980), grew up in West Berlin and witnessed firsthand the fall of the wall. Reunification and the city as a rapidly changing melting pot influenced his childhood and youth. Already in this context, he developed a very strong interest in photography. The city offered him an inexhaustible wealth of inspiration and motives. However, he soon discovered his special predilection for nature photos. After leaving school, he started his career as a business journalist in 1999. On numerous journeys, he also had the opportunity to devote himself to landscape photography and to discover new, fascinating places Over and Over again. Over many years, he managed to teach himself the knowledge that he needed as a photographer. Passion was just as key to his success as his willingness to spare neither expense nor effort in search of the best moments of nature. He realized almost nothing brings people together in the way photography does. For Florian Westermann, it is a universal form of expression that appeals to people very directly in a rational and an emotional way. With the exhibition 'Magical Places' at 'art place berlin', he exhibits works of recent years to a wider audience in Berlin for the first time. Forty-five high-quality large-formats show impressive motifs from the cities of New York and San Francisco, the vastness of the American Southwest, the paradise islands of the Seychelles, and motifs from Europe such as the German and Swiss Alps or the Mediterranean island of Sicily. 'Photography is a fire that burns inside my heart and will not let me go. In pristine nature, I find something that is larger and more important than ourselves' - Florian Westermann. Since 2014, he lives and works in Munich. 'art place berlin' is the forum for contemporary art and intercultural projects at the Park Inn by Radisson Berlin-Alexanderplatz. It offers the opportunity to encounter current international art to over 30,000 monthly guests and visitors. The changing exhibitions show artistic positions in painting, photography, and works on paper. The exhibitions can be visited daily from 9 am - 9 pm with free admission on the ground floor and the 1st floor. Today, 'art place berlin' looks back on 5 years of successful collaboration with artists, curators, and institutions. From the beginning, it could be trusted in the rich experience of organizing more than 100 high-profile exhibitions, which were shown in the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse from 2005 to 2010. art place berlin - forum for contemporary art in the Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz since 2009 Alexanderplatz 7 / Park Inn, 10178 Berlin, Germany (more...)

September's Featured Events at Bookworks Includes Deborah Madison Brunch, Lisa Lenard-Cook and More
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2014

Below are Bookworks' featured events for the month of September. For more information on any of the events, visit bkwrks.com/event. (more...)

Rebecca Ethington Announces Limited Discount for EYES OF EMBER
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2014

Salt Lake City, Utah (more...)

News Channel 4 - KFOR.com and K9 University Partner to Help Dog Owners
by BWW News Desk - Aug 29, 2014

K9 University recently announced that News Channel 4 - KFOR.com and K9 University have entered into an agreement to become KFOR's 'Ask The Expert' resource when dealing with dog related matters. News Channel 4 - KFOR.com is the leading provider of news and weather in Oklahoma, with over 3-million unique visitors accessing KFOR.com each month. News Channel 4 signed on June 6, 1949 and has been delivering news to Oklahomans for over 65 years of broadcasting excellence. KFOR-TV eventually became the first station in the country to introduce color Doppler weather radar and in the 1990s, becoming the first television station to broadcast pictures and video of severe weather via cell phones. KFOR.com was registered by KFOR on August 21, 1995. K9 University's training tips and expert advice will be located on KFOR's Ask The Expert website page, and will also be featured on News Channel 4's Facebook and Twitter pages. 'We have an excellent training program at K9 University, and partnering with News Channel 4 - KFOR.com is an excellent way to educate Oklahomans on how to properly help their furry friends,' says Angel Soriano, President and CEO of K9 University. 'Most dog behaviors are fixable, and understanding how to communicate with your dog is critical in addressing issues.' As a result of this agreement, interviews will be filmed where classical canine behavioral will be covered by K9 University's experts, and then made available to viewers on KFOR's website. In addition to dog training, K9 University also provides a host of first class products such as Boarding School, Drug Dog Detection Services, Dog Bite Safety and severe behavior curving. Through a patented versatile and adaptable approach to working with dogs and their owners, K9U has set the industry standard for achieving positive, sustainable results that can be used Over and Over again to bolster the behavioral learning process. K9U trainers are long-term career animal professionals and behaviorists with a combined 90 years of experience. About K9 University (www.myk9u.com): K9 University is an educational institution focusing on dog training needs from the very basic to advanced and specialized training for problem dogs, dogs suffering with complex conditions, behavioral issues, and dogs that simply have bad habits. For more information visit the web site at www.myk9u.com, or call (405) 231-4335. (more...)

BWW Blog: Paige Davis - The Gold Stage Door
by Guest Blogger: Paige Davis - Aug 28, 2014

When I was 10 years old, I had the life altering good fortune to see A CHORUS LINE on Broadway. It was playing at the Shubert Theater and it offered a gift of magic that stayed with me from curtain up to curtain down, and beyond. I had been transported by the dancers and their stories; so when the show ended, I pleaded with my parents to let me wait at the stage door in Shubert Alley for the dancers to emerge. I didn't have lofty goals of meeting them or asking for their autographs, I just wanted to catch a reassuring glimpse that such creatures were real. (more...)

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