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Let there be laughter! The first five books of the Old Testament get a good-natured ribbing in this hysterical tribute to all of those ordinary, everyday people who didn't make it into the Bible.

Unremarkable though they may be, these hardy Biblical bystanders somehow survive calamity after calamity in outrageous fashion, inventing some useful and practical devices along the way (including the Life Saver--the candy, that is), escaping enslavement in ancient Egypt and helping a young man named Cain find his redemption.

Not Blood Paint to Release New Album BELIEVING IS BELIEVING This June
by BWW News Desk - May 4, 2016

To call Brooklyn art-rock outfit Not Blood Paint unique would be an understatement. Conventionally, the band is theatrically vivid and sonically intense. Musically, it's a group impossible to pigeonhole, far removed from traditional verse-chorus-verse structures. Not Blood Paint's new album, Believing Is Believing is out June 17.  (more...)

BWW Blog: Daniella Ignacio - Life (Without Performing) Can Be Beautiful: How to Survive When You're Not In A Show
by Guest Blogger: Daniella Ignacio - May 4, 2016

Hello hello hello, fellow theatre fans! My name is Daniella, I'm 17 and I'm new here today. The small town in New Jersey that I come from seems so far away. Actually it doesn't, as I am writing this from my school library and unfortunately do not live in New York City yet. But I digress. Through this blog, I plan to document the life of what it's like as a teenager obsessed with musical theatre. Due to my passion for this art form, there aren't many times in the year when I'm not working on a production in some capacity. However, every year since I have begun participating in local theatre, I have not performed much during the spring beyond my school's spring musical, which usually has performances in March. In the Beginning, I found it unfathomable to not be involved with productions during this time, but as the years go by, I continually discover that it can be helpful to take time off from performing. Here are some of my tips for dealing with not being in a show: (more...)

BWW Review: FLAMENCO VIVO CARLOTA SANTANA Premieres Voces de Andalucia at BAM
by Melanie Votaw - May 4, 2016

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana premiered the company's show, "Voces de Andalucia," at the Brooklyn Academy of Music May 3, 2016. The contemporary program paid tribute to Pablo Picasso and Federico Garcia Lorca. (more...)

BWW Interview: Wendy Worthington is Madame Morrible in WICKED
by Heidi Scheuermann - May 26, 2016

The wildly popular show about the witches from Oz is returning to New Orleans for the third time in recent years to share the magic!  WICKED, a musical adaptation of the book by Gregory Maguire, tells the story of two young girls who meet at Shiz University, and go on an adventure that will lead them to become Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West.  If you grew up with THE WIZARD OF OZ, you're going to love WICKED.  Think of it as a behind the scenes look at everything that took place before Dorothy and her little dog too were dropped into the Emerald City. (more...)

Pocky Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary At Sweets & Snacks Expo May 24-26
by BWW News Desk - May 24, 2016

Pocky, the leader in the emerging trend of Asian confections and snack foods, will celebrate its 50 th Anniversary with a visit to the Sweets & Snacks Expo at Chicago's McCormick Place May 24-26. While many Baby Boomers may not be familiar with Pocky, it is especially popular with Millennials and Asian culture fans. (more...)

BWW Weighs In: Katy Fraggos - Are You Setting Yourself Up for Fitness Success?
by Guest Blogger: Katy Fraggos - May 24, 2016

Almost everyone has that one day where they say to themselves, "That's it. I have to get back in shape." (Or at least something to that extent.) So, you know you need to get back into shape. But, where do you start? Most people start by saying they need to lose 10lbs by their vacation… which is 2 weeks away. Let me stop there. We need to take it back a few notches and think this one through and come up with a better approach that will set you up for fitness success rather than failure! (more...)

BWW Recap: GAME OF THRONES Reveals Shocking Truths in 'The Door'
by Jessica Naftaly - May 23, 2016

This weeks episode of GAME OF THRONES entitled 'The Door,' revealed a lot of information and answers to some of the biggest questions of the series, as well answered some questions that don't necessarily need answering. In a show riddled with plot holes, some of which were highlighted this episode, their ability to carry out reveals and give us answers isn't always up to task. If your biggest concern watching GAME OF THRONES was finding out the origin of Hodor's name, then this was the episode for you! If the importance of finding out the origin of the White Walkers, the biggest threat that endangers the lives of all of our characters, is highest on the scale for you, you'll get answer, but the attention and care given to revealing said answer may disappoint you. It's all apparent just looking at the recaps and reactions. The most used phrase from an episode in which we learn where the White Walkers came from, another direwolf dies, a mythic race goes extinct, and the Starks make a battle plan, is 'Hold the door!' That says quite a lot. (more...)

BWW Review: Scenes From a Summer House Tell a Charming Story in The Ensemble's PLENTY OF TIME
by Natalie de la Garza - May 20, 2016

PLENTY OF TIME is a sweet romantic comedy, simultaneously looking back with nostalgia and looking forward with hope. It's not to be missed. (more...)

BWW Review: THINGS MISSING/MISSED Gets Abstract at Obsidian Theater
by Brett Cullum - May 19, 2016

Conversations can be hard to follow, and we're never quite sure what is happening with our couple or our hermit. We're just observing them as they try to fill in the gaps in their lives with items and words. (more...)

Precise Biometrics: Growth with High Profitability
by BWW News Desk - May 17, 2016


BWW Interview: Charles Borland Pulls No Punches in THE FATHER
by Naomi Serviss - May 10, 2016

The play, by Florian Zeller, offers a gut punch of a journey to the center of a man's descent into dementia. (more...)

Tillman Estates Begins Production on New Beyonce and Destiny's Child Documentary
by BWW News Desk - Mar 8, 2016

Dousic Media Group and Dousic Film & Television (affiliates of Dousic Entertainment LLC), in association with Tillman Music Group, and The Andretta Tillman Estate, are proud to announce the start of production on A Child of Destiny, a new documentary about the life of Andretta Tillman and her creation of Beyoncé and Destiny's Child. Filming locations are in Houston, Tyler, and Whitehouse, Texas, as well as Atlanta, Georgia. (more...)

Gary Clegg Releases CAUSE N' EFFECT
by BWW News Desk - Mar 8, 2016

Gary Clegg, a poet, devoted writer and author, has completed his newest work 'Cause N' Effect': a gripping and potent work that delves into a mystery of science, religion, and history. (more...)

BWW Review: Actors Co-op Sizzles with SUMMER AND SMOKE
by Don Grigware - Mar 7, 2016

Tennessee Williams published Summer and Smoke in 1948 and revised and rewrote it in 1964 as The Eccentricities of a Nightingale. Summer and Smoke is the popular, much revived version despite the fact Tennessee himself among many critics considered the second version to be the most lyrical representation of Miss Alma, the Spanish word for soul. In both plays singer/music teacher Alma Winemiller (Tara Battani), daughter of an Episcopalean minister (Jeffrey Markle), is passionately in love with her neighbor young Dr. John Buchanan (Gregory James) and when that love is gradually unrequited rather than become a miserable spinster, after a long struggle of illness and isolation, she turns to prostitution. In a handsome production of Summer and Smoke at Actors co-op, Williams' debate between the flesh and the spirit, body vs. soul, is still burning with poetic truth after almost 70 years. (more...)

BWW Interview: Storm Large Returns to OC with Concert in Aliso Viejo
by Michael L. Quintos - Mar 28, 2016

Sultry and spunky power-vocalist Storm Large is bringing her awesomely fierce sound back to Orange County, this time at Aliso Viejo's state-of-the-art Soka Performing Arts Center on Friday, April 1 at 8pm. She'll be joined by her band Le Bonheur to perform an eclectic mix of standard classics and familiar tunes rendered like only she can. Before her OC concert return this week, Ms. Large agreed to play '20 Questions' with BroadwayWorld's Michael L. Quintos where she talked about her influences, her musical theater aspirations, and why she'd like to trade places with our President for a day (or more).... (more...)

'Sarah Vaughan Live At Rosy's' Out Today on Resonance Records
by BWW News Desk - Mar 25, 2016

Resonance Records with the cooperation of National Public Radio (NPR) is proud to announce the release of Sarah Vaughan - Live At Rosy's, New Orleans on March 25th, 2016. (more...)

Nick G. Taminich Pens THE LIFE AND TIMES OF L&H
by BWW News Desk - Mar 22, 2016

Nick G. Taminich, a late blooming, 72-year-old writer and author, has completed his newest fictionalized work, 'The Life and Times of L & H Laurel and Hardy.' It is an informative work about how two boys became comics as they gathered mannerisms, how the source of their famous Derby hats came to be and their search for 'Timing' as friends from nowhere in the early 1900s to worldwide fame. Nick takes us on a probable journey as we see his classic work describe two boys as they grow up within a past culture. (more...)

Jimmy Ferraro's Studio Theatre Prepares Suncoast Students For Real World Careers
by BWW News Desk - Mar 20, 2016

Forty-year veteran Broadway performing artists Jimmy Ferraro and Dee Etta Rowe have done it all, from leading roles in National Broadway Tours and thousands of performances all over the country, to having produced and directed over 100 performances both here in New Port Richey, Florida and on tour. (more...)

BWW Blog: DSOA's SHREK THE MUSICAL by Maddy Mackarey (Fiona) and Emily Betts (Shoemaker's Elf) - Opening Weekend!
by BWW News Desk - Mar 2, 2016

We did it! After two months of long after-school rehearsals and hard work, our amazing cast and crew made it to opening weekend of Shrek the Musical! I'm Maddy Mackarey, a senior at DSOA, and I play Fiona.  (more...)

BWW Interview: Brilliant Scientist/Artist ANA ISABEL O Publishes New Childrens Books
by Don Grigware - Mar 2, 2016

Internationally known biologist and writer Dr. Ana Isabel O is constantly embarking on new projects. Educated in Europe and a self-taught Victorian patchwork maker since the early 90s, Ordonez has presented her work in France and Luxembourg. As a scientist she holds Masters and PhDs in Genetics, Forestry and Animal Biology and has lectured extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Japan, China, New Zealand and South America on insect-plant pathology and biological control research. She has also written several articles on the value of nature. Ordonez, however, has not confined her interests to the world of science. A true Renaissance woman, she is also a reputed jazz editor, independent filmmaker, music/art promoter and producer. In 2012 she contributed tirelessly to the Dizzy Gillespie Memorial tribute with Christopher Kennedy Lawford, because she believes in her heart that true valuable art of any kind must never be forgotten.  (more...)

San Francisco Opera Guild Presents Nod to Mod Ball Celebrating Matthew Shilvock
by BWW News Desk - Mar 19, 2016

San Francisco Opera Guild celebrates British-native Matthew Shilvock, San Francisco Opera's General Director Designate, with a Nod to Mod Ball on Wednesday, April 20 at San Francisco City Hall. San Francisco Opera Guild co-chairs at the helm of this very festive British-themed event are Ms. Maryam Muduroglu and Ms. CJ Van Pelt. (more...)

BWW Reviews: MAN OF LA MANCHA at Westchester Broadway Theatre
by Kathryn Kitt - Mar 18, 2016

“Man of La Mancha” opened at Westchester Broadway Theatre in the usual grand way. It is certainly exciting to have a robust Cervantes/Don Quixote and silver voiced Aldonza/Dulcinea, but the production, itself needs to iron out some kinks. (more...)

Addtech acquires Poryan China Company Ltd
by BWW News Desk - Mar 18, 2016


BWW Column: How I Feel About LOVE, the Netflix Series, Not the Emotion
by Kaitlin Milligan - Mar 17, 2016

Netflix has begun releasing original comedies that have had a more realistic and dramatic tone. MODERN ROMANCE, LOVE, and the just-released FLAKED, follow a younger male protagonist as he navigates life and all that that entails: from heartbreak to self-questioning. These comedies are far different from shows like PARKS AND RECREATION or MODERN FAMILY that have outlandish and borderline unrealistic storylines. There are many positives about this new type of comedy television show, but they can also present a very singular view on life and love. (more...)

Real Housewives' Kandi Burruss Gets Real About Tackling New Baby on Today's DR. OZ
by TV News Desk - Mar 15, 2016

Real Housewives' Kandi Burruss sits down with Dr. Oz today, Tuesday March 15th to talk about her new baby, her marriage and her body. (more...)

BWW Interview: My Dance Selfie with TRIP OF LOVE'S Colby Q. Lindeman
by Bob Rizzo - Mar 15, 2016

His middle initial stands for Quinn, but close friends call him Colby Q. Colby has recently joined the cast of Off-Broadway's song and dance extravaganza, TRIP OF LOVE where he surfs, shimmies and shakes to the pop sounds of the 60's. A graduate of Oklahoma City University, he's appeared on Broadway in WICKED, toured with Radio City, and danced on television in SMASH and BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Get to know a little more about Colby as he talks dance, underwear, and working for Madonna. (more...)

China's Theatres Zapping Cell Phone Users With Laser Beams
by Michael Dale - Mar 14, 2016

Arming China's theatre ushers with laser beams has effectively decreased cell phone use during performances. (more...)

The Durga Project Among Battery Dance's 40th Anniversary Season Lineup in NYC
by BWW News Desk - Mar 10, 2016

Founded in New York's financial district in 1976, Battery Dance is an anchor in the cultural life of Manhattan and a global ambassador for dance, with signature performances in 65 countries across six continents. The Company celebrates its 40th anniversary season in 2016 with a world premiere and a diverse array of performances at home and abroad. (more...)

The Met Breuer to Launch Inaugural Season on March 18
by BWW News Desk - Mar 1, 2016

On March 18, 2016, The Met will launch its inaugural season at The Met Breuer, its new space dedicated to modern and contemporary art. (more...)

Dr. Betty F. Minus-Murrell Releases UNBOGUS
by BWW News Desk - Mar 1, 2016

'Bogusness is prevalent throughout life associations... [It] is a big problem in our present society,' Dr. Betty F. Minus-Murrell explains. In her second publication titled 'Unbogus: Living the Authentic Life' (published by AuthorHouse), the author portrays not only her own special journey from bogusness to unbogusness, but also speaks to the readers to self-evaluate bogusness in their own lives, to be free of lies and pretenses, and ultimately become one with their inner person. She calls to live the authentic, unbogus life in order to be fulfilled, happy, content, and to possess the joy, peace and love that allows one to live the abundant life God has promised us. In the heart of her book, she inspires to 'know your flaws as well as your assets, appropriately deal with both through the Word of God. In striving to live an unbogus life, you must remember you cannot change people, but you can focus on authenticating yourself and living a life pleasing to God.' (more...)

Producer Kevin Herren Releases IN THE BEGINNING
by BWW News Desk - Feb 29, 2016

BURBANK, Calif., Feb. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ 'In the Beginning' brings Biblical stories to life in the style of yesteryear's radio dramas, complete with some of Hollywood's best voice talent and high production values. Series writer, director and producer Kevin Herren has assembled a talented team to make this idea a reality. Voice actors lending their talents to the first volume of 'In the Beginning' include Joe Estevez, Daniel Roebuck, Nancy Stafford, Michael Sorich, Kyle Hebert, Kimberly Woods, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Tim Goodwin and Jason J. Lewis. (more...)

Chargebacks911 Warns Merchants: Studies Show New Year's Resolutions...
by BWW News Desk - Feb 29, 2016


BWW Blog: Bob Marks - What to Expect at Your First Singing Lesson
by Guest Blogger: Bob Marks - Feb 29, 2016

Although every teacher is slightly different, any good teacher structures the first lesson around the needs of their clients. This is a time for me to get to know you better, and start getting a sense of what sort of short and long-term goals you might have. It's very helpful if in the days before an initial session, you come up with a short mental (or written) list of concrete things you want to accomplish; don't worry, these will change over time, but In the Beginning they offer a good launching point. (more...)

CFO Rick Client Second Media Acquired by VerticalScope
by BWW News Desk - Feb 24, 2016


Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra Releases 'All My Yesterdays: The Debut 1966 Recordings at the Village Vanguard'
by BWW News Desk - Feb 23, 2016

Resonance Records is proud to announce the release of Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra - All My Yesterdays: The Debut 1966 Recordings at the Village Vanguard. (more...)

BWW Review: The Ordway's Faithful Production of the Classic Musical A CHORUS LINE is a Thrilling Sensation!
by Jill Schafer - Feb 19, 2016

The 1975 smash hit Broadway musical A CHORUS LINE truly is a singular sensation. After winning nine Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize (one of only eight musicals to do so), it ran for 15 years, making it the longest running musical on Broadway at the time (it still ranks as number six). I've been waiting almost seven years for a local production of A CHORUS LINE, since seeing the Broadway revival tour in 2009. The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts has finally fulfilled my wish, and it's well worth the wait. Featuring a fabulously talented cast of over two dozen legit triple threats, about half of whom are local, co-directed and co-choreographed by A CHORUS LINE expert Kerry Casserly and Artistic Director James Rocco, this show hews very close to the original. There's no re-imagining here, this is a beautifully faithful production of the singular sensation that is A CHORUS LINE. If you call yourself a musical theater fan, it's a must-see. (more...)

Resonance Records Present Two Never-Before-Released Instant Classics
by BWW News Desk - Feb 19, 2016

Just over 50 years after the release of João Gilberto's and Stan Getz's classic Grammy-winning album Getz/Gilberto (1964), and its sequel Getz/Gilberto #2 (more...)

Bernie Sanders First and Goal for Primary: NY Times Square Billboard Comic Ad Sequel on Super Bowl Sunday Turns Heads
by BWW News Desk - Feb 18, 2016


Diet Doc Announces New Jumpstart Diet
by BWW News Desk - Feb 17, 2016

One of the most common hindrances to weight loss is the dieter's inability to simply begin dieting. People are aware of the pending health issues caused by excessive weight gain, and often make the decision to begin a diet plan. Yet, somewhere between initiative and action, plans very often fail. Diet Doc knows that simply by beginning a weight loss plan, dieters have taken the most crucial step, and is working towards using great results In the Beginning of the diet plan to help Jumpstart success. The company has created a new Jumpstart Diet, consisting of medical supervision and powerful prescription weight loss aids to help push dieters over the initial hump of beginning a diet plan. The Diet Doc Jumpstart Diet produces an early boost in results, jumpstarting the weight loss plan which creates overwhelming effective motivation to continue the diet plan. Diet Doc's new Jumpstart Diet uses a potent combination of prescription weight loss aids and medical supervision to produce results ranging from 10 to 15 pounds per month, and is available to patients across the nation. The Jumpstart diet is specifically designed to address carbohydrate cravings, including cravings for starchy foods and sugar. With prescription Low Dose Naltrexone, the company's licensed doctors are able to help patients control between-meal hunger, while also addressing several other weight gain causing factors like stress and emotional eating. Diet Doc's new Jumpstart Diet uses Low Dose Naltrexone to produce easier weight loss by curbing appetite. Aside from easier weight loss, Diet Doc's new appetite suppressant has been found to provide the following benefits to users: · Increases natural endorphins, dopamine · Improved effects on mood, well-being · Decreases inflammation · Increases sex drive · Safe to use long term · First improvement is in mood / sense of wellbeing Those interested in more information concerning Diet Doc's new Jumpstart Diet can simply contact the company via their toll free telephone number and schedule a free consultation with one of Diet Doc's licensed doctors. During this consultation, the doctor offers a thorough evaluation, including underlying factors of weight gain, and devises a medical plan to overcome these hindrances, using a combination of nutritionist designed meal plans with proven effective prescription weight loss aid LDN. Previous Diet Doc patients report losing weight almost immediately, as well as controlled cravings for carbohydrates, improved stress tolerance, reduced emotional eating, and a long term change towards a healthier lifestyle. About the Company: Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation's leader in medical weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss. Diet Doc Contact Information: Providing care across the USA Headquarters: San Diego, CA (888) 934-4451 (more...)

Former Victim of Domestic Violence Releases SHARE THIS JOURNAL
by BWW News Desk - Feb 15, 2016

BEACON, N.Y., Feb. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Great story to coincide with National Random Acts of Kindness Week February 14-20, 2016. (more...)

BWW Review: Steppenwolf's THE FLICK Deserves Your Viewing
by Elee Schrock - Feb 15, 2016 Chicago reviews the Chicago premiere of Annie Baker's 'The Flick<' playing at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. (more...)

GREY GARDENS, CONSTELLATIONS, GROUNDED & More Set for Company of Fools' 2016-17 Season
by BWW News Desk - Apr 4, 2016

Company of Fools announces its 21st season featuring five main stage productions, two play readings and a newly commissioned performance piece on contemplation that will be a part of one of The Center's BIG IDEA projects. The five main stage productions in the Company's 2016-2017 lineup include Grey Gardens, Art, Grounded, A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine and Constellations. (more...)

Contemporary Theater Company Sets Upcoming Youth Camps & Classes
by BWW News Desk - Apr 4, 2016

? The weather may be slow to catch up, but spring is here! Give the kids something fun to look forward to with children's drama classes at The Contemporary Theater Company! (more...)

BWW Interview: World Premiere ELLA ENCHANTED Author Gail Carson Levine Illuminates Magical Worlds
by Peggy Sue Dunigan - Apr 26, 2016

On a Sunday morning at Milwaukee's Intercontinental Hotel, First Stage hosted a brunch featuring world premiere Ella Enchanted author Gail Carson Levine. Levine answered questions from her primarily youthful audience alongside Director John Maclay's warm hospitality to the delight of her fans. After a charming duet from the show sung by Taylor Kass and Cole Winston Ella and Prince Char in the Brilliant Cast on stage later that afternoon, the audience eagerly anticipated hearing from Levine. (more...)

Vision Releases Digital Accessibility Checklist
by BWW News Desk - Apr 20, 2016


Photo Flash: First Look at HOWIE THE ROOKIE, Returning to the Old Fitz Theatre
by BWW News Desk - Apr 19, 2016

After six Sydney Theatre Awards nominations and a shared win for Best Actor in a Leading Role in an Independent Production in 2014, Sean Hawkins and Andrew Henry return to the Old Fitz Theatre stage to reprise their winning roles in Red Line Productions' first show HOWIE THE ROOKIE by Irish playwright Mark O'Rowe from May 17 for a limited season. Scroll down for a sneak peek at the stars onstage! (more...)

Vernon Patrick Shares A REASON TO SURVIVE
by BWW News Desk - Apr 12, 2016

Vernon Patrick, a devoted writer and author, has completed his new book 'A Reason to Survive': a gripping and potent work about being deceived from a trusted love one and having to deal with the consequences. (more...)

by BWW News Desk - Apr 12, 2016

Ann Mahoney who plays 'Olivia' on one of televisions hottest shows, 'The Walking Dead', has been cast as 'Gladys Presley', Elvis Presley's mother, in the new television series 'Million Dollar Quartet'. Mahoney said, 'I'm so thrilled to be a part of this amazing cast and play such an iconic role. I'm grateful to CMT for giving me such a tremendous opportunity to be a part of this show.' (more...)

BWW Review: Dementia and Death Vie With Pride in THE OUTGOING TIDE
by Herbert Paine - Apr 11, 2016

In Theatre Artists Studio's current staging of Bruce Graham's THE OUTGOING TIDE, Michael Fleck, Judy Lebeau, and Steven Fajardo deliver stirring performances in a play that is equal parts revelatory, uplifting, and provocative. (more...)

Cast, Directors Announced for Gate Theatre's World Premiere of THE IPHIGENIA QUARTET
by BWW News Desk - Apr 1, 2016

Artistic Director Christopher Haydon today announces full casting for the world premiere of The Iphigenia Quartet which includes Agamemnon, written by Caroline Bird and directed by Christopher Haydon; Chorus, written by Chris Thorpe and directed by Elayce Ismail; Iphigenia by Suhayla El-Bushra and directed by Rebecca Hill and Clytemnestra by Lulu Raczka and directed by Jennifer Tang. In Agamemnon, Andrew French plays Agamemnon, Nigel Barratt plays Menelaus, Sharon Duncan-Brewster plays Clytemnestra and Louise McMenemy plays Messenger. The cast of Agamemnon will all play Voice in Chorus. In Iphigenia and Clytemnestra, Shannon Tarbet plays Iphigenia and Maid, Susie Trayling plays Clytemnestra and Professor, Dwane Walcott plays Achilles and Soldier and Anthony Barclay plays Agamemnon and Director. The Iphigenia Quartet opens at the Gate Theatre, on 3 May, with previews from 23 April, until 21 May. Agamemnon and Clytemnestra will play in rep with Iphigenia and Chorus as part of Nuclear: A Season about the Family. (more...)

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