IF THESE WALLS...Opens Friday at A.I.R. Gallery on Governors Island

IF THESE WALLS...Opens Friday at A.I.R. Gallery on Governors Island

For the month of September, A.I.R. Gallery artists will show new work and create a series of site-specific installations to transform one of the 19th-century houses at Nolan Park on Governors Island. Re-enlivening its abandoned interiors, If These Walls... includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper, and site-specific installations. Inspired by the location in Nolan Park on Governors Island, the artists have envisioned works that hold conversations with the site and history of the house. If These Walls... will open on Friday, August 29, 2014. Visiting hours are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through September, from 11am to 5pm. The exhibition will also be open on Labor Day.

The 27 artists in the exhibition are affiliated with A.I.R. Gallery: New York Artists, Fellowship Artists, Adjunct Artists, and staff-including Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Daria Dorosh, Rachel Farmer, Jacqueline Ferrante, Maxine Henryson, Dina Kantor, Cynthia Karasek, Nancy Lasar, Amelia Marzec, JoAnne McFarland, Catherine Mosley, Jayanthi Moorthy, Melissa Murray, Sylvia Netzer, Ann Pachner, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Ann Schaumburger, Barbara Siegel, Joan Snitzer, Susan Stainman, Erica Stoller, Nancy Storrow, Liz Surbeck Biddle, Jane Swavely, Mary Sweeney, and Julia Westerbeke. A.I.R. Gallery will partner with AKArt to handle sales and promotion for the exhibition.

A closing reception will take place on Saturday, September 27 from 1-4pm. Multidisciplinary artist Katya Grokhovsky will perform her Status Update, a live, site-specific, durational action, in which Grokhovsky explores issues of alienation and memory through collecting and transporting digital social media status updates into the physical realm via DIY acrylic-on-canvas, hand-painted textual banners. By employing her own body to display these statements, Grokhovsky evokes the language of Constructivist protest, whilst engaging directly with the history and location of the site.


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