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Einstein: The Man Behind the Genius Video

Einstein: The Man Behind the Genius on Video - 2011


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Although Albert Einstein first expressed what would come to be known as the theory of relativity in an article published in 1905, it wasn't until his revolutionary work ushered the world into the nuclear age via the atomic bomb that Albert Einstein's fame reached critical mass, growing exponentially. He became a household name and eventually a pop icon. In Einstein: The Man Behind the Genius, actor Steve Polinsky portrays physicist Einstein in a critically acclaimed one-man show. The theatrical drama presents Einstein's ideals, conflicts, humor, and compassion. To appear more like Einstein, Polinksy utilizes extensive full-face prosthetics created by famed makeup artist Joe Blasco.

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Steve Polinsky

Studio: Class Productions, Kultur Video

Filmed: 1982 - Released: 2011

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