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REBECCA Articles


REBECCA Trial Update: The Verdict is In!
by Nicole Rosky - May 10, 2017

The seemingly never-ending saga of the ill-fated musical REBECCA, which cancelled its Broadway run in 2012, is at last coming to a close.
Scoop: REBECCA Trial Update; Testimony Today Throws Timeline Into Question
by Robert Diamond - April 26, 2017

On the stand today in the trial was Ben Smith, an Australian property developer who at just under $2 million dollars has one of the largest stakes in the failed production.
REBECCA Producers Have Officially Lost Rights to Bring the Ill-Fated Musical to Broadway
by Nicole Rosky - April 24, 2017

According to Deadline, it was revealed in an opening argument that, after years of postponements, producers Ben Sprecher and Louise Florenza have indeed lost the rights to the musical.
FLASH FRIDAY: Scenes From The German-Language Production of REBECCA
by Michael Dale - August 19, 2016

REBECCA's 2006 world premiere, directed by Francesca Zambello opened at Vereinigte Buhnen Wien in Vienna, and the musical has subsequently played in Budapest, Hungary; Bucharest, Romania; Helsinki, Finland; Stuttgart, Germany; St. Gallen, Switzerland and at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo.
Sneak Peek: Broadway's REBECCA Scandal Featured on CNBC's AMERICAN GREED Tonight
by Caryn Robbins - August 11, 2016

CNBC's shocking true crime series AMERICAN GREED will examine the controversial journey of the Broadway-bound musical REBECCA. The series focuses on people who will 'do anything for money.'
Exclusive Interview: REBECCA Producer Ben Sprecher Responds to Marc Thibodeau, Talks Musical's Future and Why He Won't Give Up
by Jessica Showers - May 13, 2015

As of yesterday, May 12, REBECCA's publicist Marc Thibodeau has been found liable for sending emails that caused a potential investor to pull millions from the Broadway musical in its eleventh hour of need. Following this latest development, lawyer Ronald Russo, who represents REBECCA and its lead producer Ben Sprecher on all matters regarding Thibodeau, has issued a statement in response to the press agent's recent comments.
UPDATE: REBECCA Publicist Marc Thibodeau Responds to Latest Ruling
by BWW News Desk - May 13, 2015

As reported last night, Broadway's ever-evolving REBECCA scandal continues, with press agent Marc Thibodeau having been found liable for sending emails that caused a potential investor to pull $2.25 million from the musical, a move that forced the project to a halt.
Broadway Publicist Found Liable in REBECCA Scandal; Musical Eyeing Spring 2016 Bow
by BWW News Desk - May 12, 2015

In the latest legal news from Broadway's ever-evolving REBECCA scandal, Deadline writes that press agent Marc Thibodeau has been found liable for sending emails that caused a potential investor to pull $2.25 million from the musical, a move that forced the project to a halt.
REBECCA Con Man Sentenced to Three Years in Federal Prison, Will Pay $68K in Restitution
by BWW News Desk - October 10, 2014

The New York Daily News reports that Mark Hotton, who in 2012 scammed the producers of REBECCA out of $65,000 and all-but extinguished the musical's plans for a Broadway run, was sentenced today, October 10, to almost three years (34 months) in federal prison.
REBECCA Rights Extended Through December; Producers Eying Winter 2014 Start
by Nicole Rosky - January 21, 2014

Lead producers Ben Sprecher and Louise Forlenza, announced today that REBECCA, the musical based on the classic novel by Daphne du Maurier, has officially extended its rights through December 31, 2014 and is eyeing a Winter 2014 start. They are now joined by Co Producers Steven Colson, Peter Bezemes and Barbara Sellinger, along with the previously announced co-producers, who all remained committed to the project.
Securities and Exchange Commission Will Not Take Action Against REBECCA Producers; Still Coming to Broadway in Fall 2014?
by Nicole Rosky - October 10, 2013

According to the New York Times, the Securities and Exchange Commission will not take action against the producers of REBECCA. The new musical, which was originally scheduled to open on Broadway last fall, was cancelled after it was discovered that several of the show's investors never existed. A recent letter from the SEC to the producers' lawyers indicated that their 'investigation of the producing team was complete and no enforcement actions would be pursued.'
REBECCA THE MUSICAL Con Mark C. Hotton Pleads Guilty
by BWW News Desk - July 29, 2013

The New York Daily News reports that Mark C. Hotton admitted today, July 29, to conning funds from Broadway's REBECCA THE MUSCIAL by fictionalizing millionaire investors. Hotton said the scam was part of a plan to keep $65,000 in finder's fees. Hotton also plead guilty to a similar scheme with a Connecticut real estate firm, and will be tried tomorrow in Long Island in a money laundering conspiracy connected to Brooklyn's Maimonides Medical Center.
REBECCA to Arrive on Broadway Next Year? Fundraising Deadline Extended Through 2014
by Nicole Rosky - July 24, 2013

Back in April, BroadwayWorld reported that lead producer of REBECCA, Ben Sprecher, still intended to bring the new msuical to Broadway by the end of the year. After the Fall 2012 production was cancelled, Sprecher revealed to BroadwayWorld that another $7 million would be needed to reach the $15 million needed to bring the show to Broadway. For the show to open by the end of the year, the musical needed to raise an additional $7 million by the end of June.
Vanity Fair Online Extra - REBECCA Must-Read!
by BWW News Desk - May 18, 2013

As an online companion to Vanity Fair's feature article on Rebecca the Musical's scandalous Broadway collapse, David Kamp takes readers behind the scenes at Rebecca's first and only rehearsal.
Vanity Fair Delves Into REBECCA THE MUSICAL's Scandals in June Issue
by BWW News Desk - May 18, 2013

Vanity Fair has dedicated a June 2013 feature article to uncovering the scandals that led to Rebecca the Musical's Broadway demise.
Exclusive: Ben Sprecher Still Intends to Bring REBECCA to Broadway This Year; Rehearsals to Begin in October?
by Nicole Rosky - April 12, 2013

Lead producer of Rebecca, the Broadway musical that was cancelled last Fall, is still intent on bringing the show to Broadway this year. Sprecher told BroadwayWorld that the producing team has brought in an additional $2 million for the production. Another $7 million will need to be raised to reach the $15 million needed to bring the show to Broadway. If the show is to open by the end of 2013, the fundraising goal must be reached by the end of June, and if things go as planned, Sprecher intends to begin rehearsals in October 2013.
SEC Investigating REBECCA; Show Still Coming to Broadway This Year?
by Nicole Rosky - April 2, 2013

The drama surrounding Rebecca, the Broadway musical that was cancelled last Fall, continues to grow, as Bloomberg reports that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is now investigating what happened bewteen lead producer Ben Sprecher and potential investors for the show. The SEC is reortedly specifically looking into 'whether Sprecher misled a prospective investor, Larry Runsdorf.'
REBECCA Producers and Publicist Caught in Lawsuit Back-and-Forth
by BWW News Desk - March 14, 2013

2013's Broadway drama continues to unfold surrounding the musical REBECCA. According to The New York Times, the publicist who formerly represented REBECCA, Marc Thibodeau, has asked the State Supreme Court to dismiss a lawsuit put forth by the show's producers that accuses Thibodeau of 'defamation and breach of contract and fiduciary duty' for allegedly 'scaring off' a last-minute investor. Thibodeau is arguing that he only warned the potential investor that REBECCA's producers had been taken in by a fraud scheme.
BREAKING NEWS: REBECCA Still Hoping to Make it to Broadway in 2013?
by Nicole Rosky - January 2, 2013

According to a new update from the New York Times, REBECCA's lead producer, Ben Sprecher, is hopeful that the show might make it to Broadway in the coming 2013 season. He told the Times that he believes the necessary funds to mount the show can be raised because of 'the widespread publicity and notoriety surrounding the show after the fraud scheme was revealed.'
'The Showtune Mosh Pit' for December 19th, 2012
by Paul W. Thompson - December 19, 2012

The latest in unauthorized gossip and buzz from the heart of Chicago's showtune video bars, and musical theater news from Chicago to Broadway. Three theatrical radio plays called 'It's A Wonderful Life,' two Second City touring companies, Gilbert and Sullivan in rep, the Rockettes, Karen Mason in town, holiday films we fancy, Congo Square's 'Nativity' and a special holiday thought....
REBECCA Update: Millions Must Be Raised or Returned by Year's End
by Robert Diamond - December 13, 2012

Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that the stock broker has been under investigation since 2009 by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, in 12 different cases.
REBECCA Cast Takes Part in Holiday Concert at 54 Below Tonight
by BWW News Desk - December 3, 2012

It's the Broadway musical that was, then wasn't. Tonight, December 3, join the intrepid cast of the ill-fated Rebecca when they gather on the 54 Below stage for one night only in Keep the Home Fires Burning: A Very Manderley Holiday.
REBECCA Update: Investigation Into Hotton Began in 2009
by Robert Diamond - October 22, 2012

Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that the stock broker has been under investigation since 2009 by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, in 12 different cases.
REBECCA Update: Producers File Lawsuit Against Mark Hotton
by Nicole Rosky - October 19, 2012

Now according to the New York Post, producers of the show will file a $100 million lawsuit against Hotton, for taking 'tens of thousands of dollars in advances on commissions for bringing in non-existent backers.'
REBECCA Drama Update: Mark Hotton Held Without Bail and Called a 'Considerable Threat'
by Robert Diamond - October 17, 2012

Called 'a considerable threat' to the community and held without bail, if convicted, Hotton, 46, could face 40 years in jail.

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