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Industry Pro Newsletter: Alive Downtown Alliance, Labor Issues on the West End
January 23, 2023

With more frequency, we are starting to see alliances of theaters come together across different regions to create a stronger entity. And that isn’t a surprising development. Given the rising costs within the industry, collaboration continues to be one of the best ways to keep those costs down.

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January 17, 2023

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Industry Pro Newsletter: Multiple High-Profile Leadership Departures
January 17, 2023

A new labor agreement in the UK, multiple high profile departures, and the end of the streaming truce between AEA and SAG-AFTRA are the highlights of this week’s Industry Pro newsletter, which indicates an industry that is in the midst of roaring back and finding its footing.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Directors in the UK, Women of Color Leaving Theater at Alarming Rate
January 9, 2023

how are things going regionally? This week, Cara Joy David takes a look at what bumpy waters might be ahead for these large regional companies. Additionally, stories of troubling trends on who is leaving the field - women of color, directors in the UK - and theaters adjusting their leadership models as they step into an unknown future.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Cara Joy David's Lessons for Theater in 2022
January 3, 2023

Early reports indicate that last week was a good one for Box Offices, and here’s a reminder that you can get up to date gross information on BroadwayWorld when the League releases their data. With the year coming to a close last week, Cara Joy David offers her thoughts on a few of the lessons learned from 2022.

Industry Pro Newsletter: NEA Sees Increased Funding, AEA and Broadway League Reach Agreement
December 27, 2022

As the year draws to a close, Cara Joy David offers us a preview of some of the decisions facing the Administration Committee of the Tony Awards. We’ve also got good news out of Washington, as the NEA received increased funding in the most recent budget passed by Congress and a look at the uncertain future of Victory Gardens Theater.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Drabinsky/Osnes Lawsuits, London Offering a Ticket Bank
December 19, 2022

Amid continued economic uncertainty, a wave of closing notices have hit Broadway - but why aren’t audiences coming? In London, in response to the rising cost of living, the government has announced a plan for the cultural equivalent of a food bank - providing free tickets to cultural institutions for those that are struggling to make ends meet.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Roundabout Going Dark on Broadway
December 12, 2022

New research from IMPACTS highlights the importance of mission in soliciting both donations and membership renewals, the Met works to recover from a cyber attack, and as Cara Joy David reports, Roundabout will be dark on Broadway this Spring.

Industry Pro Newsletter: BWW 20th Hosts Announced, A Tentative Agreement Between AEA and the Broadway League
December 5, 2022

Nothing has been more exciting than our announcement last week of our 20th Anniversary Celebration set to take place on May 21, 2023 at Sony Hall in the theatre district. The event will be hosted by none other than BroadwayWorld’s Richard Ridge and Tony Award-Winning Broadway Legend Chita Rivera.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Orchestras Back on the Road, Streaming Continues for Some Companies
November 28, 2022

With many theatres getting into the swing of things with their holiday offerings, the end of 2022 is now in sight for many companies. The last few years have seen seismic shifts in how the industry operates, andCara Joy David brings us a great piece about how some companies are keeping streaming open as a way to maintain access for audiences.

Industry Pro Newsletter: NYC Tourism is Back, Regional Awards Voting Underway
November 21, 2022

As many theatres get into the swing of their holiday shows and end of year giving campaigns, some good signs for the New York theater industry as tourism continues to rebound from the pandemic. While things still aren’t back to the record setting year of 2019, the city is anticipating ending the year at about 85% of those levels.

Industry Pro Newsletter: New Funding Challenges in the UK and US, New Leaders Take Their Posts
November 14, 2022

In the US, programs designed to help businesses and producers make it through the pandemic have been winding down or coming to an end over the last fiscal year - but audiences and funding aren’t yet back to their pre-pandemic levels, leaving leaders in a tough position to figure out how to get their institutions back on firm financial footing.

Industry Pro Newsletter: COVID Continues to Impact the Industry, UK Shakes Up Arts Funding
November 7, 2022

Ask anyone working in arts administration right now, and they’ll tell you that the challenges they are facing are numerous and unprecedented. For many regional theaters, audiences are slow to return - but is that individual ticket buyers or season subscribers? Are they concerned about COVID or is it something else?

Industry Pro Newsletter: Quiet Quitting in the Arts and Supply Chain Woes Hit the Theater
October 31, 2022

For many working in the entertainment industry, it can often feel like we’re living in a different economy than everyone else - the hours maintained have long been different from the rest of the working world, the day to day tasks, the workplace cultures. This week, different stories about how broader economic trends are showing up in the arts.

Industry Pro Newsletter: A Casino in Times Square? Drabinsky Sues Equity
October 24, 2022

AEA featured prominently in industry news last week - voicing support for a casino project in Times Square, as the subject of a defamation suit from producer Garth Drabinsky, and their efforts to organize the dancers at Star Garden. All as the industry continues to work towards a new normal, while facing tremendous challenges on all fronts.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Unionization Takes a Step Forward at Star Gardens
October 17, 2022

Questions of access continue to be discussed after an incident at Hadestown last week, ultimately highlighting that there is a deep need for more education around the topic for everyone involved. In the UK, educational access for school children is becoming more challenging than ever before with cuts to funding for those trips.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Theatres Aim to Hold True to Their Values, Some Audiences Are Being Left Behind
October 11, 2022

As theatres work to return to the new normal, we continue to find new ways in which the industry needs to find improvements on the way that they treat those that are creating the art - we have arrived at the “rubber meets the road” moment for every theatre that issued statements about their ideals in the past few years.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Broadway Lawsuits Find Resolution, Garret Receives Death Threats
October 3, 2022

Settlement was the word of the week on Broadway, with both the Rudin/SpotCo suit and JPP/Wagner Johnson lawsuits finding resolution through settlement - the latter is the subject of a new regular feature for this newsletter from our Industry Editor Cara Joy David.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Checking in on Industry Evolution, Gender Pay Gap in the UK Closing
September 26, 2022

Stories of transformation highlight the newsletter this week - with two different stories below - one looking at the evolution of Broadway, the other how Regional Theatres are transforming. Both are asking questions in light of racial justice protests that have occured over the past few years, alongside a powerful moment for the labor movement.

Industry Pro Newsletter: New CEO of Second City, New Leadership Across the Country
September 19, 2022

With the announced closing of Broadway’s longest running show, questions have risen about tourism (the numbers in New York actually look much stronger than a hot take on Phantom might suggest), about the resiliency of brands (also highlighted by what the future might hold for Second City), and what gets audiences excited to come out to the theater.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Victory Gardens Terminates All Staff, A New Broadway Season is Underway
September 12, 2022

Last week, the Board of Directors at Victory Gardens opted to terminate their full staff and change the fundamental direction of the institution. This is the latest development in a sweeping labor reset taking place across the industry.

Industry Pro Newsletter: No Good Answer on Masks, New Funds for Upgrades in London
September 6, 2022

Theatre companies across the globe continue to grapple with some of the earliest questions posed upon reopening: what to do about masks? As more mixed policies come into play, we continue to see that there are segments of the audience that won’t come with masks, and segments that won’t come without, putting producers in a difficult position.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Using the Arts to Fund the Arts? Edinburgh Sees Large Ticket Sale Drop
August 29, 2022

As summer comes to a close, many regional theaters are preparing to get their new seasons started - for many, this season still carries with it a lot of risk - some of the shows in their season are still shows they had intended to do at some point during the pandemic, and segments of the audience are still hesitant to return to their seats.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Where are the Audiences?
August 22, 2022

Theatres and arts organizations are back to producing seasons in the way that we were used to before the pandemic. However, the audience hasn’t returned in the same way. In multiple articles in this week's newsletter, we examine the question from a few different angles - where has the audience gone, and how do producing organizations get them back?

Industry Pro Newsletter: Policies Diverge Across Regions, Why Theatres Need to Utilize TikTok
August 15, 2022

The industry is in a weird spot right now, and the stories in this week’s newsletter highlight the divergent paths different segments of the industry are going down. As the industry recovers and reforms, we’ll continue to see these kinds of divides on the regional level, and we’ll bring you coverage of those divides as they happen.

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