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Industry Pro Newsletter: Unionization Takes a Step Forward at Star Gardens
by Alex Freeman - October 17, 2022

Questions of access continue to be discussed after an incident at Hadestown last week, ultimately highlighting that there is a deep need for more education around the topic for everyone involved. In the UK, educational access for school children is becoming more challenging than ever before with cuts to funding for those trips.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Theatres Aim to Hold True to Their Values, Some Audiences Are Being Left Behind
by Alex Freeman - October 11, 2022

As theatres work to return to the new normal, we continue to find new ways in which the industry needs to find improvements on the way that they treat those that are creating the art - we have arrived at the “rubber meets the road” moment for every theatre that issued statements about their ideals in the past few years.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Broadway Lawsuits Find Resolution, Garret Receives Death Threats
by Alex Freeman - October 3, 2022

Settlement was the word of the week on Broadway, with both the Rudin/SpotCo suit and JPP/Wagner Johnson lawsuits finding resolution through settlement - the latter is the subject of a new regular feature for this newsletter from our Industry Editor Cara Joy David.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Checking in on Industry Evolution, Gender Pay Gap in the UK Closing
by Alex Freeman - September 26, 2022

Stories of transformation highlight the newsletter this week - with two different stories below - one looking at the evolution of Broadway, the other how Regional Theatres are transforming. Both are asking questions in light of racial justice protests that have occured over the past few years, alongside a powerful moment for the labor movement.

Industry Pro Newsletter: New CEO of Second City, New Leadership Across the Country
by Alex Freeman - September 19, 2022

With the announced closing of Broadway’s longest running show, questions have risen about tourism (the numbers in New York actually look much stronger than a hot take on Phantom might suggest), about the resiliency of brands (also highlighted by what the future might hold for Second City), and what gets audiences excited to come out to the theater.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Victory Gardens Terminates All Staff, A New Broadway Season is Underway
by Alex Freeman - September 12, 2022

Last week, the Board of Directors at Victory Gardens opted to terminate their full staff and change the fundamental direction of the institution. This is the latest development in a sweeping labor reset taking place across the industry.

Industry Pro Newsletter: No Good Answer on Masks, New Funds for Upgrades in London
by Alex Freeman - September 6, 2022

Theatre companies across the globe continue to grapple with some of the earliest questions posed upon reopening: what to do about masks? As more mixed policies come into play, we continue to see that there are segments of the audience that won’t come with masks, and segments that won’t come without, putting producers in a difficult position.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Using the Arts to Fund the Arts? Edinburgh Sees Large Ticket Sale Drop
by Alex Freeman - August 29, 2022

As summer comes to a close, many regional theaters are preparing to get their new seasons started - for many, this season still carries with it a lot of risk - some of the shows in their season are still shows they had intended to do at some point during the pandemic, and segments of the audience are still hesitant to return to their seats.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Where are the Audiences?
by Alex Freeman - August 22, 2022

Theatres and arts organizations are back to producing seasons in the way that we were used to before the pandemic. However, the audience hasn’t returned in the same way. In multiple articles in this week's newsletter, we examine the question from a few different angles - where has the audience gone, and how do producing organizations get them back?

Industry Pro Newsletter: Policies Diverge Across Regions, Why Theatres Need to Utilize TikTok
by Alex Freeman - August 15, 2022

The industry is in a weird spot right now, and the stories in this week’s newsletter highlight the divergent paths different segments of the industry are going down. As the industry recovers and reforms, we’ll continue to see these kinds of divides on the regional level, and we’ll bring you coverage of those divides as they happen.

Industry Pro Newsletter: New Leadership Model at Pennsylvania Shakes, New Auditions at Princeton
by Alex Freeman - August 8, 2022

Our two Industry Trend stories this week take a look at a few of the different ways that people are trying to bring change to the theatre industry: reforming the work environment that has long been problematic, and the way Princeton is working on developing a new audition process to help bring more people into theatre in an educational environment.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Finding Artistic Rest, Susan Booth Returns to the Goodman
by Alex Freeman - August 1, 2022

New Diorama Theatre in the UK announced an interesting new season: they won’t be producing any shows until 2023. The company wanted to give their artists the opportunity to rest away from the pressures of constantly producing.

Industry Pro Newsletter: An Industry in Reform - Internships and a New Vision for Funding
by Alex Freeman - July 25, 2022

A thought experiment from New Zealand examines a potentially new way to not only make arts funding more equitable, but transparent and with the opportunity for potential patrons to find projects to fund. This future thinking in the industry extends throughout the United States as well, as companies re-imagine what entry level programs look like.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Unions Get to Work, How EST Has Been Making Changes
by Alex Freeman - July 18, 2022

Unions have been a central narrative of much of 2022 across many industries, and they took center stage last week in the performing arts industry as two Unions, Actors Equity and United Scenic Artists filed suit against the producers of Paradise Square. Across the river in New Jersey, the American Guild of Variety Artists added Medieval Times.

Industry Pro Newsletter: The Paradox of Pay Equity, COVID Spread in NYC High Once Again
by Alex Freeman - July 11, 2022

As calls for unpaid internships to come to an end continue, many are re-evaluating their budgets and business models - with some adjusting their production model, and others looking at the financial realities and closing their doors.

Industry Pro Newsletter: New Foundation Offering Major Grants, STEM vs STEAM in Arts Ed
by Alex Freeman - July 5, 2022

One thing we know for sure: the BroadwayWorld audience remains dedicated to seeing multiple shows per year, even if they’re making that final decision and purchasing a ticket much closer to the date of the show than in the past.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Masking on Broadway Will No Longer Be Mandatory - But Is That What Audiences Want?
by Alex Freeman - June 27, 2022

The Broadway League announced that masks would be optional starting July 1 for most Broadway productions. Broadway fans don’t appear happy with the change, with 12% of respondents to a recent BroadwayWorld survey indicating that with masks being optional, they’re no longer planning to attend a Broadway show in July.

Industry Pro Newsletter: New Executive Leadership Announced for Many Theatres
by Alex Freeman - June 21, 2022

Coming out of the pandemic, there were a ton of Artistic and Executive Leadership positions open at institutions across the country, and as those roles have been filled, that has opened up other jobs - causing the leadership jobs carousel to keep on spinning.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Audience Intentions Look Good into 2023, Molly Smith Retires, and San Diego Rep Suspends Operations
by Alex Freeman - June 13, 2022

Waking up the morning after the Tony Awards is a day that often has many feeling inspired to go out and make art - to pursue their dreams and their passions. And as we look at the broader theatre industry in today’s newsletter, there are a lot of trends that should be viewed as highly encouraging.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Tax Credits in Maryland, A Unionization Effort in DC
by Alex Freeman - June 6, 2022

The Tony Awards are on Sunday, and that feels really normal. Anyone who has walked through Times Square in the past week or so would also attest that the crush of tourists is also starting to feel normal. Box Offices across the country are starting to normalize, though I don’t know anyone wants to go so far as to call them normal quite yet.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Is a Subscription Model the Correct Model for an Arts Organization?
by Alex Freeman - May 31, 2022

As we hit the unofficial start of summer, overall the trends are looking up for Broadway and the broader theatre industry. That isn’t to say there aren’t ongoing challenges: ever-shifting health and safety protocols, continued reports of toxic work environments that need to be sorted, and a major shift in how audiences are buying tickets.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Mask Mandate Extensions, Are Tourist's Returning?
by Alex Freeman - May 23, 2022

As awards season continues forward, there is a strong sense of normalcy within the industry - however, the announcement last week from both the Broadway League and at least one regional arts organization that mask mandates will continue into the summer is a strong reminder that we aren’t yet back to normal.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Box Office Realities Show Recovery Slow Across the Country
by Alex Freeman - May 16, 2022

While governmental support over the past few years has helped companies stay afloat, with rising costs and additional pandemic related support no longer an option, the realities are starting to settle in.

Industry Pro Newsletter: AEA Takes on Touring, Tony Nominations Announced
by Alex Freeman - May 10, 2022

Tony Awards season is officially underway! With the announcement yesterday of the nominations, BroadwayWorld will be bringing you continuous coverage, stories, and exclusive interviews leading up to the big night in June.

Industry Pro Newsletter: Lortel Winners Announced, Drama Desk Nominations Delayed
by Alex Freeman - May 2, 2022

At the top of our Industry Trends section this week, we have a story about honey from the bees at the Vienna State Opera. Paired with our other story about implementing digital ticketing at venues, we can see this as two ways that companies can go about reducing the environmental harm that comes from producing large-scale live events.

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